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git-difftool - compare changes using common merge tools
'git difftool' [--tool=<tool>] [--no-prompt] ['git diff' options]
'git-difftool' is a git command that allows you to compare and edit files
between revisions using common merge tools. At its most basic level,
'git-difftool' does what 'git-mergetool' does but its use is for non-merge
situations such as when preparing commits or comparing changes against
the index.
'git difftool' is a frontend to 'git diff' and accepts the same
arguments and options.
See linkgit:git-diff[1] for the full list of supported options.
-t <tool>::
Use the merge resolution program specified by <tool>.
Valid merge tools are:
kdiff3, kompare, tkdiff, meld, xxdiff, emerge,
vimdiff, gvimdiff, ecmerge, and opendiff
If a merge resolution program is not specified, 'git-difftool'
will use the configuration variable `merge.tool`. If the
configuration variable `merge.tool` is not set, 'git difftool'
will pick a suitable default.
You can explicitly provide a full path to the tool by setting the
configuration variable `mergetool.<tool>.path`. For example, you
can configure the absolute path to kdiff3 by setting
`mergetool.kdiff3.path`. Otherwise, 'git-difftool' assumes the
tool is available in PATH.
Instead of running one of the known merge tool programs,
'git-difftool' can be customized to run an alternative program
by specifying the command line to invoke in a configuration
variable `mergetool.<tool>.cmd`.
When 'git-difftool' is invoked with this tool (either through the
`-t` or `--tool` option or the `merge.tool` configuration variable)
the configured command line will be invoked with the following
variables available: `$LOCAL` is set to the name of the temporary
file containing the contents of the diff pre-image and `$REMOTE`
is set to the name of the temporary file containing the contents
of the diff post-image. `$BASE` is provided for compatibility
with custom merge tool commands and has the same value as `$LOCAL`.
Do not prompt before launching a diff tool.
The default merge tool to use.
See the `--tool=<tool>` option above for more details.
The original, unedited file content can be saved to a file with
a `.orig` extension. Defaults to `true` (i.e. keep the backup files).
Override the path for the given tool. This is useful in case
your tool is not in the PATH.
Specify the command to invoke the specified merge tool.
See the `--tool=<tool>` option above for more details.
Show changes between commits, commit and working tree, etc
Run merge conflict resolution tools to resolve merge conflicts
Get and set repository or global options
Written by David Aguilar <>.
Documentation by David Aguilar and the git-list <>.
Part of the linkgit:git[1] suite