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.\" -*- nroff -*-
.TH IBV_QUERY_PKEY 3 2006-10-31 libibverbs "Libibverbs Programmer's Manual"
ibv_query_pkey \- query an InfiniBand port's P_Key table
.B #include <infiniband/verbs.h>
.BI "int ibv_query_pkey(struct ibv_context " "*context" ", uint8_t " "port_num" ,
.BI " int " "index" ", uint16_t " "*pkey" ");
.B ibv_query_pkey()
returns the P_Key value (in network byte order) in entry
.I index
of port
.I port_num
for device context
.I context
through the pointer
.I pkey\fR.
.B ibv_query_pkey()
returns 0 on success, and \-1 on error.
.BR ibv_open_device (3),
.BR ibv_query_device (3),
.BR ibv_query_port (3),
.BR ibv_query_gid (3)
Dotan Barak <>