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.\" -*- nroff -*-
.TH IBV_REQ_NOTIFY_CQ 3 2006-10-31 libibverbs "Libibverbs Programmer's Manual"
ibv_req_notify_cq \- request completion notification on a completion queue (CQ)
.B #include <infiniband/verbs.h>
.BI "int ibv_req_notify_cq(struct ibv_cq " "*cq" ", int " "solicited_only" ");
.B ibv_req_notify_cq()
requests a completion notification on the completion queue (CQ)
.I cq\fR.
Upon the addition of a new CQ entry (CQE) to
.I cq\fR,
a completion event will be added to the completion channel associated
with the CQ.
If the argument
.I solicited_only
is zero, a completion event is generated for any new CQE. If
.I solicited_only
is non\-zero, an event is only generated for a new CQE with that is
considered "solicited." A CQE is solicited if it is a receive
completion for a message with the Solicited Event header bit set, or
if the status is not successful. All other successful receive
completions, or any successful send completion is unsolicited.
returns 0 on success, or the value of errno on failure (which indicates the failure reason).
The request for notification is "one shot." Only one completion event
will be generated for each call to
.B ibv_req_notify_cq()\fR.
.BR ibv_create_comp_channel (3),
.BR ibv_create_cq (3),
.BR ibv_get_cq_event (3)
Dotan Barak <>