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## -----------------------------------------------------------------------
## Copyright 1998-2009 H. Peter Anvin - All Rights Reserved
## Copyright 2009-2016 Intel Corporation; author: H. Peter Anvin
## This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
## it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
## the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 53 Temple Place Ste 330,
## Boston MA 02111-1307, USA; either version 2 of the License, or
## (at your option) any later version; incorporated herein by reference.
## -----------------------------------------------------------------------
# Makefile for the SYSLINUX core
# No builtin rules
MAKE += -r
include $(MAKEDIR)/
-include $(objdir)/
INCLUDES = -I$(SRC)/include -I$(com32)/include -I$(com32)/include/sys -I$(com32)/lib \
-I$(SRC)/lwip/src/include -I$(SRC)/lwip/src/include/ipv4 -I$(SRC)/fs/pxe
# This is very similar to cp437; technically it's for Norway and Denmark,
# but it's unlikely the characters that are different will be used in
# filenames by other users.
CODEPAGE = cp865
# The targets to build in this directory...
BTARGET = kwdhash.gen \
ldlinux.bss ldlinux.sys ldlinux.bin \
isolinux.bin isolinux-debug.bin pxelinux.0 lpxelinux.0
# All primary source files for the main syslinux files
NASMSRC := $(sort $(wildcard $(SRC)/*.asm))
NASMHDR := $(sort $(wildcard $(SRC)/*.inc))
CSRC := $(shell find $(SRC) -name '*.c' -print)
SSRC := $(shell find $(SRC) -name '*.S' -print)
CHDR := $(shell find $(SRC) -name '*.h' -print)
OTHERSRC := keywords
COBJ := $(subst $(SRC)/,,$(patsubst %.c,%.o,$(CSRC)))
SOBJ := $(subst $(SRC)/,,$(patsubst %.S,%.o,$(SSRC)))
# To make this compatible with the following $(filter-out), make sure
# we prefix everything with $(SRC)
$(addprefix $(SRC)/fs/pxe/, dhcp_option.c pxe.c tftp.c urlparse.c bios.c)
$(shell find $(SRC)/lwip -name '*.c' -print) \
$(addprefix $(SRC)/fs/pxe/, \
core.c dnsresolv.c ftp.c ftp_readdir.c gpxeurl.c http.c \
http_readdir.c idle.c isr.c tcp.c)
$(shell find $(SRC)/legacynet -name '*.c' -print)
LPXELINUX_OBJS = $(subst $(SRC)/,,$(LPXELINUX_CSRC:%.c=%.o))
PXELINUX_OBJS = $(subst $(SRC)/,,$(PXELINUX_CSRC:%.c=%.o))
UNITTEST_CSRC = $(shell find $(SRC) -path '*/tests/*.c' -print)
UNITTEST_OBJS = $(subst $(SRC)/,,$(UNITTEST_CSRC:%.c=%.o))
# Don't include console and network stack specific objects or unit tests
FILTER_OBJS = %rawcon.o %plaincon.o %pxelinux-c.o %ldlinux-c.o \
%isolinux-c.o %localboot.o %pxeboot.o \
$(subst $(OBJ)/,,$(UNITTEST_OBJS)) \
$(subst $(OBJ)/,,$(LPXELINUX_OBJS)) \
$(subst $(OBJ)/,,$(PXELINUX_OBJS))
ifeq ($(FWCLASS),EFI)
# EFI is single-threaded, and doesn't use the LZO assembly decoder
FILTER_OBJS += $(subst $(SRC)/,, \
$(patsubst %.S,%.o, $(sort $(wildcard $(SRC)/lzo/*.S))) \
$(patsubst %.c,%.o, $(sort $(wildcard $(SRC)/thread/*.c))) \
$(patsubst %.S,%.o, $(sort $(wildcard $(SRC)/thread/*.S)))) \
$(patsubst %.asm,%.o, $(sort $(wildcard $(SRC)/*.asm))) \
$(patsubst %.c,%.o, $(sort $(wildcard $(SRC)/bios*.c)))
COBJS = $(filter-out $(FILTER_OBJS),$(COBJ))
SOBJS = $(filter-out $(FILTER_OBJS),$(SOBJ))
ifeq ($(FWCLASS),EFI)
COBJS += $(subst $(SRC)/,,$(CORE_PXE_CSRC:%.c=%.o) fs/pxe/ftp.o fs/pxe/ftp_readdir.o \
fs/pxe/http.o fs/pxe/http_readdir.o)
LIB = libcom32.a
LIBS = $(LIB) --whole-archive $(objdir)/com32/lib/libcom32core.a
LIBDEP = $(filter-out -% %start%,$(LIBS))
NASMDEBUG = -g -F dwarf
PREPCORE = $(OBJ)/../lzo/prepcore
-I$(objdir) -DLDLINUX=\"$(LDLINUX)\"
# The DATE is set on the make command line when building binaries for
# official release. Otherwise, substitute a hex string that is pretty much
# guaranteed to be unique to be unique from build to build.
ifndef HEXDATE
HEXDATE := $(shell $(PERL) $(SRC)/../ $(SRCS))
ifndef DATE
DATE := $(shell sh $(SRC)/../ $(VERSION) $(HEXDATE))
ifeq ($(FWCLASS),EFI)
all: makeoutputdirs $(filter-out %bios.o,$(COBJS) $(SOBJS)) codepage.o
all: makeoutputdirs $(BTARGET)
@mkdir -p $(sort $(dir $(COBJ) $(SOBJ)))
kwdhash.gen: keywords
$(PERL) $(SRC)/ < $(SRC)/keywords > $(OBJ)/kwdhash.gen
ifeq ($(FWCLASS),BIOS)
.PRECIOUS: %.elf
%.raw: %.elf
$(OBJCOPY) -O binary -S $< $(@:.bin=.raw)
# GNU make 3.82 gets confused by plain %.raw; make 4.0 requires it
.PRECIOUS: $(OBJ)/%.raw %.raw
%.bin: %.raw $(PREPCORE)
$(PREPCORE) $< $@
%.o: %.asm kwdhash.gen $(OBJ)/../version.gen
-D$(ARCH) \
-I$(SRC)/ \
-l $(@:.o=.lsr) -o $@ -MP -MD $(dir $@).$(notdir $@).d $<
AUXLIBS = libisolinux.a libisolinux-debug.a libldlinux.a \
libpxelinux.a liblpxelinux.a
LDSCRIPT = $(SRC)/$(ARCH)/syslinux.ld
NASM_ELF = elf
%.elf: %.o $(LIBDEP) $(LDSCRIPT) $(AUXLIBS)
$(LD) $(LDFLAGS) -pie -Bsymbolic \
--unresolved-symbols=report-all \
-E --hash-style=gnu -M -o $@ $< \
--start-group $(LIBS) $(subst $(*F).elf,lib$(*F).a,$@) --end-group \
> $(
if [ `$(NM) -D -u $@ | wc -l` -ne 0 ]; then \
$(NM) -D -u $@ 1>&2; rm -f $@; false; fi
$(OBJDUMP) -h $@ > $(@:.elf=.sec)
$(PERL) $(SRC)/ $(@:.elf=.lsr) $(@:.elf=.sec) $(@:.elf=.lst)
libisolinux.a: rawcon.o localboot.o isolinux-c.o
rm -f $@
$(AR) cq $@ $^
$(RANLIB) $@
libisolinux-debug.a: libisolinux.a
cp $^ $@
# Legacy network stack
libpxelinux.a: rawcon.o pxeboot.o pxelinux-c.o $(PXELINUX_OBJS)
rm -f $@
$(AR) cq $@ $^
$(RANLIB) $@
# LwIP network stack
liblpxelinux.a: rawcon.o pxeboot.o pxelinux-c.o $(LPXELINUX_OBJS)
rm -f $@
$(AR) cq $@ $^
$(RANLIB) $@
libldlinux.a: plaincon.o localboot.o ldlinux-c.o
rm -f $@
$(AR) cq $@ $^
$(RANLIB) $@
pxelinux.o: pxelinux.asm kwdhash.gen ../version.gen
-D$(ARCH) \
-I$(SRC)/ \
-l $(@:.o=.lsr) -o $@ -MP -MD $(dir $@).$(notdir $@).d $<
pxelinux.0: pxelinux.bin
cp -f $< $@
lpxelinux.o: pxelinux.asm kwdhash.gen ../version.gen
-D$(ARCH) \
-I$(SRC)/ \
-l $(@:.o=.lsr) -o $@ -MP -MD $(dir $@).$(notdir $@).d $<
lpxelinux.0: lpxelinux.bin
cp -f $< $@
ldlinux.bss: ldlinux.bin
dd if=$< of=$@ bs=512 count=1
ldlinux.sys: ldlinux.bin
dd if=$< of=$@ bs=512 skip=2
endif # BIOS
rm -f $@
$(AR) cq $@ $^
$(RANLIB) $@
codepage.cp: $(OBJ)/../codepage/$(CODEPAGE).cp
cp -f $< $@
codepage.o: codepage.S codepage.cp
install: installer
install-lib: installer
install-all: install install-lib
netinstall: installer
tidy dist:
find . -type f \( -name '*.o' -o -name '*.a' -o -name '.*.d' \
-o -name '*.lst' \) -print | xargs -rt rm -f
rm -f codepage.cp *.elf stupid.* patch.offset .depend
rm -f *.elf.tmp *.sym
rm -f *.lsr *.map *.sec *.raw
rm -f $(OBSOLETE) $(LIB)
clean: tidy
spotless: clean
rm -f $(BTARGET) *.bin *_bin.c
# Include dependencies file
-include $(shell find . -name '.*.d' -print)