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= cptime.c32(1) =
:doctype: manpage
:author: Gene Cumm
:revdate: 2011-12-17
== NAME ==
cptime.c32 - times the copy off (read) of a file
*cptime.c32* ['OPTIONS'] 'FILE'...
Times the copy off (read) of a file, optionally computes/displays
transfer rates(on by default) with an adjustable transfer size and
maximum transfer length.
*-b* 'SIZE'::
use 'SIZE' for transfer size; defaults to 2048 for COM32
long output mode; default; reverses *-s*
*-n* 'LEN'::
maximum length to fetch; defaults to whole file
quiet (normal/non-verbose) mode; default; reverses *-v*
simple output mode
verbose mode
The same mode is used for all files.
== AUTHOR ==
{author} <{email}>
Copyright \(C) 2011 {author}. Free use of this software is granted under
the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).