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#ifndef REGPARM
# error "This file assumes -mregparm=3 -DREGPARM=3"
.section ".text","ax"
.globl _start
.type _start,@function
# Align the stack and make sure the high half is zero
andl $0xfffc,%esp
# DS, ES points to the PSP at this point
pushw %es # Save PSP pointer
movw %cs,%ax
movw %ax,%ds
movw %ax,%es
# Clear the .bss
xorl %eax,%eax
movw $__bss_start,%di
movw $__bss_end+3,%cx
subw %di,%cx
shrw $2,%cx
rep ; stosl
# Copy the PSP into our own segment
popw %fs # FS -> PSP
movw $_PSP,%di
xorw %si,%si
movw $0x40,%cx
fs ; rep ; movsl
# Verify that this is a supportable DOS version
movw $0x3001,%ax
int $0x21
xchgb %ah,%al
movw %ax,dos_version
cmpw $0x0314,%ax # DOS >= 3.20?
jae 1f # If so, okay
movw $bad_dos,%dx # Print error message
movb $0x09,%ah
int $0x21
int $0x20 # Die
# Compute argc and argv (assumes REGPARM)
pushl %eax # Make space for argv
movl %esp,%eax
calll __parse_argv
pushl %eax # argc
# Initialize malloc
calll __init_memory_arena
# Now call main
popl %eax # argc
popl %edx # argv
calll main
# Here %eax is the exit code, fall through into exit
.size _start,.-_start
.globl exit
.type exit,@function
# Exit code already in %eax
movb $0x4c,%ah # Terminate program
int $0x21
1: hlt
jmp 1b
.size exit,.-exit
.section ".rodata","a"
.ascii "Unsupported DOS version\r\n$"
.size bad_dos,.-bad_dos
.section ".bss","aw"
.balign 16
.globl _PSP
.space 256
.size _PSP, .-_PSP
/* Purely for sanity */
.section ".null","a"
.long 0,0,0,0