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#include "lib.h"
#include "allocate.h"
#include "token.h"
#include "opcode.h"
#include "parse.h"
#include "symbol.h"
#include "ptrmap.h"
struct instruction;
struct pseudo_user {
struct instruction *insn;
pseudo_t *userp;
DECLARE_PTR_LIST(pseudo_user_list, struct pseudo_user);
DECLARE_PTRMAP(phi_map, struct symbol *, pseudo_t);
enum pseudo_type {
struct pseudo {
int nr;
enum pseudo_type type;
struct pseudo_user_list *users;
struct ident *ident;
union {
struct symbol *sym;
struct instruction *def;
long long value;
void *priv;
extern struct pseudo void_pseudo;
#define VOID (&void_pseudo)
static inline bool is_zero(pseudo_t pseudo)
return pseudo->type == PSEUDO_VAL && pseudo->value == 0;
static inline bool is_nonzero(pseudo_t pseudo)
return pseudo->type == PSEUDO_VAL && pseudo->value != 0;
struct multijmp {
struct basic_block *target;
long long begin, end;
struct asm_constraint {
pseudo_t pseudo;
const char *constraint;
const struct ident *ident;
DECLARE_PTR_LIST(asm_constraint_list, struct asm_constraint);
struct asm_rules {
struct asm_constraint_list *inputs;
struct asm_constraint_list *outputs;
struct asm_constraint_list *clobbers;
struct instruction {
unsigned opcode:7,
struct basic_block *bb;
struct position pos;
struct symbol *type;
pseudo_t target;
union {
struct /* entrypoint */ {
struct pseudo_list *arg_list;
struct /* branch */ {
pseudo_t cond;
struct basic_block *bb_true, *bb_false;
struct /* switch */ {
pseudo_t _cond;
struct multijmp_list *multijmp_list;
struct /* phi_node */ {
pseudo_t phi_var; // used for SSA conversion
struct pseudo_list *phi_list;
unsigned int used:1;
struct /* phi source */ {
pseudo_t phi_src;
struct instruction_list *phi_users;
struct /* unops */ {
pseudo_t src;
struct symbol *orig_type; /* casts */
struct /* memops */ {
pseudo_t addr; /* alias .src */
unsigned int offset;
unsigned int is_volatile:1;
struct /* binops and sel */ {
pseudo_t src1, src2, src3;
struct /* slice */ {
pseudo_t base;
unsigned from, len;
struct /* setval */ {
struct expression *val;
struct /* setfval */ {
long double fvalue;
struct /* call */ {
pseudo_t func;
struct pseudo_list *arguments;
struct symbol_list *fntypes;
struct /* context */ {
int increment;
int check;
struct expression *context_expr;
struct /* asm */ {
const char *string;
struct asm_rules *asm_rules;
struct basic_block_list;
struct instruction_list;
struct basic_block {
struct position pos;
unsigned long generation;
union {
int context;
int postorder_nr; /* postorder number */
int dom_level; /* level in the dominance tree */
struct entrypoint *ep;
struct basic_block_list *parents; /* sources */
struct basic_block_list *children; /* destinations */
struct instruction_list *insns; /* Linear list of instructions */
struct basic_block *idom; /* link to the immediate dominator */
struct basic_block_list *doms; /* list of BB idominated by this one */
struct phi_map *phi_map;
struct pseudo_list *needs, *defines;
union {
unsigned int nr; /* unique id for label's names */
void *priv;
// return the opcode of the instruction defining ``SRC`` if existing
// and OP_BADOP if not. It also assigns the defining instruction
// to ``DEF``.
#define DEF_OPCODE(DEF, SRC) \
(((SRC)->type == PSEUDO_REG && (DEF = (SRC)->def)) ? DEF->opcode : OP_BADOP)
static inline void add_bb(struct basic_block_list **list, struct basic_block *bb)
add_ptr_list(list, bb);
static inline void add_instruction(struct instruction_list **list, struct instruction *insn)
add_ptr_list(list, insn);
static inline void add_multijmp(struct multijmp_list **list, struct multijmp *multijmp)
add_ptr_list(list, multijmp);
static inline pseudo_t *add_pseudo(struct pseudo_list **list, pseudo_t pseudo)
return add_ptr_list(list, pseudo);
static inline int remove_pseudo(struct pseudo_list **list, pseudo_t pseudo)
return delete_ptr_list_entry((struct ptr_list **)list, pseudo, 0) != 0;
static inline int pseudo_in_list(struct pseudo_list *list, pseudo_t pseudo)
return lookup_ptr_list_entry((struct ptr_list *)list, pseudo);
static inline int bb_terminated(struct basic_block *bb)
struct instruction *insn;
if (!bb)
return 0;
insn = last_instruction(bb->insns);
return insn && insn->opcode >= OP_TERMINATOR
&& insn->opcode <= OP_TERMINATOR_END;
static inline int bb_reachable(struct basic_block *bb)
return bb != NULL;
static inline int lookup_bb(struct basic_block_list *list, struct basic_block *bb)
return lookup_ptr_list_entry((struct ptr_list *)list, bb);
static inline void add_pseudo_user_ptr(struct pseudo_user *user, struct pseudo_user_list **list)
add_ptr_list(list, user);
static inline int has_use_list(pseudo_t p)
return (p && p->type != PSEUDO_VOID && p->type != PSEUDO_UNDEF && p->type != PSEUDO_VAL);
static inline int pseudo_user_list_size(struct pseudo_user_list *list)
return ptr_list_size((struct ptr_list *)list);
static inline bool pseudo_user_list_empty(struct pseudo_user_list *list)
return ptr_list_empty((struct ptr_list *)list);
static inline int has_users(pseudo_t p)
return !pseudo_user_list_empty(p->users);
static inline bool multi_users(pseudo_t p)
return ptr_list_multiple((struct ptr_list *)(p->users));
static inline int nbr_users(pseudo_t p)
return pseudo_user_list_size(p->users);
static inline struct pseudo_user *alloc_pseudo_user(struct instruction *insn, pseudo_t *pp)
struct pseudo_user *user = __alloc_pseudo_user(0);
user->userp = pp;
user->insn = insn;
return user;
static inline void use_pseudo(struct instruction *insn, pseudo_t p, pseudo_t *pp)
*pp = p;
if (has_use_list(p))
add_pseudo_user_ptr(alloc_pseudo_user(insn, pp), &p->users);
static inline void remove_bb_from_list(struct basic_block_list **list, struct basic_block *entry, int count)
delete_ptr_list_entry((struct ptr_list **)list, entry, count);
static inline void replace_bb_in_list(struct basic_block_list **list,
struct basic_block *old, struct basic_block *new, int count)
replace_ptr_list_entry((struct ptr_list **)list, old, new, count);
struct entrypoint {
struct symbol *name;
struct symbol_list *syms;
struct pseudo_list *accesses;
struct basic_block_list *bbs;
struct basic_block *active;
struct instruction *entry;
unsigned int dom_levels; /* max levels in the dom tree */
extern void insert_select(struct basic_block *bb, struct instruction *br, struct instruction *phi, pseudo_t if_true, pseudo_t if_false);
extern void insert_branch(struct basic_block *bb, struct instruction *br, struct basic_block *target);
struct instruction *alloc_phisrc(pseudo_t pseudo, struct symbol *type);
struct instruction *alloc_phi_node(struct basic_block *bb, struct symbol *type, struct ident *ident);
struct instruction *insert_phi_node(struct basic_block *bb, struct symbol *var);
void add_phi_node(struct basic_block *bb, struct instruction *phi_node);
pseudo_t alloc_phi(struct basic_block *source, pseudo_t pseudo, struct symbol *type);
pseudo_t alloc_pseudo(struct instruction *def);
pseudo_t value_pseudo(long long val);
pseudo_t undef_pseudo(void);
struct entrypoint *linearize_symbol(struct symbol *sym);
int unssa(struct entrypoint *ep);
void show_entry(struct entrypoint *ep);
const char *show_pseudo(pseudo_t pseudo);
void show_bb(struct basic_block *bb);
const char *show_instruction(struct instruction *insn);
const char *show_label(struct basic_block *bb);
#endif /* LINEARIZE_H */