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= pxechn.c32(1) =
:doctype: manpage
:author: Gene Cumm
:revdate: 2012-09-16
== NAME ==
pxechn.c32 - Chainboot to new Network Boot Program (NBP)
*pxechn.c32* [-h | --help | -?]
*pxechn.c32* -r 'FILE'
*pxechn.c32* 'FILE' ['OPTIONS']
Chainboot to a new Network Boot Program (NBP) 'FILE' with options to
adjust PXE packet #3 (PXENV_PACKET_TYPE_CACHED_REPLY) to alter end
behavior. 'FILE' may be a filename, an IP::FN ( ), or URL. 'FILE' is parsed to adjust the
DHCP 'sname' field/option 66 and 'file' field/option 67.
// but these may be override-able in the future.
*-c* 'CONFIG'::
'config' file for PXELINUX (DHCP Option 209).
// *-f* 'MOD'::
// 'Force' behavior specified by modifier 'MOD'
// *-g* 'HOST'::
// Set 'gateway'/relay DHCP field to 'HOST'. Parsed by pxe_dns().
*-h*, *--help*, *-?*::
Print 'help'/usage information; invalid options will also cause
// *-n*::
// Use 'native' methods, ignoring underlying gPXE/iPXE.
// *-N*::
// Use 'non-native' methods to utilize gPXE/iPXE (if available).
Set 'option'. 'OPT' is in 'DECIMAL INPUT' format (below). 'TYPE'
specifies the output type and input syntax (listed here in quotes
and at present, 1 character). ''b'yte', ''w'ord'(2B), ''l'ong'(4B),
''q'uad'(8B), character ''s'tring' and colon-separated 'he'x''
string (case insensitive; bytes must have 2 digits and each byte
must be separated). byte, word, long and quad input values must
meet criteria for 'DECIMAL INPUT'
*-p* 'PATH'::
'path' option for PXELINUX (DHCP Option 210).
'restart'. Call the PXE stack with PXENV_RESTART_TFTP. _Must_ be
the only option and before 'FILE'.
Set 'sip' based on sname field/option 66 (by direct IP if a
period-delimited address or otherwise DNS).
*-t* 'SECONDS'::
'timeout' option for PXELINUX (DHCP Option 211).
// *-u*::
// Copy 'UUID' (Option 97) if found in packet #1
'wait'. After loading, wait for user input before booting.
Enable 'WDS' (Windows Deployment Services) - specific options.
'FILE' (or its overrides for DHCP fields siaddr and file) must point
at the WDS server.
*NOTE:* As of 2012-05-31, there is a known issue with gPXE/iPXE, at
least with undionly.kkpxe.
// PXELINUX asks gPXE/iPXE to unload, reverting to an underlying stack
All parameters that are defaulted to decimal format are processed by
*strtoul*(3) with a base of 0 which allows alternate formats and finds a
suitable non-space separating character.
`pxechn.c32 http://myhost.dom.loc/path/nbp.0 -c myconfig`::
Load nbp.0 and set PXELINUX config (option 209).
`pxechn.c32 gpxelinux.0 -p -w -c myconfig -o 15.s=domain.loc -o 6.x=0A:01:01:02:ac:17:4D:Ec -`::
Load gpxelinux.0 from the current directory, set prefix, wait to
execute, set first config, set the domain name and 2 domain name
servers (case mixed to show insensitivity; and
`pxechn.c32 gpxelinux.0 -p -w -o 0xA0.x=12:34:56:78 -x 197.x=00:d0:de:00`::
Load gpxelinux.0 (relative to the current directory and not
altering sname/option 66), set the PXELINUX path prefix, wait after
loading, set option 160 to 0x12 0x34 0x56 0x78, and option 197 to
0x00 0xD0 0xDE 0x00.
`pxechn.c32\x86\ -W`::
Load from and copy DHCP Option 66 to DHCP
field sname if there's room.
`pxechn.c32\x86\ -W -o 66.x=0a:01:01:08 -S`::
Load from, point packets to for use
with WDS, copy DHCP Option 66 to DHCP field sname if there's room
and decode this to an IPv4 address.
== NOTES ==
Please note that some NBPs may ignore packet #3 by either not examining
it at all or by issuing its own DHCP DISCOVER/REQUEST, negating all DHCP
field/option modifications by pxechn.c32, including Microsoft Windows
Server 2008R2 WDS's See also option '-W'.
URL specifications in 'FILE' that include user/password before the host
will currently cause the siaddr field to not be set properly.
The non-space constraint is due to how Syslinux variants parse the
command line as of 2012-09-16.
== AUTHOR ==
{author} <{email}>
Copyright \(C) 2012 {author}. Free use of this software is granted under
the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2 (GPLv2)
(or, at your option, any later version).