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#ifndef HASHMAP_H
#define HASHMAP_H
* Generic implementation of hash-based key-value mappings.
* See Documentation/technical/api-hashmap.txt.
/* FNV-1 functions */
extern unsigned int strhash(const char *buf);
extern unsigned int strihash(const char *buf);
extern unsigned int memhash(const void *buf, size_t len);
extern unsigned int memihash(const void *buf, size_t len);
static inline unsigned int sha1hash(const unsigned char *sha1)
* Equivalent to 'return *(unsigned int *)sha1;', but safe on
* platforms that don't support unaligned reads.
unsigned int hash;
memcpy(&hash, sha1, sizeof(hash));
return hash;
/* data structures */
struct hashmap_entry {
struct hashmap_entry *next;
unsigned int hash;
typedef int (*hashmap_cmp_fn)(const void *entry, const void *entry_or_key,
const void *keydata);
struct hashmap {
struct hashmap_entry **table;
hashmap_cmp_fn cmpfn;
unsigned int size, tablesize, grow_at, shrink_at;
struct hashmap_iter {
struct hashmap *map;
struct hashmap_entry *next;
unsigned int tablepos;
/* hashmap functions */
extern void hashmap_init(struct hashmap *map, hashmap_cmp_fn equals_function,
size_t initial_size);
extern void hashmap_free(struct hashmap *map, int free_entries);
/* hashmap_entry functions */
static inline void hashmap_entry_init(void *entry, unsigned int hash)
struct hashmap_entry *e = entry;
e->hash = hash;
e->next = NULL;
extern void *hashmap_get(const struct hashmap *map, const void *key,
const void *keydata);
extern void *hashmap_get_next(const struct hashmap *map, const void *entry);
extern void hashmap_add(struct hashmap *map, void *entry);
extern void *hashmap_put(struct hashmap *map, void *entry);
extern void *hashmap_remove(struct hashmap *map, const void *key,
const void *keydata);
static inline void *hashmap_get_from_hash(const struct hashmap *map,
unsigned int hash, const void *keydata)
struct hashmap_entry key;
hashmap_entry_init(&key, hash);
return hashmap_get(map, &key, keydata);
/* hashmap_iter functions */
extern void hashmap_iter_init(struct hashmap *map, struct hashmap_iter *iter);
extern void *hashmap_iter_next(struct hashmap_iter *iter);
static inline void *hashmap_iter_first(struct hashmap *map,
struct hashmap_iter *iter)
hashmap_iter_init(map, iter);
return hashmap_iter_next(iter);
/* string interning */
extern const void *memintern(const void *data, size_t len);
static inline const char *strintern(const char *string)
return memintern(string, strlen(string));