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* OBEX Server
* Copyright (C) 2010-2011 Nokia Corporation
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
* (at your option) any later version.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#include <glib.h>
#include <stdint.h>
/* Those are used by backend to notify transport plugin which properties did it
* send.
#define PMASK_SUBJECT 0x0001
#define PMASK_DATETIME 0x0002
#define PMASK_SENDER_NAME 0x0004
#define PMASK_TYPE 0x0040
#define PMASK_SIZE 0x0080
#define PMASK_TEXT 0x0200
#define PMASK_PRIORITY 0x0800
#define PMASK_READ 0x1000
#define PMASK_SENT 0x2000
#define PMASK_PROTECTED 0x4000
/* This one is used in a response to GetMessagesListing. Use PMASK_* values to
* notify the plugin which members are actually set. Backend shall not omit
* properties required by MAP specification (subject, datetime,
* recipient_addressing, type, size, reception_status, attachment_size) unless
* ordered by PARAMETERMASK. Boolean values should be probably
* always sent (need checking). Handle is mandatory. Plugin will filter out any
* properties that were not wanted by MCE.
* Handle shall be set to hexadecimal representation with upper-case letters. No
* prefix shall be appended and without no zeros. This corresponds to PTS
* behaviour described in comments to the MAP specification.
* The rest of char * fields shall be set according to the MAP specification
* rules.
struct messages_message {
uint32_t mask;
char *handle;
char *subject;
char *datetime;
char *sender_name;
char *sender_addressing;
char *replyto_addressing;
char *recipient_name;
char *recipient_addressing;
char *type;
char *reception_status;
char *size;
char *attachment_size;
gboolean text;
gboolean read;
gboolean sent;
gboolean protect;
gboolean priority;
/* Type of message event to be delivered to MNS server */
enum messages_event_type {
/* Data for sending MNS notification. Handle shall be formatted as described in
* messages_message.
struct messages_event {
enum messages_event_type type;
uint8_t instance_id;
char *handle;
char *folder;
char *old_folder;
char *msg_type;
/* parameter_mask: |-ed PMASK_* values
* See MAP specification for the rest.
struct messages_filter {
uint32_t parameter_mask;
uint8_t type;
const char *period_begin;
const char *period_end;
uint8_t read_status;
const char *recipient;
const char *originator;
uint8_t priority;
/* This is called once after server starts.
* Returns value less than zero if error. This will prevent MAP plugin from
* starting.
int messages_init(void);
/* This gets called right before server finishes
void messages_exit(void);
/* Starts a new MAP session.
* session: variable to store pointer to backend session data. This one shall be
* passed to all in-session calls.
* If session start succeeded, backend shall return 0. Otherwise the error value
* will be sent as a response to OBEX connect.
int messages_connect(void **session);
/* Closes a MAP session.
* This call should free buffer reserved by messages_connect.
void messages_disconnect(void *session);
* NOTE on callbacks.
* All functions requiring callbacks have to call them asynchronously.
* 'user_data' is for passing arbitrary user data.
* Functions for GetMessagesListing, GetFolder listing and GetMessage call their
* callbacks multiple times - one for each listing entry or message body chunk.
* To indicate the end of operation backend must call callback with the data
* pointer parameter set to NULL.
* If err == -EAGAIN the transport * plugin does not wake IO.
* Keep in mind that application parameters has to be send first. Therefore the
* first time err == 0 and thus sending is started, callback will use provided
* parameters (e.g. size in case of folder listing) to build applications
* parameters header used in response. In any other case those parameters will
* be ignored.
* If err != 0 && err != -EAGAIN, the operation is finished immediately and err
* value is used to set the error code in OBEX response.
/* Registers for messaging events notifications.
* session: Backend session.
* send_event: Function that will be called to indicate a new event.
* To unregister currently registered notifications, call this with send_event
* set to NULL.
int messages_set_notification_registration(void *session,
void (*send_event)(void *session,
const struct messages_event *event, void *user_data),
void *user_data);
/* Changes current directory.
* session: Backend session.
* name: Subdirectory to go to. If empty or null and cdup is false, go to the
* root directory.
* cdup: If true, go up one level first.
int messages_set_folder(void *session, const char *name, gboolean cdup);
/* Retrieves subdirectories listing from a current directory.
* session: Backend session.
* name: Optional subdirectory name (not strictly required by MAP).
* max: Maximum number of entries to retrieve.
* offset: Offset of the first entry.
* size: Total size of listing to be returned.
* Callback shall be called for every entry of the listing. 'name' is the
* subdirectory name.
typedef void (*messages_folder_listing_cb)(void *session, int err,
uint16_t size, const char *name, void *user_data);
int messages_get_folder_listing(void *session, const char *name, uint16_t max,
uint16_t offset,
messages_folder_listing_cb callback,
void *user_data);
/* Retrieves messages listing from a current directory.
* session: Backend session.
* name: Optional subdirectory name.
* max: Maximum number of entries to retrieve.
* filter: Filter to apply on returned message listing.
* size: Total size of listing to be returned.
* newmsg: Indicates presence of unread messages.
* Callback shall be called for every entry of the listing, giving message data
* in 'message'.
typedef void (*messages_get_messages_listing_cb)(void *session, int err,
uint16_t size, gboolean newmsg,
const struct messages_message *message,
void *user_data);
int messages_get_messages_listing(void *session, const char *name,
uint16_t max, uint16_t offset,
const struct messages_filter *filter,
messages_get_messages_listing_cb callback,
void *user_data);
#define MESSAGES_ATTACHMENT (1 << 0)
#define MESSAGES_UTF8 (1 << 1)
#define MESSAGES_FRACTION (1 << 2)
#define MESSAGES_NEXT (1 << 3)
/* Retrieves bMessage object (see MAP specification, ch. 3.1.3) of a given
* message.
* session: Backend session.
* handle: Handle of the message to retrieve.
* flags: or-ed mask of following:
* MESSAGES_ATTACHMENT: Selects whether or not attachments (if any) are to
* be included.
* MESSAGES_UTF8: If true, convert message to utf-8. Otherwise use native
* encoding.
* MESSAGES_FRACTION: If true, deliver fractioned message.
* MESSAGES_NEXT: If fraction is true this indicates whether to retrieve
* first fraction
* or the next one.
* fmore: Indicates whether next fraction is available.
* chunk: chunk of bMessage body
* Callback allows for returning bMessage in chunks.
typedef void (*messages_get_message_cb)(void *session, int err, gboolean fmore,
const char *chunk, void *user_data);
int messages_get_message(void *session, const char *handle,
unsigned long flags,
messages_get_message_cb callback,
void *user_data);
/* Informs Message Server to Update Inbox via network.
* session: Backend session.
* user_data: User data if any to be sent.
* Callback shall be called for every update inbox request recieved from MCE.
typedef void (*messages_update_inbox_cb)(void *session, int err,
void *user_data);
int messages_update_inbox(void *session, messages_update_inbox_cb callback,
void *user_data);
/* Aborts currently pending request.
* session: Backend session.
void messages_abort(void *session);