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ver 0.50:
Fix issue with D-Bus use-after-free crash when removing objects.
Fix issue with DHCP lease expiry based on frame reception times.
ver 0.49:
Fix issue with multiple offers from the same DHCP server.
Fix issue with Base64 decoding and bytes consumed validation.
ver 0.48:
Fix issue with memory leaking from ICMPv6 RA.
ver 0.47:
Fix issue with memory leaking from DHCP leases.
Fix issue with NULL terminating of Base64 encoding.
ver 0.46:
Fix issue with DHCP server when OPTION_ROUTER is not configured.
Fix issue with DHCP obtained lease to retrieve it properly.
ver 0.45:
Fix issue with ICMPv6 and handling re-entrantly callbacks.
ver 0.44:
Fix issue with allowing zero byte input for AEAD cipher.
Fix issue with filling in DNS info in DHCP lease objects.
Add support neighbor discovery utility helpers.
ver 0.43:
Add support for DHCP Rapid Commit feature.
Add support for DHCP authoritative mode feature.
ver 0.42:
Add support for constant time security functions.
Add support for manipulating DHCP leases.
ver 0.41:
Fix issue with endianness of DHCP packets.
Fix issue with lease handling of the DHCP server.
ver 0.40:
Fix issue with handling failure from missing CA certificates.
Fix issue with handling DBus.Introspectable queries.
ver 0.39:
Add support for serialized test execution framework.
ver 0.38:
Fix issue with DHCP v6 Rapid Commit option check.
Fix issue with handling RFC8018/RFC1423 padding.
ver 0.37:
Fix issue with D-Bus filter messages with no interfaces set.
Add support for PKCS#12 certification loading.
ver 0.36:
Fix issue with strict netlink attribute validation.
Fix issue with DUID generation for DHCPv6.
Add support for Address Conflict Detection.
Add support for PKCS#12 algorithms handling.
Add support for PKCS#12 key derivation algorithm.
Add support for RC2 and ARC4 cipher suites.
ver 0.35:
Fix issue with declaration of exported symbols.
ver 0.34:
Add support for DHCP v6 Rapid Commit.
Add support for ICMP v6 implementation.
Add support for PKCS#1 formatted private keys.
ver 0.33:
Fix issue with uintset and number of bytes copied.
Fix issue with overflow in DHCP lease T2 computation.
Fix issue with side channel leak in l_ecc_scalar_new.
Fix issue with missing MSG_MORE in l_cipher_set_iv.
Add support for DHCP v6 client implementation.
Remove support for ARC4 and RC4 cipher suites.
ver 0.32:
Fix issue with handling D-Bus watch removal.
ver 0.31:
Fix issue with verification of the second certificate in chain.
Fix issue with handling trusted CA matching in verification.
ver 0.30:
Fix issue with missing export of RTNL helper functions.
ver 0.29:
Fix issue with time overflow on 32-bit systems.
Add support for RTNL helper functionality.
ver 0.28:
Fix issue with NULL check of D-Bus proxy for method calls.
Add support for emitting D-Bus property changes on demand.
Add support for reporting file attribute changes.
ver 0.27:
Fix issue with data overflow and multiple PEMs.
Fix issue with handling DHCP lease expiration.
ver 0.26:
Fix issue with memory leak and TLS certificates.
Fix issue with buffer size and TLS PRF handling.
Add support for D-Bus non-root ObjectManager.
ver 0.25:
Fix issue with stopping DHCP client and owner notification.
Fix issue with time calculation overflow and DHCP.
ver 0.24:
Add support for extended groups in settings files.
ver 0.23:
Add support for checking if uintset is empty.
ver 0.22:
Fix issue with DHCP and T1 timeout handling.
Fix issue with escape characters in peer identity string.
Add support for setting peer certificate's subject CN mask.
ver 0.21:
Fix issue with resetting DHCP lease on client stop.
Add support for GPIO helper functionality.
ver 0.20:
Fix issue with DHCP client and handling renewing state.
Fix issue with DHCP client and handling rebinding state.
Fix issue with DHCP client and recommended retry timeouts.
Fix issue with Generic Netlink and family discovery.
ver 0.19:
Fix issue with termination of Generic Netlink names.
Fix issue with handling ECC scalar initialization.
ver 0.18:
Fix issue with handling revocation of keys.
Add support for TLS Signature Algorithms extension.
Add support for TLS version range configuration.
Add support for time utility functions.
ver 0.17:
Add support for TLS Supported Groups extension.
Add support for TLS Hello extension feature.
Add support for ECC and ECDH functionality.
ver 0.16:
Add support for watchdog notification handling from systemd.
Add support for generic X.509 certificate utilities.
Add support for using AEAD ciphers for TLS.
ver 0.15:
Fix issue with signals not being registered properly.
ver 0.14:
Fix issue with supporting l_genl_family_set_unicast_handler.
Fix issue with utilizing single shared signalfd file descriptor.
ver 0.13:
Fix issue with using -std=c99 compiler option.
Fix issue with return value of l_getrandom_is_supported.
ver 0.12:
Fix issue with unexported public API symbols.
Fix issue with handling netlink error return values.
Fix issue with handling hashmap removing of last entry.
Fix issue with handling zero-length secret for PRF.
Add support for directory watch interface.
ver 0.11:
Fix issue with handling EPOLLHUP and EPOLLERR in IO watch.
Fix issue with closing of the fd inside IO watch handlers.
Fix issue with initialization of struct keyctl_dh_params.
ver 0.10:
Fix issue with verifying total length of certificates.
Fix issue with loading v2 and v3 formatted hwdb.bin files.
ver 0.9:
Fix issue with D-Bus subpath comparisons in object tree walk.
Fix issue with D-Bus InterfacesAdded on new ObjectManager addition.
ver 0.8:
Fix issue with missing filesystem watch notifications.
Fix issue with buffer overrun and PBKDF2 support.
Add support for string argument parsing.
ver 0.7:
Fix issue with generic netlink message sizes.
Add support for filesystem watch functionality.
ver 0.6:
Fix issue with TLS failure handling.
Fix issue with loading empty settings file.
ver 0.5:
Fix issue with missing exported debug symbols.
Add support for DHCP client library.
ver 0.4:
Fix issue with propagate AEAD cipher failures.
Fix issue with AAD length and AEAD result reads.
ver 0.3:
Fix issue with IO handling and re-entrancy.
Add support for D-Bus client proxy interface.
ver 0.2:
Add support for mainloop integration functions.
Add support for PKCS#5 key derivation functions.
Add support for additional checksum and cipher types.
ver 0.1:
Initial public release.