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Submitting patches
If you fixed a bug or you want to add support for something, patches are
welcome! In order to ease the inclusion of your patch, it's important to follow
some rules, otherwise it will likely be rejected by maintainers.
ell rules for submitting patches follow most of the rules used by Linux kernel
with some remarks:
1) Do *not* add "Signed-off-by" lines in your commit messages. ell does not
use them, so including them is actually an error.
2) Be sure to follow the coding style rules of ell. They are listed in
3) Split your patch according to the top-level directories. E.g.: if you added
a feature that touches files under 'unit/', 'src/' and 'doc/'
directories, split in three separated patches. Care should be taken to
structure patches in such a way as to not break compilation. The patches
should be split even if breaking the compilation is unavoidable.
4) The commit message should follow 50/72 formatting which means the header
should be limited to 50 characters and the description should be wrapped at 72
characters except if it contains quoted information from debug tools like
backtraces, compiler errors, etc.