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Several environment variables are used within the code, primarily for
for debugging purposes; they are documented here. In most cases simply
setting the environment variable enables the behavior, but in some
cases the value assigned influences behavior as well, as noted below.
LIBXFS_LEAK_CHECK -- warn and exit(1) if zone-allocated memory
is leaked at exit.
FSRXFSTEST -- enable -C nfrag in theory coalesces into
nfrag extents. Doesn't work.
Known debug tweaks (pass -d and set the environment variable):
XFS_SCRUB_FORCE_ERROR -- pretend all metadata is corrupt
XFS_SCRUB_FORCE_REPAIR -- repair all metadata even if it's ok
XFS_SCRUB_NO_KERNEL -- pretend there is no kernel ioctl
XFS_SCRUB_NO_SCSI_VERIFY -- disable SCSI VERIFY (if present)
XFS_SCRUB_PHASE -- run only this scrub phase
XFS_SCRUB_THREADS -- start exactly this number of threads
Available even in non-debug mode:
SERVICE_MODE -- compress all error codes to 1 for LSB
service action compliance