This directory contains a port of the SimplePAMApp su to more aggressively use libcap.

The Makefile builds a binary called su that registers with PAM as the application sucap. We've provided a sample /etc/pam.d/sucap file in this directory named sucap.pamconfig.

The point of developing this is to better test the full libcap implementation, and to also provide a non-setuid-root worked example for testing PAM interaction with libcap and The expectations for are that it includes this commit:

The original sources were found here:

The SimplePAMApps contain the same License as libcap (they were originally started by the same authors!). The credited Authors in the above tarball were:

  • Andrew [G.] Morgan
  • Andrey V. Savochkin
  • Alexei V. Galatenko

The code in this present directory is freely adapted from the above tar ball and is thus a derived work from that.

NOTE As of the time of writing, this adaptation is likely rife with bugs.

Finally, Andrew would like to apologize to Andrey for removing all of the config support he worked to add all those decades ago..! I just wanted to make a quick tester for a potential workaround for this pam_cap issue:

Andrew G. Morgan 2021-06-30