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This package contains the POSIX.1-2017 man pages (pages in sections
except 0p, 1p, and 3p). Some more information is given in the
`Announce' file. Some background on UNIX standards, including
POSIX, can be found in the standards(7) page provided as part of
the separate Linux man-pages package.
Install by copying to your favourite location.
"make install" will just copy them to /usr/share/man/man[013]p.
"make" will move the pages from this package that are older than
the already installed ones to a subdirectory `not_installed',
then remove old versions (compressed or not),
compress the pages, and copy them to /usr/share/man/man[013]p.
Note that you may have to remove preformatted pages.
Copyrights: see the file POSIX-COPYRIGHT.
If you have corrections and additions to suggest, then visit