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The squashfs4.3.tar.gz file contains the squashfs-tools directory containing
mksquashfs and unsquashfs.
1. Kernel support
This release is for 2.6.29 and newer kernels. Kernel patching is not necessary.
Extended attribute support requires 2.6.35 or newer. File systems with
extended attributes can be mounted on 2.6.29 and newer kernels (the
extended attributes will be ignored with a warning).
LZO compression support requires 2.6.36 or newer kernels.
XZ compression support requires 2.6.38 or newer kernels.
LZ4 support is not yet in any mainline kernel.
2. Building squashfs tools
The squashfs-tools directory contains the mksquashfs and unsquashfs programs.
These can be made by typing make (or make install to install in /usr/local/bin).
By default the tools are built with GZIP compression and extended attribute
support. Read the Makefile in squashfs-tools/ for instructions on building
LZO, LZ4 and XZ compression support, and for instructions on disabling GZIP
and extended attribute support if desired.