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FIXMEs for man-pages
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<h1>Repairing pages marked "FIXME"</h1>
Grepping the source of the pages in
<em>man-pages</em> will show various places where
pages are marked with the string "FIXME".
There is also a shell script
(<span class="pathname">scripts/</span>)
that can be used to obtain a list of FIXMEs
in the man page sources:
<div class="shell">
$ <strong>cd man-pages</strong>
$ <strong>sh scripts/ .</strong>
The presence of a FIXME usually indicates that someone has
noticed that some information on the page is incorrect or
incomplete, but has not had the time/knowledge to fix the problem.
(Sometimes a FIXME relates to a kernel or glibc bug report that is
awaiting resolution, and it may be sufficient to check if the bug
has been resolved and then, if necessary,
provide a suitable write-up on the page.)
If you know how to fix the problem, then please send a patch.
However, note that some of the FIXME markings are associated with
problems that are quite difficult: you need to ensure that you are
knowledgeable on the relevant point(s), or you need to be willing to
invest the time to become knowledgeable (by reading kernel or
[g]libc source files and/or writing suitable test programs).
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