Initialize reserved attributes in modify QP command

Initialize the reserved attributes in modify QP command to eliminate
valgrind warnings like:

==23549== Syscall param write(buf) points to uninitialised byte(s)
==23549==    at 0x316B1B933F: (within /lib64/tls/
==23549==    by 0x4A33AF7: ibv_cmd_modify_qp (cmd.c:782)
==23549==    by 0x4F860D8: mlx4_modify_qp (verbs.c:480)
==23549==    by 0x4A37A53: ibv_modify_qp@@IBVERBS_1.1 (verbs.c:441)
==23549==    by 0x40972E: qp_reset_to_rtr (mr_test_fun.c:1189)
==23549==    by 0x403AFC: mr_test_connect_qp (mr_test.c:232)
==23549==    by 0x404956: do_test (mr_test.c:85)
==23549==    by 0x402DF8: main (main.c:448)
==23549==  Address 0x7FEFFF2AE is on thread 1's stack

Signed-off-by: Dotan Barak <>
Signed-off-by: Roland Dreier <>
(cherry picked from commit d5052fa0bf8180be9edf1c4c1c014dde01f8a4dd)
1 file changed