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This is a library for getting and setting POSIX.1e (formerly POSIX 6)
draft 15 capabilities.
Natively supported languages are C/C++ and Go.
This library would not have been possible without the help of
Aleph1, Roland Buresund and Andrew Main, Alexander Kjeldaas.
More information on capabilities in the Linux kernel, links to the
official git repository for libcap, release notes and how to report
bugs can be found at:
The primary upstream git repository is this one:
$ make
builds the library and the programs that are expected to work
on your system. For example, if you have Linux-PAM installed,
pam_cap is built. A golang installation is required to build
the Go packages.
$ make test
runs all of the tests not requiring privilege
$ make sudotest
runs all of the tests including those that require privilege.
$ sudo make install
default installs the library libcap.XX.Y in /lib[64]/
the binaries in /sbin/
the header files in /usr/include
the {libcap,libpsx}.pc files in /usr/lib[64]/pkgconfig
the Go packages (if built) under /usr/share/gocode/src
For some example C programs look in the progs/ directory.
Specifically, capsh, getpcaps, setcap and getcap. There are some C
tests in the tests/ directory.
Go example programs are to be found in the goapps/ directory. There
are also some more complicated integration tests in the go/ directory.
There are also some oddball experimental things in the contrib/
directory, but they are mostly curiosities.
Andrew G. Morgan <>