inline: declaration of the variadic vars is useless

When inlining a function call, the arguments of this call must
somehow be assigned to the names used in the function definition.
This is done via a STMT_DECLARATION associated to the top
STMT_COMPOUND which now correspond to the inlined code.

This is perfectly fine for the normal case of non-variadic function
but when inlining a variadic function there is no corresponding name
to assign the non-fixed arguments to (such arguments must either be
not used at all or copied via __builtin_va_arg_pack()). What's then
happening is essentially that these variables are self-assigned.
Not Good.

This seems to be relatively harmless but is confusing.
So only put the fixed/named arguments in the declaration list.

Signed-off-by: Luc Van Oostenryck <>
1 file changed