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The linux-man mailing list
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Linux <em>man-pages</em>: &nbsp;
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<h1>The linux-man mailing list</h1>
The mailing list for the <em>man-pages</em> project is
<span class="email"></span>.
All patch submissions and
project-related discussions should CC that list
so that others can comment on patches
and there is an archived record of the discussions relating
to patches and project decisions.
<em>Note that like other VGER mailing lists,
HTML mail is rejected by the list server.</em>
<h2>Subscription and archive</h2>
To subscribe to the list, send a message containing the
following <em>body</em> to
<span class="email"></span>:
<pre> subscribe linux-man</pre>
Searchable archives of this list can be found on
<a href="">MARC</a>
and (since August 2019)
<a href=""></a>.
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