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xfsdump-3.1.7-rc1 (13 Jul 2017)
- Fix race condition in multi-stream dump (Eryu Guan)
- Fix memory leak (Paulo Alcantara)
- Fix 32-bit build with newer xfsprogs (Eric Sandeen)
xfsdump-3.1.6 (14 Oct 2015)
- fix build issues against xfsprogs 4.2.0 headers
- clean up worst of libhandle API abuse
- remove all unnecessary build dependencies on xfsprogs headers
xfsdump-3.1.5 (14 Oct 2015)
- __psint_t no longer available (Nathan Scott)
- restore: fix 2GB directory dump limitation (Rich Johnston)
- restore: fix uuid check for incremental restore (Rich Johnston)
- dump: fix crash adding inode groups (Rich Johnston)
xfsdump-3.1.4 (18 July 2014)
- fix partial region segfault and debug code (Eric Sandeen)
- dump wholly sparse files correctly (Eric Sandeen)
- restore capabilities correctly
- memory leak fixes (Boris Ranto)
- sys_getdents modernisation (Kyle McMartin)
- Error message fixes (Iustin Pop)
- Updated polish translation (Jakub Bogusz)
- debian package build updates (Nathan Scott)
xfsdump-3.1.3 (8 May 2013)
- Fix a segfault in xfsrestore when a path name is too long,
thanks to Nigel Tamplin.
- Fix a backward compatibility problem. Dumps created with
version 3.1.2 where extended attributes are in use failed
to restore with v3.1.0 due to file header checksum errors.
Thanks to Fugazzi for reporting.
- Refactored release scripts to conform to using git archive.
- Changed the build process so that 'make deb' uses the same
process of creating a source tree as the release script.
xfsdump-3.1.2 (13 December 2012)
- Update release script to create a source tarball.
xfsdump-3.1.1 (31 October 2012)
- Save and restore 32 bit project ids correctly.
- German translation, thanks to Chris Leick.
- A few fixups to the German translation, thanks to Stefan Ring.
- An initial Polish translation, thanks to Jakub Bogusz.
- Various build system cleanups, thanks to Mike Frysinger, and
Jan Engelhardt.
xfsdump-3.1.0 (22 March 2012)
- Fix metadata restore on split files.
- Add a -D option to skip a recursive scan of the filesystem
when dumping.
- Fix a 1 byte overflow with empty lists, thanks to Mike Frysinger.
- Enable multi-stream support on Linux using pthreads.
- Fix handling of Ctrl-D in prompts.
- Obsolete SGI_XFSDUMP_SKIP_FILE extended attribute for excluding
files from dump.
- Fix restoration of extended attributes on the root directory.
- Use the full 32-bit inode generation number instead of 12-bit
generation number. Bump the dump format version to 3.
- Do not create parent directories for orphaned files during
list-only (-t option) restore.
xfsdump-3.0.6 (14 October 2011)
- Unconditionally add checksums to various dump headers in
- Verify dump header checksums if present in xfsrestore.
- Convert to using the POSIX signal API.
- Remove restriction of 8 options in dialogs.
- Various refactoring and internal cleanups to xfsdump and
- Build system fixes, thanks to Ted Ts'o.
xfsdump-3.0.5 (30 March 2011)
- Release tags will now be digitally signed
- Quota files will now be dumped, regardless of the maxsize
- The new "-s sessid" flag allows inventory sessions to be
pruned by their session ID.
- Fixed a bug in handling long dump filenames, and dropped
(undocumented) support for encoding certain parameters
within the dump filename
- NODECHK is now off by default, meaning xfsrestore will now
support 16 times more directory entries (4 billion)
- nrh_t is now 64 bits wide, allowing xfsrestore to support
dumps with up to 4 billion directory entries
- nix_t is no longer useful, and has been eliminated
- Memory use in xfsrestore is better managed now. Segments
of nodes are now power-of-2 sized, and allocated nodes are
no longer needlessly zeroed and linked into the free list.
- Pathname resolution in xfsrestore has a number of
performance improvements
- Better checking has been implemented for compatibility
when resuming a cumulative restore
- Build system output has been cleaned up considerably
- Dead "namreg" code has been removed
- Build dependencies are now determined automatically
- Other miscellaneous build system improvements, as well bug
fixes thanks to Mike Frysinger and Arkadiusz Miƛkiewicz.
xfsdump-3.0.4 (13 January 2010)
- Improve xfsinvutil man page and argument processing.
- Fix timestamp handling on 64-bit architectures in xfsinvutil.
- Various build system improvements.
xfsdump-3.0.2 (9 May 2009)
- Update the Debian packaging and resolve xfsprogs dependencies.
xfsdump-3.0.1 (5 May 2009)
- Update the Makepkgs script to generate proper source tarballs.
- Small specfile improvements, thanks to Jan Engelhardt.
- Fix parallel builds, thanks to Mike Frysinger.
- Various autoconf/libtool fixes, thanks to Andreas Gruenbacher.
xfsdump-3.0.0 (4 February 2009)
- Bump major package version number to signify changed
dependencies and moved binaries (xfs_fsr and estimate
have moved into xfsprogs).
- xfsdump should no longer make use of internal XFS
headers and libraries, in particular no use of libxfs
is permitted in this package anymore (such detailed
on-disk format knowledge is the realm of xfsprogs).
- Fix xfsdump/xfsrestore to work on systems with 64k
page size.
xfsdump-2.2.49 (17 Feb 2008)
- Fix up error handling in _rmt_open in librmt.
Warnings reported by Michal Marek <>
xfsdump-2.2.48 (07 Feb 2008)
- Prune dump sessions with 0 media files even when using -m.
xfsdump-2.2.47 (01 Feb 2008)
- Correctly detect whether a tape device is in variable or
fixed block mode when using the TS tape driver.
xfsdump-2.2.46 (24 Aug 2007)
- Specify mode on all open(2) calls that use O_CREAT.
xfsdump-2.2.45 (24 May 2007)
- Change fsr's temp directory mode to 0700 to deny full access.
- Update fsr's usage text.
xfsdump-2.2.44 (01 February 2007)
- Fix use of getopt's optopt variable. Thanks to Kouta Ooizumi.
- Initialize xfsdump's logging facility earlier. Thanks to
Kouta Ooizumi.
- Log a message for each quota file restored, not just the first.
- When using -z, check a file's size against the max dump file
size just before dumping the file, rather than only during the
initial scan, to account for changes during the dump.
- A sync needs to be issued before the first inode scan to avoid
potentially skipping modified files in an incremental dump.
xfsdump-2.2.43 (02 October 2006)
- Change the inode scans to seek to the next inode of
interest, rather than always doing a full scan. Useful
for dumps that contain only a subset of the inodes
in a filesystem (incrementals, subtree dumps, etc.).
- Produce a more accurate dump size estimate when
it is worthwhile to do so (when using multiple dump
streams or when skipping files based on size).
xfsdump-2.2.42 (08 August 2006)
- Rework code to remove the DMAPI build and run-time dependency.
xfsdump-2.2.41 (14 July 2006)
- Fix issues with makedepend on libtool libraries.
- Fix issues with symbolic link handling in Makefiles.
xfsdump-2.2.40 (05 July 2006)
- Update translation Makefile to work better with the Ubuntu
translation system. Thanks to feedback from Martin Pitt.
- Fix annoying "ignores datarootdir" warning from configure.
- Fix issues with makedepend build infrastructure.
xfsdump-2.2.39 (21 June 2006)
- Fix for parallel compiles, thanks to Robin H. Johnson.
xfsdump-2.2.38 (06 June 2006)
- Performance improvements for dumping subtrees.
xfsdump-2.2.37 (24 May 2006)
- Fix xfs_fsr memory and file descriptor leaks.
- Fix xfs_fsr handling some of the extended inode flags
and fields (like project IDs, extsize, realtime, etc).
- Fix Debian packaging for libc-dev build dependency.
- Fix up auto lib64 install detection for x86_64 platforms.
- Use -O2 optimisation by default now like everywhere else.
- Default to using a single media file for each strategy.
Multiple media files can be enabled on tape strategies
by using the -d option.
- Fix a bug in restoring multiple links to files with the
immutable bit set.
- Fix a regression that caused xfsrestore to fail when
restoring files that were changing during the dump.
- Remove some overhead in restoring files that were dumped
in multiple extent groups (> 16 MiB).
- Add simple interface to HSM-specific code in xfsrestore,
similar to that already in xfsdump.
- Fix fsr mishandling directories given as arguments.
- Fix build dependency on recent xfsprogs header files.
xfsdump-2.2.36 (15 February 2006)
- Debian packaging updates (debmake out, debhelper in).
- Minor man page fixups with respect to hyphenation.
xfsdump-2.2.35 (07 February 2006)
- Merge some minor changes in from IRIX.
xfsdump-2.2.34 (31 January 2006)
- Updated the spec file to correctly set package user/group.
- Optimizations to increase the performance of xfsdump and
xfsrestore, especially on filesystems with millions of inodes.
Many small changes were made to minimize the number of system
calls required per inode.
- Significant changes to xfsdump:
o Cache the gen number of each inode during the initial inode
scan so that a bulkstat single does not need to be done for
each inode when dumping directories.
o No longer retrieve the DMF attribute when estimating the dump
size of a file. Use information from the bulkstat instead.
o Retrieve DMF attribute by handle instead of doing
o In determining where to split multi-stream dumps, take into
consideration the number of files and not just the file size.
This allows filesystems with large amounts of inodes but
relatively little data (DMF filesystem) to be split correctly.
- Significant changes to xfsrestore:
o Buffer writes to the namreg file to eliminate 2 very small
write system calls per directory entry.
o Buffer writes to dirattr file to eliminate a small write system
call per directory.
o Speedup the check to see if a particular window of the tree
file is mapped. This allows xfsrestore to use more, smaller
windows which is beneficial if we can't fit them all in memory
and have to start unmapping them. This also makes the -w
option obsolete so that option now has no effect.
o Change the hash function to give a better distribution among
the hash buckets.
o Do not make an unnecessary unlink call if the file being
restored does not already exist.
xfsdump-2.2.33 (16 December 2005)
- Add option to allow dump time to be overridden.
Useful if doing incremental dumps of snapshots.
Thanks to David Brown.
xfsdump-2.2.32 (29 November 2005)
- Dump and restore project ids and project quotas.
- Remove xfsdq(8) and xfsrq(8); use xfs_quota(8) to dump and
restore quotas now.
- Fix the setting of extended inode flags during restore.
Some flags must be set before writing file data, and others
must be set after writing file data and extended attributes.
xfsdump-2.2.31 (10 November 2005)
- Sync up build system (m4 macros, etc) with other projects
- Update SGI copyright/licence notices
xfsdump-2.2.30 (27 July 2005)
- Fix some problems in the xfsrq(8) script, thanks to Kim Hansen.
xfsdump-2.2.29 (23 June 2005)
- Change xfsrestore to retry a write that fails with ENOSPC
after issuing a fdatasync call. If it still fails, issue
a sync call and retry once more.
xfsdump-2.2.28 (03 June 2005)
- removal of unnecessary stat64_to_xfsbstat function
xfsdump-2.2.27 (08 March 2005)
- Fix compilation with gcc4, from Andreas Jochens.
xfsdump-2.2.26 (09 February 2005)
- Fix xfsrestore so that it can restore to non-XFS filesystems again.
xfsdump-2.2.25 (13 October 2004)
- Bump the version to deal with the mixup in 2.2.23-lbs
(that fix was missing from the 2.2.23/2.2.24 versions).
xfsdump-2.2.23-lbs (04 October 2004)
- Fix a problem dumping DMF filesystems when files change
from dual-state to offline during the dump.
xfsdump-2.2.24 (29 Sep 2004)
- Update m4 macros, incorporating some portability changes.
xfsdump-2.2.23 (21 Jul 2004)
- Fix up xfs_fsr and xfsdump to prevent possible crashes on 64 bit
machines such as Alphas, when using a 64 bit count passed to bulkstat
when only 32 bits of it have been set by bulkstat.
Suggestion came from Jan-Jaap van der Heijden.
See for details.
xfsdump-2.2.22 (19 Jul 2004)
- Add support for new DMF attribute format.
- Fix bug in HSM code where a DMF attribute
could be generated for both the root and
secure extended attribute namespaces.
xfsdump-2.2.21 (15 Apr 2004)
- Always allocate a filesystem handle on restore instead of
doing so only when restoring DMAPI events, as the filesystem
handle is also needed if restoring extended attrs.
- Remove path_to_fshandle calls in tree.c. These existed to
ensure that we always had a fshandle before calling
open_by_handle. These calls are extraneous since we now
allocate a fshandle during context_init.
- Change open_by_fshandle calls to open_by_handle since
we are passing a file handle, not a fshandle.
xfsdump-2.2.20 (31 March 2004)
- fix up "xfs_invutil -i" which was getting segmentation faults on
presumably long session labels.
Become paranoid and convert all sprintf's to snprintf's.
xfsdump-2.2.19 (23 March 2004)
- rearrange fsr algorithm to not copy data unless extent
count has been improved. Suggested by Chris Wedgwood
<cw at f00f dot org> and Utz Lehmann <xfs at s2y4n2c dot de>
xfsdump-2.2.18 (25 February 2004)
- add support for the security extended attributes namespace
xfsdump-2.2.17 (13 February 2004)
- modify calls to libhandle subroutines to account for
changes to the libhandle library.
xfsdump-2.2.16 (05 December 2003)
- fix xfsrestore to restore new XFS inode flags: immutable,
append, sync, noatime and nodump. The inode flags have also
been added to the _mk_fillconfig_ea() routine in common.dump,
called by QA test 063 to test inode flags and xattrs.
- fix xfsdump to honor the new nodump xflag, "XFS_XFLAG_NODUMP",
(in conjunction with -e). The original method to skip files,
-e plus extended attribute "SGI_XFSDUMP_SKIP_FILE", is still
supported. Admins may choose which method to use. The
xfsdump man page has been updated to document these changes.
- update man pages with a more detailed description of the
inventory media file that gets written to the end of each dump.
- remove 'miniroot' reference from xfsdump man page.
xfsdump-2.2.15 (18 December 2003)
- a mod was added in 2.2.13 to fix the way xfsdump handles
multiple dump sessions to a single tape. The mod fixed
problems that the TS tape driver was hitting but actually
broke multiple backup functionality using the ST tape
driver. Both problems (ST and TS) are fixed in 2.2.15.
xfsdump-2.2.14 (18 October 2003)
- update Debian packaging to require latest dmapi packages.
xfsdump-2.2.13 (21 July 2003)
- fix ST/TS tape driver compatibility issues in drive_scsitape.
- fix multiple backups to a single tape (TS AND ST).
xfsdump-2.2.12 (29 May 2003)
- fix up an invutil Makefile botch which was effectively
disabling the optional ncurses support (interactive mode).
xfsdump-2.2.11 (26 April 2003)
- rework to make use of shared macros.
- fix up #include lines to allow compilation of sources
with installed headers rather than local headers.
- update Debian packaging.
- fix up a botch in the RPM packaging from 2.2.8.
xfsdump-2.2.10 (14 April 2003)
- fix configure tests that used AC_PATH_PROG incorrectly.
- switch from using mktemp to using mkstemp for xfs_copy log.
- use a FHS compliant name for the xfs_copy log file.
xfsdump-2.2.9 (27 March 2003)
- add -f option to xfsdq(8) to specify an output file instead
of using the standard output stream. This file is created
by xfsdq and xfsdq will fail to run if it exists already.
The file is also created with a more appropriate mode than
whatever the umask happened to be when xfsdump(8) was run.
xfsdump-2.2.8 (27 March 2003)
- cleanups to the build process, in particular the automatic
rpm package generation Makefile and spec file template.
- Makepkgs script can now propagate failures back from make.
xfsdump-2.2.7 (13 March 2003)
- add initial support for TS tape driver.
(19 February 2003)
- fix xfsdump -I option to set correct fsid.
xfsdump-2.2.6 (19 December 2002)
- add initial internationalisation support.
xfsdump-2.2.5 (19 December 2002)
- fix build fallout from macro changes in XFS headers.
- add a configure check so that we don't attempt to build
against old versions of the headers.
xfsdump-2.2.4 (08 November 2002)
- configure now looks for, and xfsinvutil uses, the ncurses
header and library rather than the curses version - this
resolves an issue in those distributions that don't make
the compatibility library available.
xfsdump-2.2.3 (31 October 2002)
- minor update to Debian packaging dependencies.
- inventory related bugfix.
xfsdump-2.2.2 (03 October 2002)
- Remove fork/setuid from fsr. Just chown temp. file to owner.
This gets fsr working again with the restricted RESVSP ioctl.
Chris Wedgwood <cw at f00f dot org>
xfsdump-2.2.1 (24 September 2002)
- minor troff-version-specific fixups for xfsrestore(8).
xfsdump-2.2.0 (03 September 2002)
- force use of version 1 XFS geometry ioctl everywhere in xfsdump
package, so that these tools can still work on older kernels
(they don't need the additional information in the new ioctl).
- added new and configure changes to implement this.
- do some additional cleanup after autoconf has run.
xfsdump-2.1.5 (14 August 2002)
- minor build fix when using relatively old versions of glibc
which don't provide the SYS_getdents64 symbol.
xfsdump-2.1.4 (01 August 2002)
- xfsinvutil -m option added (merge from IRIX).
- add missing GPL/copyright headers to several xfsinvutil files.
- correct several uses of uuid_compare in xfsinvutil.
xfsdump-2.1.3 (30 July 2002)
- small xfsinvutil fixups to preserve compatibility with old -n
- fixed all new xfsinvutil warnings on 64bit platforms
xfsdump-2.1.2 (29 July 2002)
- xfsinvutil interactive mode
- merge of a dump/restore fix from IRIX - test if a child exited
with error and if a child did, set the exit_code to EXIT_ERROR.
xfsdump-2.1.1 (04 July 2002)
- build infrastructure updates so that configure options can be
used to specify paths rather than semi-hard-coded path names
controlled by the ROOT/ROOT_PREFIX environment variables; eg.
now allows /lib64 and /lib32
xfsdump-2.1.0 (14 June 2002)
- new fsinfo system call used, mostly changing version to
differentiate this.
xfsdump-2.0.4 (14 June 2002)
- fix xfsrestore/xfsdump version output to report both
their version and the respective dump format version. They
will report their version from cmd/xfsdump/VERSION.
- changed the messages printed out for the xfsrestore
interactive mode to emphasize the restore is interactive.
xfsdump-2.0.3 (08 May 2002)
- fix xfsdump so that it does not cause segmentation fault
when media specific object id (OPT_MOBJID) is specified
with -I option.
- fix similar code for filesystem id (OPT_FSID) option.
xfsdump-2.0.2 (08 May 2002)
- in xfsdump, check for ERANGE as well as E2BIG for testing
of the existence of the SGI_XFSDUMP_SKIP_FILE extended
attribute. This only affects dumping using the -e option.
This was motivated by an XFS kernel change from returning
E2BIG into returning ERANGE.
- fix "xfsdump -v silent" to really be silent
xfsdump-2.0.1 (13 April 2002)
- minor build system updates
xfsdump-2.0.0 (07 February 2002)
- rework all code dealing with extended attributes to use
the new system calls (requires attr-2.0.0 or greater)
- also, the attrctl-by-handle ioctl is history, replaced
by libhandle routines - more like what we have in IRIX
(requires xfsprogs-2.0.0 or greater)
- effectively no-op change (cleanup) - switch over to using
we can deprecate that "special" UUID ioctl in the kernel.
- add -q description to xfsdump/xfsrestore man pages and
usage text.
- change failed bulkstat WARNING to a TRACE message to that
it doesn't bother people.
- avoid a possible assertion failure for cumulative restores
with -B option.
xfsdump-1.1.14 (16 January 2002)
- fix xfsrestore so that cumulative restores (with -r)
will successfully delete removed directories whose
files have also been removed.
Previously, the files weren't removed until later,
which meant that early directory removal failed.
SGI bug#844219.
xfsdump-1.1.13 (11 January 2002)
- fix xfsdump so that if an inode# is reused in the time
between building the inode map and pruning the inode map
(in phase 3 when some dirs are marked as not changed),
that it no longer aborts with an assertion failure.
SGI bug#846374.
xfsdump-1.1.12 (14 December 2001)
- add new -B option to xfsrestore to correctly assign
ownership and permissions of the dump root directory
to the destination directory
xfsdump-1.1.11 (13 December 2001)
- port back IRIX changes primarily to xfsrestore for
improving performance when one has over a million files
- some extra mlogs (messages) for dump estimates,
dir tree diagnostics, type of dump format being used
- various fixes for restore with multiple threads
and extended attributes (note: multiple threads not
implemented on Linux yet)
xfsdump-1.1.10 (10 December 2001)
- fix xfsdump to endian convert all of the record header
fields properly just prior to writing the header out
(in particular first_mark_offset).
This caused do_next_mark() assertion failures at some
xfsdump-1.1.9 (28 November 2001)
- fix xfsrestore so that it doesn't delete hardlinks
on alternate cumulative restores
xfsdump-1.1.8 (14 November 2001)
- allow xfsdump to exclude files based on whether they have
a certain extended attribute set
- don't include /var/lib/xfsdump in the dump
xfsdump-1.1.7 (18 October 2001)
- xfsrestore -t will no longer fail if the current working
directory is not xfs
- xfsrestore will no longer issue (harmless) warnings related
to space pre-allocation if it is writing to a non-xfs
xfsdump-1.1.6 (03 October 2001)
- get rid of useless stkchk abstraction
(will no longer get stack info messages with -v proc=debug)
- FHS compliance for inventory directory (/var/lib/xfsdump),
and existing installations will continue to work as is.
- A future xfsdump release will have an updated xfsinvutil to
allow the old directory to be migrated to the new manually,
without corrupting the inventory (its one or the other only
though, not both, and this is enforced by the tools)
xfsdump-1.1.5 (28 September 2001)
- changes for ia64 (e.g. time32_t, getdents, librmt mtget changes)
- fix dump/restore to be able to use drive_scsitape with devfs
xfsdump-1.1.4 (18 September 2001)
- fix librmt to allow a remote path without "/dev" in its name
- this allows xfsdump/xfsrestore to remote file
- fix librmt for remote uname to use env variable RSH
- add some diagnostics to xfsdump
xfsdump-1.1.3 (27 July 2001)
- fixes for (hopefully) the last few nits in libtool usage
xfsdump-1.1.2 (24 July 2001)
- merge in phase 3 changes from review and further testing
- merge in code to specify maximum file size for xfsdump (-z)
- merge in code to specify media file size for xfsdump (-d)
- merge in code to request single media file for xfsdump (-S)
- merge a couple of minor bug fixes from IRIX
xfsdump-1.1.1 (23 July 2001)
- look for libtool archives in /usr/lib, not /lib
xfsdump-1.1.0 (18 July 2001)
- rework package to use libtool
- merge fsr bug fixes from IRIX
- merge xfsdump phase 3 performance fixup from IRIX
- enable use of (shared) and
- re-enable use of for DMAPI support
- remove some more unused "common" files
- man page updates for xfsdump and xfsrestore
- moved certain binaries from /usr/sbin into /sbin to
be available for recovery when only root is mounted
xfsdump-1.0.12 (13 July 2001)
- Fix mistake introduced in 1.0.10 whereby xfsdump/xfsrestore
to remote tape drives will cause rmt debug messages to be
written to the remote machine in:
/server.XXX (where XXX = pid).
These files will no longer be created via xfsdump/xfsrestore.
The fix is in librmt - it should have only written out
warning messages and not debug messages.
If the debug environment variable is turned on for librmt then
the debug file will go to /tmp/librmt_debug.XXX.
xfsdump-1.0.11 (12 July 2001)
- correctly restore block and character device major numbers
xfsdump-1.0.10 (05 July 2001)
- produce librmt warning messages from xfsdump/xfsrestore
without needing to set an environment variable
xfsdump-1.0.9 (15 May 2001)
- correctly [xfs]restore the suid and guid mode bits
xfsdump-1.0.8 (12 May 2001)
- added build dependency for Debian on latest devel package
xfsdump-1.0.7 (07 May 2001)
- fix warnings, remove last -Wall filter
- configure script default man path now /usr/share/man
- support realtime files in dump/restore
- cleanup arch-specific code, esp. the byteswab routines
- as a result, move to -O1 as default for extern inlines
- fix bug dumping to remote tape device with given user
xfsdump-1.0.6 (01 May 2001)
- remove spurious warnings when dumping quota information
xfsdump-1.0.5 (09 April 2001)
- fix use of an uninitialised variable in dump
- fix a number of compiler warnings
xfsdump-1.0.4 (03 April 2001)
- added xfsdump support for dumping quota information
xfsdump-1.0.3 (28 March 2001)
- minor rpm spec file changes
- added xfsdq and xfsrq for dumping quota information
xfsdump-1.0.2 (10 January 2001)
- support extended attributes in xfsdump and xfsrestore
xfsdump-1.0.1 (30 January 2001)
- minor rpm and deb packaging work
xfsdump-1.0.0 (15 January 2001)
- dump, restore, fsr and co. abstracted from xfs-cmds package
- completed Debian packaging
- late beta code