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# Makefile for libcap
topdir=$(shell pwd)
include Make.Rules
# flags
all test sudotest install clean: %: %-here
$(MAKE) -C libcap $@
ifneq ($(PAM_CAP),no)
$(MAKE) -C pam_cap $@
ifeq ($(GOLANG),yes)
$(MAKE) -C go $@
rm -f cap/go.sum
$(MAKE) -C tests $@
$(MAKE) -C progs $@
$(MAKE) -C doc $@
distclean: clean
@echo "CONFIRM Go package cap has right version dependency on cap/psx:"
for x in $$(find . -name go.mod); do $(BUILD_FGREP) -v "module" $$x | $(BUILD_FGREP) "" > /dev/null || continue ; $(BUILD_FGREP) "v$(GOMAJOR).$(VERSION).$(MINOR)" $$x > /dev/null && continue ; echo "$$x is not updated. Try running: ./ v$(GOMAJOR).$(VERSION).$(MINOR)" ; exit 1 ; done
@echo "ALL go.mod files updated"
@echo "Now validate that everything is checked in to a clean tree.."
test -z "$$(git status --ignored -s)"
@echo "All good!"
release: distclean
cd .. && ln -s libcap libcap-$(VERSION).$(MINOR) && tar cvf libcap-$(VERSION).$(MINOR).tar --exclude patches libcap-$(VERSION).$(MINOR)/* && rm libcap-$(VERSION).$(MINOR)
ktest: all
$(MAKE) -C kdebug test
$(MAKE) DYNAMIC=no COPTS="-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -O1 -g" clean test
$(MAKE) DYNAMIC=yes clean all test sudotest
$(MAKE) DYNAMIC=no COPTS="-O2 -std=c89" clean all test sudotest
$(MAKE) PAM_CAP=no CC=musl-gcc clean all test sudotest
$(MAKE) CC=clang clean all test sudotest
$(MAKE) clean all test sudotest
$(MAKE) distclean
@echo "Now the release is made, you want to remember to run one of:"
@echo " GOPROXY= GO111MODULE=on go get$(GOMAJOR).$(VERSION).$(MINOR)"
@echo or press the request button on this page:
@echo "$(GOMAJOR).$(VERSION).$(MINOR)"
@echo "This will cause a documentation update."
morganrelease: distcheck
@echo "sign the main library tag twice: older DSA key; and newer RSA ( key"
git tag -u D41A6DF2 -s libcap-$(VERSION).$(MINOR) -m "This is libcap-$(VERSION).$(MINOR)"
git tag -u E2CCF3F4 -s libcap-korg-$(VERSION).$(MINOR) -m "This is libcap-$(VERSION).$(MINOR)"
@echo "The following are for the Go module tracking."
git tag -u D41A6DF2 -s v$(GOMAJOR).$(VERSION).$(MINOR) -m "This is the version tag for the 'libcap' Go base directory associated with libcap-$(VERSION).$(MINOR)."
git tag -u D41A6DF2 -s psx/v$(GOMAJOR).$(VERSION).$(MINOR) -m "This is the (stable) version tag for the 'psx' Go package associated with libcap-$(VERSION).$(MINOR)."
git tag -u D41A6DF2 -s cap/v$(GOMAJOR).$(VERSION).$(MINOR) -m "This is the (stable) version tag for the 'cap' Go package associated with libcap-$(VERSION).$(MINOR)."
$(MAKE) release
@echo "sign the tar file using korg key"
cd .. && gpg -sba -u E2CCF3F4 libcap-$(VERSION).$(MINOR).tar
$(MAKE) morgangodoc