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E2fsprogs 1.45.0 (March 6, 2019)
Updates/Fixes since v1.44.6:
UI and Features
Tune2fs can now set the file system error bit to force a check at the
next fsck by using the extended option "force_fsck".
E2fsprogs now has an e2scrub script which will allow e2fsck to be run on
volumes that are mounted on an LVM device. The e2scrub_all will find
all ext* file systems and run them using e2scrub (if possible).
Mke2fs will attempt to use ZERO_RANGE before PUNCH_HOLE so that we don't
lose allocated blocks in preallocated files.
The fuse2fs command now supports a "fakeroot" option to allow an
unprivileged user to fuse2fs to modify rootfs images.
Add initial support for setting the character set encoding and case
folding file system feature. We don't have support to validate file
names as being valid for a given character set encoding yet, but this
will allow compatibility for this feature when the kernel support
lands. This includes support in lsattr and chattr to understanding the
casefold attribute flag.
Debugfs can now set the inode's checksum field to test support for
inodes with bad inode checksums.
E2image now accepts the -b and -B options to allow the user to specify
the superblock location when creating a raw or qcow2 image.
Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
Add support for building e2fsprogs using Link Time Optimization (LTO),
UBSAN, Address Sanitizer, or Thread Sanitizer.