Merge tag '6.8-rc1-smb3-client-fixes' of git://

Pull smb client fixes from Steve French:
 "Nine cifs/smb client fixes

   - Four network error fixes (three relating to replays of requests
     that need to be retried, and one fixing some places where we were
     returning the wrong rc up the stack on network errors)

   - Two multichannel fixes including locking fix and case where subset
     of channels need reconnect

   - netfs integration fixup: share remote i_size with netfslib

   - Two small cleanups (one for addressing a clang warning)"

* tag '6.8-rc1-smb3-client-fixes' of git://
  cifs: fix stray unlock in cifs_chan_skip_or_disable
  cifs: set replay flag for retries of write command
  cifs: commands that are retried should have replay flag set
  cifs: helper function to check replayable error codes
  cifs: translate network errors on send to -ECONNABORTED
  cifs: cifs_pick_channel should try selecting active channels
  cifs: Share server EOF pos with netfslib
  smb: Work around Clang __bdos() type confusion
  smb: client: delete "true", "false" defines