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#! /bin/bash
# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later
# Copyright (c) 2021 Oracle. All Rights Reserved.
# FS QA Test No. 631
# Reproducer for a deadlock in xfs_rename reported by Wenli Xie.
# When overlayfs is running on top of xfs and the user unlinks a file in the
# overlay, overlayfs will create a whiteout inode and ask us to "rename" the
# whiteout file atop the one being unlinked. If the file being unlinked loses
# its one nlink, we then have to put the inode on the unlinked list.
# This requires us to grab the AGI buffer of the whiteout inode to take it
# off the unlinked list (which is where whiteouts are created) and to grab
# the AGI buffer of the file being deleted. If the whiteout was created in
# a higher numbered AG than the file being deleted, we'll lock the AGIs in
# the wrong order and deadlock.
# Note that this test doesn't do anything xfs-specific so it's a generic test.
# This is a regression test for commit 6da1b4b1ab36 ("xfs: fix an ABBA deadlock
# in xfs_rename").
seq=`basename $0`
echo "QA output created by $seq"
status=1 # failure is the default!
trap "_cleanup; exit \$status" 0 1 2 3 15
cd /
rm -f $tmp.*
# get standard environment, filters and checks
. ./common/rc
. ./common/attr
# real QA test starts here
_supported_fs generic
test "$FSTYP" = "overlay" && _notrun "Test does not apply to overlayfs."
_require_extra_fs overlay
rm -f $seqres.full
_scratch_mkfs >> $seqres.full
_supports_filetype $SCRATCH_MNT || _notrun "overlayfs test requires d_type"
mkdir $SCRATCH_MNT/lowerdir
mkdir $SCRATCH_MNT/lowerdir1
mkdir $SCRATCH_MNT/lowerdir/etc
mkdir $SCRATCH_MNT/workers
echo salts > $SCRATCH_MNT/lowerdir/etc/access.conf
touch $SCRATCH_MNT/running
stop_workers() {
test -e $SCRATCH_MNT/running || return
rm -f $SCRATCH_MNT/running
while [ "$(ls $SCRATCH_MNT/workers/ | wc -l)" -gt 0 ]; do
worker() {
local tag="$1"
local mergedir="$SCRATCH_MNT/merged$tag"
local l="lowerdir=$SCRATCH_MNT/lowerdir:$SCRATCH_MNT/lowerdir1"
local u="upperdir=$SCRATCH_MNT/upperdir$tag"
local w="workdir=$SCRATCH_MNT/workdir$tag"
local i="index=off"
touch $SCRATCH_MNT/workers/$tag
while test -e $SCRATCH_MNT/running; do
rm -rf $SCRATCH_MNT/merged$tag
rm -rf $SCRATCH_MNT/upperdir$tag
rm -rf $SCRATCH_MNT/workdir$tag
mkdir $SCRATCH_MNT/merged$tag
mkdir $SCRATCH_MNT/workdir$tag
mkdir $SCRATCH_MNT/upperdir$tag
mount -t overlay overlay -o "$l,$u,$w,$i" $mergedir
mv $mergedir/etc/access.conf $mergedir/etc/access.conf.bak
touch $mergedir/etc/access.conf
mv $mergedir/etc/access.conf $mergedir/etc/access.conf.bak
touch $mergedir/etc/access.conf
umount $mergedir
rm -f $SCRATCH_MNT/workers/$tag
for i in $(seq 0 $((4 + LOAD_FACTOR)) ); do
worker $i &
sleep $((30 * TIME_FACTOR))
echo Silence is golden.
# success, all done