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Building Syslinux
From Syslinux 6.0 onwards there is support for three different
firmware backends, BIOS, 32-bit EFI and 64-bit EFI. To allow users the
flexibility to build only the firmware they need the Syslinux make
infrastructure has become more complex.
The Syslinux make infrastructure understands the following syntax,
make [firmware[,firwmware]] [target[,target]]
If no firmware is specified then any targets will be applied to all
three firmware backends. If no target is specified then the 'all'
target is implicitly built.
For example, to build the installers for BIOS, 32-bit EFI and 64-bit
EFI type,
make installer
TO build the BIOS and 64-bit EFI installers type,
make bios efi64 installer
To delete all object files and build the installer for 32-bit EFI
make efi32 spotless installer
A custom top-level object directory can be specified on the make
command-line by using the O= variable, e.g.
make O=/tmp/syslinux-obj efi32
will build the 32-bit object files under /tmp/syslinux-obj/efi32. If
no object directory is specified then object files will be written to
an 'obj' directory in the top-level of the Syslinux source.