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// +build !go1.10
package cap
import "syscall"
// LaunchSupported indicates that is safe to return from a locked OS
// Thread and have that OS Thread be terminated by the runtime. The
// Launch functionality really needs to rely on the fact that an
// excess of runtime.LockOSThread() vs. runtime.UnlockOSThread() calls
// in a returning go routine will cause the underlying locked OSThread
// to terminate. That feature was added to the Go runtime in version
// 1.10.
// See these bugs for the discussion and feature assumed by the code
// in this Launch() functionality:
// A value of false for this constant causes the Launch functionality
// to fail with an error: cap.ErrNoLaunch. If this value is false you
// have two choices with respect to the Launch functionality:
// 1) don't use cap.(*Launcher).Launch()
// 2) upgrade your Go toolchain to 1.10+ (ie., do this one).
const LaunchSupported = false
// validatePA confirms that the pa.Sys entry is not incompatible with
// Launch.
func validatePA(pa *syscall.ProcAttr, chroot string) (bool, error) {
return false, ErrNoLaunch