Ext2/3/4 filesystem userspace utilities

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  1. d3f0172 chattr.1: 'a' and 'i' attribute do not affect existing file descriptors by Lukas Czerner · 9 days ago maint master next
  2. d5bd126 debian: add changelog entry for 1.44.1-2 release by Theodore Ts'o · 12 days ago
  3. 2bb8263 tests: don't leave temp files behind after running i_bitmaps by Theodore Ts'o · 13 days ago
  4. 4c41e68 e2fsck: warn if checkinterval and broken_system_clock both set by Eric Sandeen · 13 days ago
  5. bfc1856 e2image: fix metadata image handling on big endian systems by Lukas Czerner · 13 days ago
  6. b46fbf3 tests: add new test f_ea_inode_self_ref by Theodore Ts'o · 2 weeks ago
  7. 9db53e3 libext2fs: add sanity checks for ea_in_inode by Theodore Ts'o · 2 weeks ago
  8. c52d7ef tests: don't use "debugfs -f /dev/stdin" by Ingo Brückl · 3 weeks ago
  9. 79284d3 tests: use mke2fs and debugfs from the build tree by Theodore Ts'o · 3 weeks ago
  10. 7d79b40 e2fsck: adjust quota counters when clearing orphaned inodes by Darrick J. Wong · 4 weeks ago
  11. 17a1f2c filefrag: avoid temporary buffer overflow by Andreas Dilger · 3 weeks ago
  12. 7489246 Update release notes, etc., for the 1.44.1 release by Theodore Ts'o · 4 weeks ago v1.44.1
  13. 51ed02b libext2fs: support operating systems that don't have strnlen() by Theodore Ts'o · 4 weeks ago
  14. 46cf371 Add some minor clarifications to chattr's man page by Theodore Ts'o · 4 weeks ago
  15. d7829f0 debian: add Vcs-* fields to debian packaging by Theodore Ts'o · 4 weeks ago
  16. 07d5857 tests: explicitly specify 1k block sizes when creating test file systems by Theodore Ts'o · 4 weeks ago
  17. 63ae5ee po: update sv.po (from translationproject.org) by Göran Uddeborg · 4 weeks ago
  18. 9d24802 e2fsck: delete bad inode fix for bigalloc by harshads · 4 weeks ago
  19. 7cc4cf5 debugfs: release clusters only once in release_blocks_proc by harshads · 4 weeks ago
  20. 6a63939 debugfs: read allocation bitmaps more efficiently by Theodore Ts'o · 5 weeks ago