complex.h.0p, stdint.h.0p, sys_socket.h.0p, bc.1p, cksum.1p, pax.1p, cexp.3p, cpow.3p, drand48.3p, exp2.3p, expm1.3p, hypot.3p, initstate.3p, ldexp.3p, logb.3p, pow.3p, rand.3p, remquo.3p, scalbln.3p: Use '**' to indicate power-of

In the original sources, power-of is represented using superscripts.
Of course, this does not render meaningfully on a terminal.
So, instead, use a fictional '**' to represent power-of, adding
parentheses to expressions where necessary.

Unfortunately, an automated fix is not so simple. There was at
least one case (od.1p) where this fix was not correct (i.e.,
superscripting was not being used to mean power-of). Plus there
was at least one case where a long line needed to be manually
wrapped (cksum.1p).  Plus, sometimes the \u..\d was used in
conjunction with font-size change markup (\s-N...\s+N) that was
variously inside or outside the \u...\d. Plus, sometimes
parentheses needed to be added around the superscript value. All
of it is probably solvable with some (slightly complicated)
scripting, but for now the manual edit just seemed much faster.

Reported-by: Xeno Antares <>
Signed-off-by: Michael Kerrisk (man-pages) <>
19 files changed