Trimmed most of the website.

It was just repeating what's in the README and CONTRIBUTING, and I
prefer a single source of truth.  I replaced all that with just a few
links to the mentioned files in the cgit.
index: Simplify

-  Remove references to the cgit.  We already have them implicitly as
   links to the README and CONTRIBUTING files.

-  Remove references to the <> pages, as they are outdated by
   several years, and only cause confusion.

-  Remove reference to the project blog.  I don't have access to it,
   AFAIK, and I'm not very interested in such a thing:  I prefer
   reducing the number of communication channels, and the mailing list
   is the most used (and useful) one, so let's keep the count low.

Signed-off-by: Alejandro Colomar <>
1 file changed