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libraw1394 Release Notes
Version 2.0.4:
- Fix build due to incomplete tarball.
Version 2.0.3:
- various bug fixes, in particular for firewire stack
Version 2.0.2:
- Fixed license headers on new files introduced in v2.0.0 to be consistent
with LGPL v2.1.
Version 2.0.1:
- Optimized usage of /dev/fw? nodes based upon user permissions.
- many good bugfixes
Version 2.0.0:
- added support for new firewire subsystem.
- removed deprecated isochronous functions.
Version 1.3.0:
- added raw1394_read_cycle_timer() as used by FFADO project.
- added support for environment variable RAW1394DEV to override default
device node /dev/raw1394.
- added --with-valgrind to configure script.
- other optimizations and bugfixes - see ChangeLog.
Version 1.2.1:
- generate compiler warnings on deprecated functions (legacy isochronous).
- bugfixes and optimizations.
Version 1.2.0:
- added constants useful for ARM: transaction and response return codes.
- added raw1394_bandwidth_modify() and raw1394_channel_modify().
Version 1.1.0:
- added ability to specify the isochronous receive mode in the new
rawiso (raw1394_iso_*) API. Therefore, the signature of
raw1394_iso_recv_init() changed, and likewise, the libtool/.so version
numbers changed to reflect a new interface that is not backwards compatible!
- added raw1394_arm_set_buf() and raw1394_arm_get_buf() functions.
- added raw1394_new_handle_on_port() to make initialization simpler.
- make versioning consistent and updated. 1.0.0 was reported by pkg-config in
0.10 series; hence, 1.1.0 in this release.
- removed outdated, bogus "linking required only" version symbols in
version.c - use pkg-config now.
- dropped libraw1394.m4 - use pkg-config now.
- added RPM spec file.
- deprecate old isochronous API.
- move API comment documentation to header and reformat header comments as
kernel-doc (use linux/scripts/kernel-doc to extract and format them).
- updated tools/dumpiso and tools/sendiso to new isochronous API.
Version 0.10:
- merged in the rawiso branch
- add sendiso and dumpiso tools with man files
- fix wrong error mapping on local transactions in raw1394_errcode_to_errno().
- added comment headers for most exported functions
- merged in weihs branch which brings new functionality including address
range mapping, reading and writing configROM images, additional bus reset
handling, and others.
Version 0.9:
- error reporting reworked to be more C library style; functions affected are
mainly raw1394_read(), raw1394_write(), raw1394_lock;
Source incompatibility! Parts need to be adapted in application code, but
it's well worth it.
- the generation number is not unconditionally updated on bus reset in the event
loop anymore, the new function raw1394_update_generation() has to be used
(unless the default bus reset handler is used) so that transactions won't fail
- iso handlers used to get the iso header quadlet in host endian, now they get
it in big endian like the rest of the packet for consistency
- testlibraw gets installed now, man page also included
- (not yet complete) documentation in Docbook format included
- libraw1394.m4 autoconf macro added
Version 0.8:
- added libraw1394/ieee1394.h with useful defines (especially ack and rcodes)
- function to query isochronous resource manager ID
- functions for isochronous sending
- new raw1394_reset_bus() function to reset the bus
Version 0.7:
- added support for environments where the kernel runs in 64 bit mode whereas
user space runs in 32 bit mode
- fixed lock transaction to actually return the required response; these
functions are actually useful now, prototypes for raw1394_start_lock and
raw1394_lock changed
- a void pointer can now be stored as user data with a handle
Version 0.6:
- FCP monitoring added
- not really libraw1394 news: the subsystem doesn't swap data anymore,
everything is to be kept big endian now on all architectures
Version 0.5:
- there are now separate iso handlers for each channel
Version 0.4:
- isochronous receive support
Version 0.3:
- first release of new libraw1394 for new raw1394 driver
- supports 1394 async reads/writes
- maintainer: Andreas Bombe <>