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ver 0.11:
Fix issue with handling EPOLLHUP and EPOLLERR in IO watch.
Fix issue with closing of the fd inside IO watch handlers.
Fix issue with initialization of struct keyctl_dh_params.
ver 0.10:
Fix issue with verifying total length of certificates.
Fix issue with loading v2 and v3 formatted hwdb.bin files.
ver 0.9:
Fix issue with D-Bus subpath comparisons in object tree walk.
Fix issue with D-Bus InterfacesAdded on new ObjectManager addition.
ver 0.8:
Fix issue with missing filesystem watch notifications.
Fix issue with buffer overrun and PBKDF2 support.
Add support for string argument parsing.
ver 0.7:
Fix issue with generic netlink message sizes.
Add support for filesystem watch functionality.
ver 0.6:
Fix issue with TLS failure handling.
Fix issue with loading empty settings file.
ver 0.5:
Fix issue with missing exported debug symbols.
Add support for DHCP client library.
ver 0.4:
Fix issue with propagate AEAD cipher failures.
Fix issue with AAD length and AEAD result reads.
ver 0.3:
Fix issue with IO handling and re-entrancy.
Add support for D-Bus client proxy interface.
ver 0.2:
Add support for mainloop integration functions.
Add support for PKCS#5 key derivation functions.
Add support for additional checksum and cipher types.
ver 0.1:
Initial public release.