Fix memory leak in response handler

A temporarily allocated buffer which is used to pass data from libraw1394's
event loop to the Address Range Mapping callback was never freed.
This was pointed out by the following valgrind trace:

3067120 (3066560 direct, 560 indirect) bytes in 10952 blocks are definitely lost in loss record 36 of 36
at 0x4029F6F : malloc ()
by 0x405B1B5 : ??? (in usr/lib/
by 0x405B492 : ??? (in usr/lib/
by 0x405BF24 : fw_loop_iterate (in usr/lib/
by 0x405C197 : ??? (in usr/lib/
by 0x405D6F8 : fw_write (in usr/lib/
by 0x405A292 : raw1394_write (in usr/lib/
by 0x805A0F2 : main (main.cpp:121)

Signed-off-by: Stefan Richter <>
1 file changed