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ver 0.42:
Fix issue with freeing buffer before transfer is complete.
Fix issue with invalid memory read when pulling phonebook.
Fix issue with test cases for empty phonebooks.
Add support for multiple phonebooks when using EDS.
Add support for handling OBEX Action command.
ver 0.41:
Fix issue with pulling phonebook entries without last name.
Fix issue with handling owner data in phonebook pull.
Add support for fetching call history in parts.
Add support for selective plugin loading.
Add support for Message Access Profile plugin.
ver 0.40:
Fix issue with plugin close & disconnect functions call order.
Fix issue with history queries for contacts outside phonebook.
Fix issue with crash after fetching single owner vCard.
Add support for multiple URLs in phonebooks.
ver 0.39:
Fix for handling fax and cell phone numbers.
Fix for handling emails in pull call history queries.
Fix for handling addresses in pull call history queries.
Fix for handling default card and empty phonebook.
Add support for handling NewMissedCalls.
ver 0.38:
Fix regression causing crash in 3-way calling.
Fix possible crash when processing session callback.
Fix issue with fetching contact photo file name.
Fix issue with fetching 0.vcf vCard entry.
Add support for optimized PBAP tracker queries.
Add support for files bigger than 2GB on 32-bit systems.
ver 0.37:
Fix queries for contact with only one affiliation.
Fix pull phonebook with non-zero offset parameter.
Fix pull phonebook reply if filter not set.
Fix proper type handling for various queries.
ver 0.36:
Fix crash for empty listing and an invalid cache.
Fix issue with process pending request if transfer canceled.
Fix issue with error setting when canceling suspended requests.
Fix issue with folder listing and name header for subfolders.
Fix issue with status response after pulling empty call history.
Fix issue with not handling nco affiliation fields correctly.
Fix issue with history listing queries in phonebook-tracker.
Fix regression when formatting timestamps from tracker.
ver 0.35:
Fix regression on suspend on opening.
Fix suspend stream on opening if no data.
Fix memory leaks in phonebook-tracker module.
Fix not responding Not Found for filtered vcard-listing.
Fix not responding Not Found when no entry is found.
Fix issue with X-IRMC-CALL-DATETIME format.
ver 0.34:
Fix issue with error detection and last part of transfer buffer.
Fix issue with not detecting errors on small files.
Fix issue with emitting TransferCompleted twice.
Fix issue with default call type from call log.
Fix issue with websiteUrl query field not being generic.
Add support for binding mch, ich, och and cch call logs.
Add handling of TITLE contact's field in vCard.
ver 0.33:
Fix issue with handling of phonebook size during pull request.
Add support for handling of UID contact field in vCard.
Add support for handling more than one address in vCard.
Add support for merging address fields into single field.
ver 0.32:
Fix issues caused by dependencies on phonebook source.
Fix handling empty fields in vCards.
Fix issues with emails category.
ver 0.31:
Fix aborting capability scripts creating zombies.
Fix problem with multiple emails in same vcard.
Fix multiple phone number problem in pull vcard.
Fix multiple phone numbers problem in vcard-listing.
Fix return value checking of e_book_async_get_contacts.
Fix a memory leak when adding contacts to the result.
Add support of single contact's fields in vcard.
Add support for FAX number with tracker phonebook.
Add simple IrMC sync server support.
ver 0.30:
Fix issue with empty error messages.
Fix issue with query for vCarcd listing.
Fix problem with incoming calls query.
Fix handling of vCard filter settings.
Fix potential buffer overflow with target sizes.
Fix NULL checking within PBAP GET operation.
Fix NULL checking for PBAP name parameter.
Fix crash when processing OBEX_EV_PROGRESS event.
Fix crash when resetting a session with no service.
Fix not closing socket when connection attempt fails.
Fix de-registering PBAP drivers on init failure scenarios.
Add variable target size support to MIME type drivers.
Add support for returning all eBook TEL attributes.
Add PBAP client tests for ICH, OCH, MCH and CCH.
ver 0.29:
Fix security requirements for legacy devices.
Fix empty 'N:' parameter handling for vCards.
Fix order of contacts in the combined calls folder.
Fix not replying error when transfer could not be started.
Fix not unregistering transfer when completed.
Fix memory leak when freeing transfer parameters.
Fix issues with handling of driver reset.
Add support for responding to Auth Challenge.
Add support for dynamic debug feature.
ver 0.28:
Fix broken assumption about contacts.
Fix issue with exporting empty contacts.
Fix issue with not always including the TEL header.
Fix wrong response code for PBAP PUT operation.
Fix handling of Tracker optional parameters.
Fix queries for incoming and outgoing folders.
Fix ordering during folder listing.
Fix complex logic discovering the type of call.
Add support for the X-IRMC-CALL-DATETIME field.
ver 0.27:
Fix GET name handling with FTP service.
Fix service driver matching when who is not specified.
Fix object name not being updated when agent changes it.
Fix inconsistency when using vCard version 2.1.
Fix wrong response code to PUT requests for PBAP.
Fix crash on PBAP SetPhoneBook function.
Add support for transport drivers.
Add support for Nokia backup plugin.
ver 0.26:
Fix the order of the calls handles.
Fix crash when receiving small objects.
Fix invalid memory access when removing a file.
Fix inverting the list with wrong search attribute.
Fix wrong response code for dummy PullvCardListing.
Fix sending the Not Found response asynchronously.
Fix not resetting buffered data count when resetting the session.
Add support for multiple telephone numbers.
Add support for the ADR filter.
ver 0.25:
Fix issue with missing phonebook-tracker.c file.
ver 0.24:
Fix bug when creating directories.
Fix error code when removing non-empty directory.
Fix PullBusinessCard not return transfer errors.
Fix MaxListCount handling for PBAP PullPhoneBook function.
Fix mimetype driver selection and default fallback.
Add support to the WHO header in mimetype drivers.
Add support for PBAP operations to the back-ends.
Add support for PBAP Tracker backend.
ver 0.23:
Fix unneeded reset of session after a CONNECT.
Fix folder and object names with enabled auto accept.
Fix agent not being released after transfers complete.
Fix sending full packets to achieve higher throughput.
Add support for mimetype driver to phonebook access.
Add support for mimetype driver to SyncEvolution.
ver 0.22:
Fix file corruption during PUT operation.
Fix the response of PUT requests for PBAP.
Fix blocking while waiting capability script to exit.
Fix compilation issues with driver and plugin options.
Fix service driver selection when WHO header is informed.
Fix issue with PC-Suite WHO header.
Fix issue when mime type exists but is unknown.
Fix issue when opening file fails during SendFiles.
Fix error code response when there is no default vCard.
Fix a memory leak when opening a folder for listing.
ver 0.21:
Fix crash caused by D-Bus timeout handling.
Fix issue when the object size is unknown.
Fix issue with reporting no space left on disk.
Fix read callback of various drivers.
ver 0.20:
Fix D-Bus error handling on SyncEvolution connect.
Fix PC Suite service driver matching.
ver 0.19:
Fix crash with agent unregister handling.
Add support for mimetype and filesystem plugins.
Add support for phonebook and telephony drivers.
Add initial OBEX server/SyncML binding for SyncEvolution.
ver 0.18:
Fix free space calculation on systems where fsfilcnt_t is 32-bit.
Fix SendFiles to actually use the source argument.
ver 0.17:
Fix Bluetooth initialization handling.
Add support for full non-recursive build.
ver 0.16:
Add support for mem-type attribute when in PC Suite mode.
Make sure the ONLCR flag is cleared for the TTY.
ver 0.15:
Fix BtIO race condition in detecting a closed file descriptor.
Fix handling of strict-aliasing rules.
ver 0.14:
Fix issue with symlinks on TTY based servers.
Add proper error logs for os_prepare_get failures.
Add proper error checks for finding adapter details.
Add support for RFCOMM channel property.
Add support for PBAP integration with EDS.
ver 0.13:
Fix issue when bluetoothd is restarted no record is registered.
Fix registration of the Transfer interface for FTP sessions.
Add FTP client test script.
Add support for OBEX root folder setup script.
Make root folder relative to $HOME if it doesn't start with '/'.
ver 0.12:
Fix various format string issues.
Fix handling of authorizations with no reply.
Add support for using BtIO helper library.
Add signal handling for toggling debug messages.
Add signal handling for USB TTY details.
Add test script for folder listing.
ver 0.11:
Fix bug when canceling an authorization request.
Fix broken handling of successful received D-Bus reply.
Fix broken escape handling for filenames.
Fix blocking issue with opened TTY.
ver 0.10:
Fix showing symlinks as files.
Fix error codes on OBEX get operations.
Fix "not found" error for delete operations.
Fix NULL pointer usage of 'nonnull' parameter.
Fix TTY handling with PC Suite mode.
Fix D-Bus NameOwnerChanged watch handling.
ver 0.9:
Fix O_NOCTTY issue when opening TTY device.
Add support for verbose compiler warnings.
Add support for application parameters.
Add support for generic GetCapabilities command.
Add initial support for Synchronization profile.
Add basic implementation of Phonebook Access profile.
Add basic Phonebook Access client support.
ver 0.8:
Fix memory leaks with asynchronous operations.
Fix issues with handling larger MTU sizes.
Fix session and client disconnect handling.
Add basic Nokia PC Suite support.
Add support for reinitializing TTY server.
ver 0.7:
Fix issue with transfers larger than session buffer size.
Fix various memory leaks within session handling.
Add support for OBEX client session interface.
Add support for File Transfer client interface.
Add support for using the any adapter object path.
ver 0.6:
Use BlueZ service for FTP authorization.
Use BlueZ service for service records.
Never send an OBEX abort for a server.
Set buffer to NULL after freeing it.
Include the correct COPYING file.
ver 0.5:
Add initial obex-client support.
Add missing API documenation.
Rename D-Bus service files.
ver 0.4:
Add plugin infrastructure.
Add support for TTY transport.
Fix case when the client doesn't send length header.
Use LM_AUTH and LM_ENCRYPT instead of LM_SECURE.
ver 0.3:
Add support for dynamic capability file.
Removing incomplete files on error.
Multiple bug fixes.
ver 0.2:
Add folder listing support.
Add D-Bus session interface.
Check for dbus_watch_get_unix_fd function.
ver 0.1:
Initial public release.