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;; -----------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Copyright 1994-2008 H. Peter Anvin - All Rights Reserved
;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 53 Temple Place Ste 330,
;; Boston MA 02111-1307, USA; either version 2 of the License, or
;; (at your option) any later version; incorporated herein by reference.
;; -----------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Common header file for the handling of keyword hash and macros
%ifndef DEPEND ; Generated file
%include "kwdhash.gen"
%macro keyword 2
dd hash_%1 ; Hash value
dw 0 ; No argument
dw %2 ; Entrypoint
%macro keyword 3
dd hash_%1 ; Hash value
dw %3 ; 16-bit argument
dw %2 ; Entrypoint
%macro keyword 4
dd hash_%1 ; Hash value
db %3, %4 ; 2 8-bit arguments
dw %2 ; Entrypoint
keywd_size equ 8 ; Bytes per keyword
align 4, db 0
%define FKeyN(n) (FKeyName+(((n)-1) << FILENAME_MAX_LG2))
keyword menu, pc_comment
keyword text, pc_text
keyword include, pc_opencmd, pc_include
keyword append, pc_append
keyword default, pc_default
keyword display, pc_opencmd, get_msg_file
keyword font, pc_filecmd, loadfont
keyword implicit, pc_setint16, AllowImplicit
keyword kbdmap, pc_filecmd, loadkeys
keyword kernel, pc_kernel, VK_KERNEL
keyword linux, pc_kernel, VK_LINUX
keyword boot, pc_kernel, VK_BOOT
keyword bss, pc_kernel, VK_BSS
keyword pxe, pc_kernel, VK_PXE
keyword fdimage, pc_kernel, VK_FDIMAGE
keyword comboot, pc_kernel, VK_COMBOOT
keyword com32, pc_kernel, VK_COM32
keyword config, pc_kernel, VK_CONFIG
keyword label, pc_label
keyword prompt, pc_setint16, ForcePrompt
keyword say, pc_say
keyword serial, pc_serial
keyword console, pc_setint16, DisplayCon
keyword timeout, pc_timeout, KbdTimeout
keyword totaltimeout, pc_timeout, TotalTimeout
keyword ontimeout, pc_ontimeout
keyword onerror, pc_onerror
keyword allowoptions, pc_setint16, AllowOptions
keyword noescape, pc_setint16, NoEscape
keyword f1, pc_fkey, FKeyN(1)
keyword f2, pc_fkey, FKeyN(2)
keyword f3, pc_fkey, FKeyN(3)
keyword f4, pc_fkey, FKeyN(4)
keyword f5, pc_fkey, FKeyN(5)
keyword f6, pc_fkey, FKeyN(6)
keyword f7, pc_fkey, FKeyN(7)
keyword f8, pc_fkey, FKeyN(8)
keyword f9, pc_fkey, FKeyN(9)
keyword f10, pc_fkey, FKeyN(10)
keyword f0, pc_fkey, FKeyN(10)
keyword f11, pc_fkey, FKeyN(11)
keyword f12, pc_fkey, FKeyN(12)
keyword ipappend, pc_ipappend
keyword localboot, pc_localboot
keywd_count equ ($-keywd_table)/keywd_size