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# Copyright © 2019 Red Hat Inc, Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <>
# Use pahole to produce output from BTF and from DWARF, then do a diff
# Use --flat_arrays with DWARF as BTF, like CTF, flattens arrays.
# Use --show_private_classes as BTF shows all structs, while pahole knows
# if some struct is defined only inside another struct/class or in a function,
# this information is not available when loading from BTF.
if [ $# -eq 0 ] ; then
echo "Usage: btfdiff <filename_with_BTF_and_DWARF_info>"
exit 1
btf_output=$(mktemp /tmp/btfdiff.btf.XXXXXX)
dwarf_output=$(mktemp /tmp/btfdiff.dwarf.XXXXXX)
${pahole_bin} -F dwarf \
--flat_arrays \
--suppress_aligned_attribute \
--suppress_force_paddings \
--suppress_packed \
--show_private_classes $file > $dwarf_output
${pahole_bin} -F btf \
--suppress_packed \
$file > $btf_output
diff -up $dwarf_output $btf_output
rm -f $btf_output $dwarf_output
exit 0