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* Copyright (c) 2002 Silicon Graphics, Inc.
* All Rights Reserved.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it would be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write the Free Software Foundation,
* Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
#ifndef CMENU_H
#define CMENU_H
#include "types.h"
#include "mlog.h"
#include "inv_priv.h"
#include "list.h"
/* number of lines for info window */
#define INFO_SIZE 4
#define put_header(m,a) put_line(stdscr, 0, m, A_REVERSE | A_BOLD, a)
#define put_footer(m,a) put_line(stdscr, LINES - 1, m, A_REVERSE | A_BOLD, a)
#define put_error(m) put_line(stdscr, LINES - 1, m, A_REVERSE | A_BOLD, ALIGN_LEFT);\
#define put_info_header(m) put_line(infowin, 0, m, A_REVERSE|A_BOLD, ALIGN_LEFT)
#define put_info_line(l,m) put_line(infowin, l, m, 0, ALIGN_LEFT)
#define put_option(w,l,t,a) put_line(w, l, t, a, ALIGN_LEFT)
#define clear_line(w,l) wmove(w, l, 0); wclrtoeol(w);
typedef enum {
} alignment_t;
typedef struct menu_ops_s {
int (* op_delete ) (WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int (* op_undelete ) (WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int (* op_saveexit ) (WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int (* op_select ) (WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int (* op_collapse ) (WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int (* op_expand ) (WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int (* op_collapseall ) (WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int (* op_expandall ) (WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int (* op_highlight ) (WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int (* op_unhighlight ) (WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int (* op_commit ) (WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int (* op_prune ) (char *mountpt, uuid_t *uuidp, time32_t prunetime, node_t *node, node_t *list);
} menu_ops_t;
typedef struct {
int key;
char *text;
int (*fn)(WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
} menukey_t;
typedef struct {
invt_seshdr_t *header;
invt_session_t *session;
} stobjsess_t;
typedef struct {
char *name;
int fd;
int nEntries;
char *mapaddr;
invt_counter_t *counter;
invt_entry_t **data;
int numrecords;
} invidx_fileinfo_t;
typedef struct {
char *name;
int fd;
off_t size;
char *mapaddr;
invt_sescounter_t *counter;
void **data;
int numrecords;
} stobj_fileinfo_t;
typedef struct {
char *name;
int fd;
int nEntries;
char *mapaddr;
invt_counter_t *counter;
invt_fstab_t **data;
int numrecords;
} fstab_fileinfo_t;
extern int redraw_screen;
extern int redraw_options;
extern WINDOW *mainmenu;
extern WINDOW *infowin;
/* cmenu.c */
void hitanykey(void);
int put_line(WINDOW *win, int line, char *msg, int attr, alignment_t alignment);
int create_windows(void);
int get_string(WINDOW *win, char *prompt, char *response, int len);
void list_undelete(node_t *current, node_t *list);
int list_delete(node_t *current, node_t *list);
int menu_import(WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int menu_unhighlight(WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int menu_expand(WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int menu_expandall(WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int menu_collapse(WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int menu_collapseall(WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int menu_select(WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int menu_delete(WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int menu_undelete(WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int menu_saveexit(WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int menu_commit(WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
int menu_quit(WINDOW *win, node_t *current, node_t *list);
/* menu.c */
int menu(WINDOW *win, int line, int col, node_t *list, int keyc, menukey_t *keyv);
node_t *generate_menu(char *inv_path);
#endif /* CMENU_H */