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dmapi-2.2.10 (5 May 2009)
- Update the Makepkgs script to generate proper source tarballs.
- Small specfile improvements, thanks to Jan Engelhardt.
- Various autoconf/libtool fixes, thanks to Andreas Gruenbacher.
dmapi-2.2.9 (4 February 2009)
- Various build system updates.
dmapi-2.2.8 (9 February 2007)
- Fix a problem in get_mnt() called by dm_handle_to_path()
The "dmi" mount option was not considered.
dmapi-2.2.7 (14 July 2006)
- Fix issues with makedepend on libtool libraries.
dmapi-2.2.6 (4 July 2006)
- Makefile dependency fixes
dmapi-2.2.5 (28 March 2006)
- Debian packaging updates (debmake out, debhelper in)
dmapi-2.2.4 (22 March 2006)
- Use -O2 for builds, not -O1.
- Fix Debian build packaging dependency.
dmapi-2.2.3 (21 November 2005)
- Make use of getdents64 instead of plain getdents.
- Remove remaining uses of Linux kernel types to resolve
some build issues with newer versions of XFS headers.
dmapi-2.2.2 (10 November 2005)
- Sync up build system (m4 macros, etc) with other projects
- Update SGI copyright/licence notices
dmapi-2.2.1 (29 September 2004)
- Update m4 macros, incorporating some portability changes.
- Sync up with changes to the kernel DMAPI headers.
dmapi-2.2.0 (21 April 2004)
- The linux 2.6 kernel puts the dmapi device at /dev/dmapi.
dmapi-2.1.0 (18 October 2003)
- libdm now attempts to find the dmapi device in /dev, if that
fails then it falls back to the old location in /proc.
- Rework Debian package names to more closely conform to the
packaging policy requirements.
dmapi-2.0.8 (26 April 2003)
- Rework to make use of shared macros.
dmapi-2.0.7 (14 April 2003)
- Fix configure tests that used AC_PATH_PROG incorrectly.
dmapi-2.0.6 (27 March 2003)
- Cleanups to the build process, in particular the automatic
rpm package generation Makefile and spec file template.
- Makepkgs script can now propagate failures back from make.
dmapi-2.0.5 (04 July 2002)
- Build infrastructure updates so that configure options can be
used to specify paths rather than semi-hard-coded path names
controlled by the ROOT/ROOT_PREFIX environment variables; eg.
now allows /lib64 and /lib32
dmapi-2.0.4 (18 June 2002)
- kernel<>library interface for DM_OPEN_BY_HANDLE changed
dmapi-2.0.3 (12 June 2002)
- kernel-library interface has changed, now 64bit safe.
dmapi-2.0.2 (13 April 2002)
- Minor build system updates
dmapi-2.0.0 (07 February 2002)
- Major release to coincide with switch to new extended
attributes system call interfaces
dmapi-0.3.0 (04 December 2001)
- The kernel-side of dmapi is now a module, and the device has
moved. Change dmapi to use the dmapi device in its new
location of /proc/fs/xfs_dmapi.
dmapi-0.2.2 (27 July 2001)
- fixes for (hopefully) the last few nits in libtool usage
dmapi-0.2.1 (23 July 2001)
- install static libs and libtool archives into /usr/lib
- shared libraries are unchanged, however
dmapi-0.2.0 (19 July 2001)
- reworked Makefiles use of libtool slightly
- rework some of the Debian packaging rules
- libdm is now installed into /lib instead of /usr/lib
as it is needed by xfsdump and xfsrestore which must
be available for recovery when only root is mounted
dmapi-0.1.2 (18 July 2001)
- change dmapi to use /proc instead of /dev/dmapi
dmapi-0.1.1 (30 January 2001)
- minor rpm and deb packaging work
dmapi-0.1.0 (15 January 2001)
- initial version of package
- early alpha code