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Thanks to everyone who have downloaded Squashfs. I appreciate people
using it, and any feedback you have.
The following have provided useful feedback, which has guided
some of the extra features in squashfs. This is a randomly ordered
(roughly in chronological order) list, which is updated when
I remember...
Acknowledgements for Squashfs 4.3
Thanks to Bruno Wolff III and Andy Lutomirski for useful feedback
during the long development process of Squashfs 4.3.
Acknowledgements for Squashfs 4.2
Thanks to Lasse Collin ( for mainlining XZ
decompression support.
Acknowledgements for Squashfs 4.1
Thanks to Chan Jeong <> and LG for the patches to support LZO
Acknowledgements for Squashfs 4.0
Thanks to Tim Bird and CELF (Consumer Electronics Linux Forum) for helping
fund mainstreaming of Squashfs into the 2.6.29 kernel and the
changes to the Squashfs tools to support the new 4.0 file system layout.
Acknowledgements for Squashfs-3.3
Peter Korsgaard and others sent patches updating Squashfs to changes in the
VFS interface for 2.6.22/2.6.23/2.6.24-rc1. Peter also sent some small patches
for the Squashfs kernel code.
Vito Di Leo sent a patch extending Mksquashfs to support regex filters.
While his patched worked, it unfortunately made it easy to make Mksquashfs
perform unpredictably with poorly choosen regex expressions. It, however,
encouraged myself to add support for wildcard pattern matching and regex
filters in a different way.
Acknowledgements for Squashfs-3.2-r2
Junjiro Okajima discovered a couple of SMP issues, thanks.
Junjiro Okajima and Tomas Matejicek have produced some good LZMA patches
for Squashfs.
Acknowledgements for Squashfs-3.2
Peter Korsgaard sent a patch updating Squashfs to changes in the VFS interface
in Linux 2.6.20.
Acknowledgements for Squashfs-3.1
Kenneth Duda and Ed Swierk of Arastra Inc. identified numerous bugs with
Squashfs, and provided patches which were the basis for some of the
fixes. In particular they identified the fragment rounding bug, the
NFS bug, the initrd bug, and helped identify the 4K stack overflow bug.
Scott James Remnant (Ubuntu) also identified the fragment rounding bug,
and he also provided a patch.
Ming Zhang identified the Lseek bug in Mksquashfs. His tests on the
performance of Mksquashfs on SMP systems encouraged the rewrite of
Peter Korsgaard, Daniel Olivera and Zilvinas Valinskas noticed
Squashfs 3.0 didn't compile on Linux-2.6.18-rc[1-4] due to changes
in the Linux VFS interfaces, and provided patches.
Tomas Matejicek (SLAX) suggested the -force option on Unsquashfs, and noticed
Unsquashfs didn't return the correct exit status.
Yann Le Doare reported a kernel oops and provided a Qemu image that led
to the identification of the simultaneously accessing multiply mounted Squashfs
filesystems bug.
Older acknowledgements
Mark Robson - pointed out early on that initrds didn't work
Adam Warner - pointed out that greater than 2GB filesystems didn't work.
John Sutton - raised the problem when archiving the entire filesystem
(/) there was no way to prevent /proc being archived. This prompted
exclude files.
Martin Mueller (LinuxTV) - noticed that the filesystem length in the
superblock doesn't match the output filesystem length. This is due to
padding to a 4K boundary. This prompted the addition of the -nopad option.
He also reported a problem where 32K block filesystems hung when used as
Arkadiusz Patyk (Polish Linux Distribution - PLD) reported a problem where 32K
block filesystems hung when used as a root filesystem mounted as a loopback
Joe Blow emailed me that I'd forgotten to put anything in the README about
mounting the squashfs filesystem.
David Fox (Lindows) noticed that the exit codes returned by Mksquashfs were
wrong. He also noticed that a lot of time was spent in the duplicate scan
Cameron Rich complained that Squashfs did not support FIFOs or sockets.
Steve Chadsey and Thomas Weissmuller noticed that files larger than the
available memory could not be compressed by Mksquashfs.
"Ptwahyu" and "Hoan" (I have no full names and I don't like giving people's
email addresses), noticed that Mksquashfs 1.3 SEGV'd occasionally. Even though
I had already noticed this bug, it is useful to be informed by other people.
Don Elwell, Murray Jensen and Cameron Rich, have all sent in patches. Thanks,
I have not had time to do anything about them yet...
Drew Scott Daniels has been a good advocate for Squashfs.
Erik Andersen has made some nice suggestions, unfortunately, I have
not had time to implement anything.
Artemiy I. Pavlov has written a useful LDP mini-howto for Squashfs
Yves Combe reported the Apple G5 bug, when using Squashfs for
his PPC Knoppix-mib livecd project.
Jaco Greeff (mklivecd project, and maintainer of the Mandrake
squashfs-tools package) suggested the new mksquashfs -ef option, and the
standalone build for mksquashfs.
Mike Schaudies made a donation.
Arkadiusz Patyk from the Polish Linux Distribution reported that Squashfs
didn't work on amd64 machines. He gave me an account on a PLD amd64 machine
which allowed myself to track down these bugs.
Miles Roper, Peter Kjellerstedt and Willy Tarreau reported that release 2.1 did
not compile with gcc < 3.x.
Marcel J.E. Mol reported lack of kernel memory issues when using Squashfs
on small memory embedded systems. This prompted the addition of the embedded
system kernel configuration options.
Era Scarecrow noticed that Mksquashfs had not been updated to reflect that
smaller than 4K blocks are no longer supported.
Kenichi Shima reported the Kconfig file had not been updated to 2.2.
Aaron Ten Clay made a donation!
Tomas Matejicek (SLAX) made a donation!