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;; Macros for the stack frame set up by pm_call, assuming ebp is left
;; as the RM frame pointer.
%ifndef PMCALL_INC
%define PMCALL_INC
%define RM_GS word [ebp]
%define RM_FS word [ebp+2]
%define RM_ES word [ebp+4]
%define RM_DS word [ebp+6]
%define RM_EDI dword [ebp+8]
%define RM_DI word [ebp+8]
%define RM_HDI word [ebp+10]
%define RM_DIL byte [ebp+8]
%define RM_DIH byte [ebp+9]
%define RM_ESI dword [ebp+12]
%define RM_SI word [ebp+12]
%define RM_HSI word [ebp+14]
%define RM_SIL byte [ebp+12]
%define RM_SIH byte [ebp+13]
%define RM_EBP dword [ebp+16]
%define RM_BP word [ebp+16]
%define RM_HBP word [ebp+18]
%define RM_BPL byte [ebp+16]
%define RM_BPH byte [ebp+17]
%define RM_EBX dword [ebp+24]
%define RM_BX word [ebp+24]
%define RM_HBX word [ebp+26]
%define RM_BL byte [ebp+24]
%define RM_BH byte [ebp+25]
%define RM_EDX dword [ebp+28]
%define RM_DX word [ebp+28]
%define RM_HDX word [ebp+30]
%define RM_DL byte [ebp+28]
%define RM_DH byte [ebp+29]
%define RM_ECX dword [ebp+32]
%define RM_CX word [ebp+32]
%define RM_HCX word [ebp+34]
%define RM_CL byte [ebp+32]
%define RM_CH byte [ebp+33]
%define RM_EAX dword [ebp+36]
%define RM_AX word [ebp+36]
%define RM_HAX word [ebp+38]
%define RM_AL byte [ebp+36]
%define RM_AH byte [ebp+37]
%define RM_EFLAGS dword [ebp+40]
%define RM_FLAGS word [ebp+40]
%define RM_HFLAGS word [ebp+42]
%define RM_FLAGSL byte [ebp+40]
%define RM_FLAGSH byte [ebp+41]
; Convenience macro to call a PM function
%macro pm_call 1
push dword %1
call _pm_call
%endif ; PMCALL_INC