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Summary of changes from v172 to v173
Allin Cottrell (1):
configure: allow to disable mtd_probe
Kay Sievers (15):
make: fix 'make tar-sync'
udevd: use 'uptime' in debug timestamp
udevd: fix (recently) broken static node permission setting
rules: mount fuse filesystem only 'add'
udevadm: move udevadm command descriptions into their files
udev-acl: skip ACLs when systemd is running, disable by default
do not delete database when renaming netif, the db name does not change anymore
do not allow kernel properties to be set by udev rules
configure: reorder options
rules: input - do not create (broken) links for bluetooth devices
rules: serial - do not export ID_PORT, use ID_USB_INTERFACE_NUM
rules: sound - instead of ID_IFACE use standard ID_USB_INTERFACE_NUM
keymap: do not run usb_id for bluetooth devices
udevadm: trigger --type=failed - log deprecation warning
udevd: debug - put timestamp in []
Martin Pitt (4):
gudev: Ship JavaScript examples
scsi_id: Ship README
Remove obsolete extras/scsi_id/scsi_id.config
keymap: Only run on key devices
Summary of changes from v171 to v172
Bastien Nocera (3):
accelerometer: add orientation property
udev-acl: fix memleak
accelerometer: add documentation
Harald Hoyer (2):
udevadm-*.c: return != 0, if unknown option given
udev/udevadm-monitor.c: fixed misplaced brace
Kay Sievers (33):
rules: apply 'audio' group of the static snd/{seq,timer} nodes
Makefile: add tar-sync
rules: static_node - use 0660 if group is given to get the cigar use print()
make: use 'git tag'
rules: run input_id for main input devices too
update TODO
cdrom_id: add tray lock and eject handling
rules: enable in-kernel media-presence polling
update TODO
delete mobile-action-modeswitch which has moved to usb_modeswitch
libudev: enumerate - scan /sys/module
rules: move polling rule above 'block' match
libudev: monitor - update doc
rules: set polling value only if it is disabled
libudev: device - fix udev_device_get_tags_list_entry() to always load database
rules: remove redundant MODE="0664" from lp rules
rules: fix wrong wildcard match, we always need a ':*' at the end
libudev: device - export udev_device_has_tag()
path_id: add missing '-' to tape suffix
path_id: add ID_PATH_TAG= to be used in udev tags
enforce valid TAG+= names
update TODO
libudev: device - add udev_device_has_tag() to libudev.h and gtk-doc
libudev: enumerate - add udev_enumerate_add_match_parent()
libudev: enumerate - include parent device itself with match_parent()
libudev: enumerate - clarify documentation
path_id: recognize ACPI parent devices
rules: input - call path_id for ACPI devices
udevadm: monitor - use uptime to match the kernel's timestamp
libudev: ctrl - move code to udev directory
update sd-daemon.[ch]
Keshav P.R (1):
rules: support for gpt partition uuid/label
Lee, Chun-Yi (1):
Support more MSI notebook by using asterisk on dmi vendor name
Marco d'Itri (1):
Add missing commas to 95-keymap.rules
Martin Pitt (3):
keymap: Add Microsoft Natural Keyboard
keymap: Add force-release quirk for Hannspree SN10.
keymap: Add slight name variations of Toshiba Satellites
Peter Jones (1):
ata_id: show the error message when HDIO_GET_IDENTITY fails
Summary of changes from v170 to v171
Kay Sievers (17):
libudev: export symbols explicitely and individually from C code not from separate file or prefix match
libudev: device - make a bunch of symbols static
systemd: Replace Requires= with Wants=, run trigger in parallel
systemd: sort trigger after socket
systemd: trigger - run after udev.service (for now)
systemd: set socket buffer size to 128 MB like udev has
update TODO
update TODO
libudev: monitor - use SOCK_NONBLOCK
systemd: split socket file
systemd: add missing socket files
rules: fix whitespace
rules: implement TAGS== match
libudev: enumerate - do not ignore other matches when add_match_tag() is used
rules: support substitutions in TAG=
path_id: allow to be asked about usb_devices not only usb_interfaces
systemd: run udev.service and udev-trigger.service in parallel
Scott James Remnant (1):
configure: allow usb.ids location to be specified
Summary of changes from v169 to v170
Kay Sievers (1):
libudev: ctrl - properly wait for incoming message after connect
Michal Soltys (1): fixes for rule_generator and modeswitch
Summary of changes from v168 to v169
Kay Sievers (26):
simplify rules file overwrite logic
libudev: list - use bit flags for 'sort' and 'unique'
libudev: queue - _unref() should return the object
remove dead fstab_import files
hid2hci: prepare move to bluez package
set event timeout to 60 sec and settle timeout to 120
udevd: improve error message in case exec() fails
configure: allow to enable/disable extras individually
delete hid2hci which moved to the bluez tree
update TODO/NEWS
bump requirement to Linux kernel 2.6.32 and ARM 2.6.36
libudev: ctrl - log accept4() errors
update NEWS
update INSTALL, NEWS, configure comment, queue doc
update TODO
udevd: create queue file before daemonizing to reliably block 'settle'
udevd: remove left-over SIGALRM
gudev: silent gtk-doc warnings
cdrom_id: remove unused --export switch to silent gcc
libudev: queue - always rebuild queue file when nothing is queued anymore
libudev: device - use DEVMODE from kernel as the default mode
update TODO
Merge branch 'docs/udev.xml' of git://
build: use --gc-sections, -fvisibility=hidden
udevadm: settle: wake up more often if --seq-start= or --exit-if-exists= is used
Koen Kooi (1):
configure: reintroduce introspection flags to fix crosscompilation
Michael Witten (36):
Docs: udev.xml: Offset daemon name with commas
Docs: udev.xml: Remove commas (and unnecessary repetition)
Docs: udev.xml: `are' -> `is'; the subject is `Access'
Docs: udev.xml: Use present tense
Docs: udev.xml: Clarification through proper wording
Docs: udev.xml: `,' -> `;'
Docs: udev.xml: `key value' -> `key-value'
Docs: udev.xml: `,' -> `:'
Docs: udev.xml: Use `assignment' consistently
Docs: udev.xml: `comma-separated' is a better description
Docs: udev.xml: Remove unnecessary repitition
Docs: udev.xml: Add a few more words for context
Docs: udev.xml: Use `unless' for clarity
Docs: udev.xml: Clarify PROGRAM key
Docs: udev.xml: `a shell style' -> `shell-style'
Docs: udev.xml: Clean `*' description
Docs: udev.xml: Clean character range description
Docs: udev.xml: Clean up description of NAME assignment key
Docs: udev.xml: Clean up description of SYMLINK assignment key
Docs: udev.xml: Clean up description of ENV assignment key
Docs: udev.xml: Clean up description of RUN assignment key
Docs: udev.xml: Clean up description of LABEL assignment key
Docs: udev.xml: Add missing `.'
Docs: udev.xml: `which' -> `content of which'
Docs: udev.xml: `commandline' -> `command line'
Docs: udev.xml: Clean up WAIT_FOR description
Docs: udev.xml: `a' -> `the'
Docs: udev.xml: Clean up introduction to substitutions.
Docs: udev.xml: Use normal sentence structure
Docs: udev.xml: Actually make a separate paragraph
Docs: udev.xml: Add comma
Docs: udev.xml: `char' -> `character'
Docs: udev.xml: `comma-separated' is a better description
Docs: udev.xml: Clarify through a change in word ordering
Docs: udev.xml: Improved word order
Docs: udev.xml: Fix dangling modifier
Nix (1):
libudev: queue - accept NULL passed into udev_queue_export_cleanup()
Summary of changes from v167 to v168
David Zeuthen (1):
Run ata_id on non-removable USB devices
Harald Hoyer (1):
udevd: clarify worker exit status
Kay Sievers (35):
version bump
systemd: let settle depend on trigger, do not block basic with trigger
selinux: do not label files in runtime dir
selinux: firmware - do not label files in runtime dir
udevadm: control - add --exit
trivial cleanups
udevd: log warning if /run is not writable
libudev: ctrl - fix refcounting in connection handling
udevadm: settle - watch queue file
libudev: bump revision
udevadm: info --cleanup-db
udevd: do not nice processes
"db_persist=" -> "db_persist"
udevd: move OOM disable into --daemon option
systemd: add OOMScoreAdjust=-1000
require explicit "db_persist" to exclude device info from --db-cleanup
udevd: get netlink socket from systemd
fix more warnings
libudev: ctrl, monitor - use SOCK_NONBLOCK
systemd: socket -> sockets
udevadm: monitor - use epoll
libudev: test - use epoll
udevadm: test - use printf() instead of info() for non-debug output
use 'else if' in epoll event array loop
libudev: run_program() - select() -> epoll
udevd: ppoll() -> epoll + signalfd
Merge branch 'docs/README' of git://
timeout handling without alarm()
udevadm: settle - kill alarm()
udevd: netif rename - use ifindex for temporary name
udevd: always use udevd[] log prefix
udevd: rules files - accept empty or /dev/null links
udevd: log signal number when spawned processes fail
systemd: Reqires= -> Wants=udev.socket
udevd, udev-event: sync waitpid() error handling
Lee, Chun-Yi (1):
Add rule for Acer Aspire One ZG8 to use acer-aspire_5720 keymap
Leonid Antonenkov (1):
rule-generator: net - ignore Hyper-V virtual interfaces
Martin Pitt (3):
Revert "Do not build extras with --disable-extras"
Avoid spinning up CD on pressing eject button
keymap: Another ID for Logitech Wave keyboard
Michael Reed (1):
path_id: rework SAS device handling
Michael Witten (12):
Docs: README: `to replace' -> `replacing'
Docs: README: `,' -> `;'
Docs: README: Clean up a sentence
Docs: README: Use present tense
Docs: README: Add missing `and'
Docs: README: Remove commas and use subjective mood
Docs: README: Clean up `udev extras' requirements
Docs: README: Clarify configuration of existing devices
Docs: README: `does never apply' -> `never applies'
Docs: README: Flip sentence structure to improve wording
Docs: README: `set up' is the verb; `setup' is a noun
Docs: README: Add a comma to offset the modifier
Seth Forshee (1):
keymap: Support Dell Latitude XT2 tablet-mode navigation keys
Thomas Egerer (1):
udevd: add 'N:' to optstring in getopt_long
Summary of changes from v166 to v167
Andrey Borzenkov (1):
udev-acl: add /dev/sgX nodes for CD-ROM
David Zeuthen (1):
cdrom_id: Don't ignore profiles when there is no media available
Harald Hoyer (2):
cdrom_id: cd_media_toc() extend toc size to 65536
udev-acl/70-acl.rules: tag ID_REMOTE_CONTROL with acl
Kay Sievers (29):
version bump
Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
v4l_id: kill the v4l1 ioctl
v4l_id: remove left-over variable
update some comments
test-libudev: add short options
libudev: udev_device_get_sysattr_list_entry() update
libudev: resolve ifindex in udev_device_new_from_id_filename()
libudev: bump minor version
udev-acl: move sg rule to optical drive rule
move /dev/.udev/ to /dev/.run/udev/ and convert old udev database at udevd startup
NEWS: clarify /dev/.run/ requirements
input_id: silent gcc warnings
fstab_import: disable build
systemd: remove deprecated udev-retry.service
fstab_import: remove from configure
update sd-daemon.[ch]
udevd: use facility == LOG_DAEMON when writing to /dev/kmsg
udevd: initialize fds, for proper close() on exit
use /run/udev/ if possible and fall back to /dev/.udev/
rules: run ata_id only on SPC-3 or later optical drives
systemd: bind udev control socket in systemd and split udev.service
systemd: use not
man: remove trigger --type=failed handling
libudev: export udev_get_run_path()
libudev: docs - add udev_get_run_path()
libudev: make valgrind happy
systemd: do not enable udev-settle.service by default
systemd: udev.socket - disable implicit dependencies
Kei Tokunaga (1):
udevadm: enumerate - update prev pointer properly
Lee, Chun-Yi (2):
Remap Acer WMI touchpad toggle key to F21 used by X
Remap MSI Laptop touchpad on/off key to F22 and F23
Martin Pitt (12):
60-persistent-input.rules: Support multiple interfaces
Only build v4l_id if V4L1 header file is available
60-persistent-input.rules: Do not create duplicate links
Fix building with --disable-extras
Do not build extras with --disable-extras
v4l_id: Drop videodev.h check again
keymap: Fix Acer Aspire 5920G media key
input_id: Consistently use tabs for indentation
input_id: Add some debugging output
input_id: Avoid memory overflow with too long capability masks
input_id: Cover key devices which only have KEY_* > 255
input_id: Rewrite debug logging to use standard udev info()
Seth Forshee (1):
keymap: continue reading keymap after invalid scancodes
Thomas Egerer (3):
libudev: allow to get list of all available sysfs attrs for a device
libudev: use sysfs attr ilist interface for attribute walk
udevadm: info - make attribute array static and const
Summary of changes from v165 to v166
Chris Bagwell (1):
Remap Eee PC touchpad toggle key to F21 used by X
Gerd Hoffmann (1):
extras: add rules for qemu guests
Jürgen Kaiser (1):
keymap: Add Acer Aspire 8930
Kay Sievers (7):
version bump
man: generate html pages for
man: fix typo
make: fix qemu rules file name
extras: qemu - fix typo
ata_id: do not print empty serial numbers to avoid unwanted trailing '_'
update gitignore
Martin Pitt (6):
keymap: Add Acer TravelMate C310
keymap: Update README.keymap.txt
keymap: Add Lenovo ThinkPad X201 tablet
keymap: Move reading of event in separate function
keymap: More robust state machine
keymap: Explain how to end the program
Matthew Garrett (1):
keymap: Remove wlan from Dell
Summary of changes from v164 to v165
Andy Whitcroft (1):
keymap: Add release quirks for two Zepto Znote models and AMILO Xi 2428
Bastien Nocera (2):
keymap: Add force release for HP touchpad off
extras/keymap: Make touchpad buttons consistent
David Henningsson (1):
Add ACLs for FFADO supported sound cards
David Zeuthen (6):
ata_id: Support SG_IO version 4 interface
Run scsi_id and ata_id on the scsi_device object
Use ata_id, not scsi_id, on ATAPI devices
Add GUdevEnumerator type and Device.get_tags() method
Add g_udev_device_get_is_initialized() method
gudev: Add Device.get_usec_since_initialized
Harald Hoyer (2):
udev-rules.c: change import property buffer to 16384 bytes
70-acl.rules: add ACLs for ID_PDA devices
Jakub Wilk (1):
man: udev - workaraound -> workaround
Jan Drzewiecki (1):
cdrom_id: Fix media state for unreadable DVDs
Kay Sievers (19):
version bump
rules: 78-sound-card - remove specific hardware matches, they do not belong here
rules: drop OSS audio rule
rules: drop alsa jack-plug input devices
rules: revert bsg use until the event ordering problem is sorted out
libudev: do not overwrite path with readlink() call
udevadm: info - honor --export and --export-prefix for property query
udevadm: info - honor --export, --export-prefix=
udevd: use dev_t or netif ifindex as database key
udevd: always create /dev/{char,block}/$major:$minor
udevd: simplify udev database and fix DEVNAME handling
udevd: switch to common id_filename functions
udevd: write full database file for (unsupported) renamed device nodes
check ifindex > 0 instead of subsystem == "net"
libudev: enumerate - allow to filter-out not-already-initialized devices
libudev: fix renamed device nodes detection logic
libudev: record and export "age" of device record
gudev: bump minor version
update NEWS
Martin Pitt (5):
keymap: Add Sony Vaio VGN71
keymap: Add some more Sony Vaio VGN-* models
Add ACL for media player USB devices
keymap: Fix struck Touchpad key on Dell Latitude E series
keymap: Fix struck Touchpad key on Dell Precision M series
Michal Soltys (1):
udevd: create static nodes before /dev/null is needed
Summary of changes from v163 to v164
David Zeuthen (1):
Install in prefix / instead of prefix /usr
Harald Hoyer (1):
cdrom_id: request the drive profile features with a dynamic length
Kay Sievers (4):
version bump
udevd: do not wrongly delay events for devices with swapped names
return proper error code in rename_netif()
libudev: return kernel provided devnode when asked before we handled any rules
Martin Pitt (2):
keymap: Apply force-release rules to all Samsung models.
keymap: Add Toshiba Satellite U500
Summary of changes from v162 to v163
David Zeuthen (2):
gudev: Deliver ::uevent signal in the thread-default main loop
Bump required GLib version to 2.22
Hannes Reinecke (1):
scsi_id: export target port group
Kay Sievers (5):
version bump
scsi_id: fix compiler warnings
systemd: hook into instead of
systemd: sort before
udevd: add sd-daemon.c
Lee, Chun-Yi (1):
keymap: Add alternate MSI vendor name
Martin Pitt (8):
keymap: Add Lenovo Y550
Clarify WAIT_FOR documentation
fix various syntax errors in rules
Add automatic rules syntax check
cdrom_id: Try reading the medium if all MMC commands fail
Revert "cdrom_id: Try reading the medium if all MMC commands fail"
cdrom_id: Fall back to CDROM_DRIVE_STATUS if all MMC commands fail
cdrom_id: Don't read beyond "last track" in TOC
Torsten Schoenfeld (1):
gudev: add a few annotations that newer gobject-introspection versions demand
Summary of changes from v161 to v162
David Woodhouse (1):
Add keymap for Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3
Jan Drzewiecki (2):
cdrom_id: Fix DVD blank detection for sloppy firmware
Kay Sievers (10):
init: update systemd service files
init: update systemd service files
init: add 'udev -' to description in systemd service files
udevd: add pid to kmsg logs
init: edit systemd service descriptions
version bump
udevd: remove unneeded credential passing from init_notify()
set SELinux context on 'add' but not on 'change' events
systemd: enable all udev services unconditionally
Revert "Add alternative KVM MAC address blacklist"
Luca Tettamanti (1):
Add support for oom_score_adj
Marco d'Itri (2):
udev-acl: do not mistake all SCSI "processor" devices for scanner
do not create persistent name rules for KVM network interfaces
Martin Pitt (12):
cdrom_id: Add media status debugging
udev(7): Point out required extension, and remove some confusion
keymap: Add Onkyo PC
keymap: Add HP G60
keymap: Fix Sony VAIO VGN-SZ2HP/B
udev(7) manpage: Fix description of $attr
gudev: fix crash if netlink is not available
keymap: Fix Acer TravelMate 4720
cdrom_id: Fix DVD-RW media detection
Fix KVM MAC address range
do not create persistent name rules for VMWare network interfaces
Add alternative KVM MAC address blacklist
Michael Forney (1):
Don't install systemd scripts with --without-systemdsystemunitdir
Michal Soltys (1):
ChangeLog fix
Summary of changes from v160 to v161
Fortunato Ventre (1):
keymap: Add force-release quirks for a lot more Samsung models
Harald Hoyer (3):
udev-event.c: rename interface to <src>-<dest>, if <dest> taken
rule_generator/write_net_rules: prevent interface to be named "eth"
cdrom_id: READ TOC before READ DISC INFORMATION fixes qemu
Jan Drzewiecki (5):
cdrom_id: Fix detection of reblanked DVD+RW and DVD-RAM
cdrom_id: Handle pre-MMC2 drives
cdrom_id: Also apply format check to DVD-RW
cdrom_id: No "next session" for "other" media state
cdrom_id: Fix state for fresh DVD-RW
Jerone Young (1):
Fix volume keys not releasing on Mivvy G310
Kay Sievers (12):
version bump
rules: remove firewire rules for deprecated drivers
udev-acl: update firewire matches to recent rule changes
libudev: bump minor so version after adding symbols
call util_delete_path() only when we actually deleted stuff
udev-acl: properly handle CK change events for root user
udev-acl: remove specific device matches from the rules file
fix broken "compile warning fix"
always log error when renaming a network interface fails
do not rename the database on device rename
cdrom_id: whitespace fix
cdrom_id: do not bail out when we can not read the TOC like for empty CDRW
Marco d'Itri (3):
hid2hci: fix Logitech diNovo, MX5500 and other keyboards
log an error when a message from the wrong version of udevadm is ignored
hid2hci: fix for Logitech diNovo Edge keyboard
Martin Pitt (1):
keymap: Generalize Samsung keymaps
Michal Schmidt (1):
udev-acl: really fix ACL assignment in CK events
Richard Hughes (1):
udev-acl: add DDC_DEVICE to the types that are managed
Stefan Richter (1):
rules: add more FireWire IDs: Point Grey IIDC; AV/C + vendor unique
Yin Kangkai (7):
udevadm: fix short options in getopt()
udevd: fix some memory leaks in error path
malloc()+memset() -> calloc()
udevd: fix short options in getopt()
udevd: fix unref'ing of device in error path
udevd: create static device links only when the target exists
udev: fix compile warning
Summary of changes from v159 to v160
Harald Hoyer (2):
60-persistent-storage-tape: s/
60-persistent-storage-tape.rules: make own by-path symlink for nst tapes
Kay Sievers (4):
version bump
rules: tape - remove WAIT_FOR instruction and don't export BSG_DEV
allow final assignment for OPTIONS:="nowatch"
udevd: init_notify() fix abstract namespace name handling
Lennart Poettering (1):
systemd: make service files readable by GKeyFile
Martin Pitt (2):
keymap: Find alternate Lenovo module
keymap: Add Lenovo ThinkPad SL Series extra buttons
Summary of changes from v158 to v159
Jerone Young (1):
Fix stuck volume key presses for Toshiba Satellite U300 & U305models
Kay Sievers (5):
version bump
add systemd service files
make: pre-process and install systemd service files when needed
make: fix 'make distcheck'
switch a few left-over from GPLv2 to GPLv2 or later
Lennart Poettering (1):
systemd: update service files for newly introduced DefaultDependencies= option
Martin Pitt (1):
keymap: Add Logitech Cordless Wave Pro
Matthew Garrett (1):
keymap: Add support for IBM-branded USB devices
Michael Meeks (1):
gudev: respect possibly given LD_LIBRARY_PATH
Ryan Harper (2):
Add virtio-blk support to path_id
Add virtio-blk by-id rules based on 'serial' attribute
Summary of changes from v157 to v158
Harald Hoyer (1):
extras/keymap: add Samsung N210 to keymap rules
Kay Sievers (7):
version bump
libudev: fix fd leak in udev_enumerate_scan_devices() when tags are searched
udevd: in case we don't daemonize, send READY message to /sbin/init
delete last distro specific rules
remove a few comments in file headers
mtd_probe: add needed include, modprobe blacklist flag, and change some whitespace
rules: remove unused subdir
Martin Pitt (4):
Fix hid2hci rules harder
add Vala vapi for gudev-1.0
Revert "add Vala vapi for gudev-1.0"
Fix usb printer rule for multiple USB interfaces
Maxim Levitsky (1):
mtd_probe: add autodetection for xD cards
Paul Bender (1): fix cross compilation
Summary of changes from v156 to v157
Harald Hoyer (1):
40-redhat.rules: removed file
Jerone Young (3):
Fix wlan key on Inspirion 1210
Fix wlan key on Inspiron 910
Fix wlan key on Inspiron 1010 & 1110
Kay Sievers (25): version bump silent build mkdir
rules: mount fuse control filesystem
fix compilation with --enable-debug
while (1) -> for (;;)
childs -> children
udevd: replace --debug-trace with --children-max
udevd: fix comments
rules: add -v to modprobe calls to be able see what will be loaded
udevd: read debug settings from kernel commandline
update NEWS
rules: delete pilot rules and remove redhat directory
man: add static device nodes and udevd debug options
man: add kernel command line parameters
man: udevd - update intro
rules: rename packages -> arch
rules: SUSE - move last distro rule to package
rules: add misc/30-kernel-compat.rules
make: mkdir /lib/udev/devices/
make: fix rules/ subdir names
udevd: set umask before creating files/directories
add IMPORT{cmdline}
IMPORT{cmdline}: start at first char after '='
libudev: doc - fix typo
update NEWS
Summary of changes from v155 to v156
Bryan Kadzban (1):
udevd: fix typo /proc/fd -> /proc/self/fd
Kay Sievers (4): version bump
cdrom_id: do not export ID_CDROM_MEDIA_SESSION_LAST_OFFSET= for single session media
rules: optical drives - use ID_CDROM_MEDIA_TRACK_COUNT_DATA
libudev: fix udev_queue_get_seqnum_sequence_is_finished() with empty queue file
Summary of changes from v154 to v155
Kay Sievers (11):
reset process priority before executing RUN+= version bump
rules: SUSE - delete device-mapper rules
libudev: add O_CLOEXEC
use default mode of 0600 for nodes if gid == 0
udevd: create standard symlinks and handle /lib/udev/devices
fix tests and allow MODE=000
create static nodes provided by kernel modules to allow module autoloading
update NEWS
man: directly use 'refentry'
Summary of changes from v153 to v154
Harald Hoyer (2): add LGPL COPYING file to EXTRA_DIST
cdrom_id: only mark sr[0-9]* as ID_CDROM
Jerone Young (1):
Fix volume keys not releasing for Pegatron platform
Kay Sievers (23): version bump
more readlink buffer size handling
remove left-over from ignore_remove and all_partitions
fix previous commit
udevadm: info --export-db -- remove watch handle export
add TAG= to improve event filtering and device enumeration
all to match against a given TAG==
udev-acl: use a tag instead of a property to mark devices
fix logic on-demand loading logic for db and uevent
use the usual TAG+=, TAG= logic
delete old tags when configuration changes
libudev: accept NULL in udev_device_get_tags_list_entry()
export tag functions
export udev_device_get_tags_list_entry()
udevd: always try to find an idle worker instead of forking a new one
remove unused parameter from udev_node_mknod()
remove debug output during rules parsing
warn when renaming kernel-provided nodes instead of adding symlinks
man: udevadm trigger - the default is "change" not "add"
update README regarding kernel version and default rules
add info message when empty NAME is given
libudev: add documentation for recently added functions
udevd: reload config only for *.rules files
Martin Pitt (1):
keymap: Fix Bluetooth key on Acer TravelMate 4720
Mathias Nyman (1):
remove buffer-overrun risk in readlink call
Matthias Schwarzott (1):
rules: Gentoo - remove old devfs compat rules
Michael Thayer (1):
fix device node deletion
Robby Workman (1): move firmware-path setting out of extras section
Yin Kangkai (2):
keymap: Add keymap and force-release quirk for Samsung N128
keymap: Add keymap quirk of WebCam key for MSI netbooks.
Summary of changes from v152 to v153
Kay Sievers (1): version bump
Robby Workman (1): fix broken firmware search path in
Summary of changes from v151 to v152
Adrian Bunk (1):
udev needs automake 1.10
Amit Shah (2):
Fix virtio-ports rule to use $attr instead of $ATTR
rules: virtio - fix is to check if the 'name' attribute is present
Andy Whitcroft (2):
keymap: Add Samsung Q210/P210 force-release quirk
keymap: Add Fujitsu Amilo 1848+u force-release quirk
Dan Williams (1):
modeswitch: morph into tool that only switches Mobile Action cables
David Zeuthen (3):
Decrease buffer size when advancing past NUL byte
Use UTIL_LINE_SIZE, not UTIL_PATH_SIZE to truncate properties
Increase UTIL_LINE_SIZE from 2048 to 16384
Harald Hoyer (1):
cdrom_id: remove debugging code
Jerone Young (6):
Force key release for volume keys on Dell Studio 1557
Fix Keymapping for upcoming Dell Laptops
Add new Dell touchpad keycode
Revert special casing 0xD8 to latitude XT only
Fix Dell Studio 1558 volume keys not releasing
Add support for another Dell touchpad toggle key
Kamal Mostafa (3):
keymap: Unite laptop models needing common volume-key release quirk
keymap: Add force-release quirk for Coolbox QBook 270-02
keymap: Add force-release quirk for Mitac 8050QDA
Kay Sievers (43):
libudev: bump minor version
udevadm: fix untested and broken commit to set buffer size version bump
udev-acl: no not encourage use of ACL_MANAGE outside of rules file
replace utimes() with utimensat()
libbudev-private: rename udev_list_entry_get_flag()
udevadm: monitor - use / as separator in --subsystem-match=subsystem[/devtype]
use major:minor as entries in symlink stack instead of devpath
use major:minor as entries in watch directory
libudev: docs - .gitignore backup files
firmware: fix possible segfault when firmware device goes away while loading
do not reset SELinux context when the node was not touched
libudev: add udev_device_new_from_environment()
add LGPL COPYING to libudev and GUdev
cdrom_id: open non-mounted optical media with O_EXCL
libudev: update documentation
extras: mobile-action-modeswitch - update gitignore
scsi_id: add rand() in retry loop
cdrom_id: retry to open the device, if EBUSY
cdrom_id: check mount state in retry loop
cdrom_id: always set ID_CDROM regardless if we can run cdrom_id
rules: delete outdated packagees rules
rules: we do not have static devices which are renamed
unify/cleanup event handling
allow IMPORT{db}="KEY"
usb-db: remove double '/'
replace "add|change" with "!remove"
update NEWS
log info only if we actually delete the node
udevadm: trigger - switch default action from "add" to "change"
remove "all_partitions" option
rules: call modprobe on all events but "remove"
remove "ignore_remove" option
update NEWS
cdrom_id: rework feature/profiles buffer parsing
cdrom_id: print more debug messages
cdrom_id: debug - print feature values in hex
cdrom_id: debug - print feature values in hex
cdrom_id: set ID_CDROM_MEDIA=1 only for known media
Revert "Fix switching Logitech bluetooth adapters into hci mode."
add O_NOFOLLOW when creating files in link stack
delete only device nodes, not symlinks when deleting a devtmpfs node
doc: add section about how *not* to rename device nodes
Marco d'Itri (3):
rules: input - create by-path/ links for pci devices
Fix switching Logitech bluetooth adapters into hci mode.
doc: document the WAIT_FOR timeout
Martin Pitt (12):
keymap: Add Dell Inspiron 1011 (Mini 10)
Fix brightness keys on MSI Wind U-100
keymap: Fix LG X110
keymap: Add Toshiba Satellite M30X
udev-acl: Correctly handle ENV{ACL_MANAGE}==0
input_id: Fix linking
keymap: Add Acer TravelMate 6593G and Acer Aspire 1640
keymap: Fix another key for Acer TravelMate 6593
cdrom_id: Fix uninitialized variables
cdrom_id: Fix uninitialized buffers
cdrom_id: Do not ignore errors from scsi_cmd_run()
cdrom_id: Swap media state and TOC info probing
Mike Brudevold (1):
cdrom_id: add missing profiles to feature_profiles
Robert Hooker (1):
keymap: Add support for Gateway AOA110/AOA150 clones.
Scott James Remnant (2):
libudev: export udev_monitor_set_receive_buffer_size()
udevadm monitor: increase netlink buffer size
Thomas Bächler (1):
firmware: fix error reporting on missing firmware files
Yury G. Kudryashov (3): - fix typo in --with-pci-ids-path option
hid2hci: include linux/types.h for __u32 ddd --with-firmware-path option
Summary of changes from v150 to v151
Amit Shah (1):
rules: Add symlink rule for virtio ports
Bryan Kadzban (1):
Fix reverted floppy-device permissions
Egbert Eich (1):
rulews: suse - add do-not-load-KMS-modules rules
Frederic Crozat (1):
rules: acl - add COLOR_MEASUREMENT_DEVICE match
Kay Sievers (11): version bump
udevd: inotify - do not parse rules at create but at close
do not remove device nodes of active kernel devices
libudev: device - create db file atomically
clarify message about not removed device node
input_id: include limits.h
keymap: include linux/limits.h
keymap: linux/input.h - get absolute include path from gcc
delete outdated and unmaintained writing_udev_rules
update README and NEWS
update tests
Marco d'Itri (2):
writing_udev_rules: update rules files names
keymap: support for the Samsung N140 keyboard
Martin Pitt (4):
add ACL rule for Garmin GPSMap 60
keymap: move force-release directory
extras/keymap/ Ignore comment-only lines
keymap: Fix invalid map line
Summary of changes from v149 to v150
Clemens Buchacher (2):
add Samsung R70/R71 keymap
keymap: Samsung R70/R71 force-release quirk
Daniel Drake (2):
keymap: Add OLPC XO key mappings
keymap: Fix typo in compal rules
Daniel Elstner (1):
libudev: wrap in extern "C" block for C++
David Zeuthen (1):
Jerone Young (1):
keymap: Lenovo Thinkpad USB Keyboard with Tracepoint
Johannes Stezenbach (2):
keymap: add Samsung N130
keymap: handle atkbd force_release quirk
Kay Sievers (15):
util_unlink_secure(): chmod() before chown()
floppy: fix rule to create additional floppy device nodes version bump
remove remaining support for CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED
cdrom_id: remove deprecated device matches
rules: add "block" match to floppy rule
update mtime of nodes and links when we re-use them
udevadm: info - fix info --root --query=name --path= for device without a device node
remove remaining support for CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED
fix typo in log message priority handling
remove UDEV_RUN environment variable
udevadm: logging - copy va_list and do not use it twice
libudev: doc - add symbols to sections.txt
work around gtk-doc which breaks distcheck
gobject-introspection: use $datadir instead of $prefix
Marco d'Itri (2):
build: keymap - create subdir
rules: udev-acl - add firewire video devices
Martin Pitt (12):
keymap: Add Acer Aspire 1810T
95-keymap.rules: Run on change events, too
keymap: fix findkeyboards
Speed up udev_enumerate_scan_*
keymap: Add hotkey quirk for Acer Aspire One (AO531h/AO751h)
Clarify RUN/IMPORT documentation
keymap: Add Logitech S510 USB keyboard
keymap: add Acer TravelMate 8471
keymap: Add Acer Aspire 1810TZ
keymap: Add LG X110
keymap: Add Fujitsu Amilo Li 1718
keymap: Document force-release
Piter PUNK (1):
firmware: convert shell script to C
Scott James Remnant (1):
70-acl.rules: ACL manage Android G1 dev phones
Thomas de Grenier de Latour (1):
libudev: enumerate - fix move_later logic
Summary of changes from v148 to v149
Daniel Elstner (1):
really fix both in-tree and out-of-tree builds
Dmitry Torokhov (1):
input-id: identify touchscreens
Kay Sievers (4):
libudev: doc - use #NULL version bump
really really fix both in-tree and out-of-tree builds
fix both in-tree and out-of-tree builds
Martin Pitt (6):
input_id: Fix endless loop for non-input devices
input_id: Do not tag non-input devices with ID_INPUT
input_id: small optimization
input_id: check event mask
input_id: Check mouse button for ID_INPUT_MOUSE
udev_device_get_parent_with_subsystem_devtype(): Clarify documentation
Summary of changes from v147 to v148
Dan Williams (3):
Revert "modem-modeswitch: add a device"
Revert "extras/modem-modeswitch: Add Huawei E1550 GSM modem"
modem-modeswitch: 61-option-modem-modeswitch.rules is only for Option NV devices
Daniel Mierswa (1):
Fix typo in NEWS, ConsoleKit-0.4.11 -> 0.4.1
David Zeuthen (4):
cdrom_id: Still check profiles even if there is no media
scsi_id: Export WWN and Unit Serial Number
Create /dev/disk/by-id/wwn-0x... symlinks
Also create /dev/disk/by-id/wwn-0x..-part%n symlinks for partitions
Dmitry Torokhov (1):
extras/input_id: Correctly identify touchpads
Harald Hoyer (1):
modem-modeswitch: add a device
Kay Sievers (8):
rules: set mode of floppy device nodes to 0660
remove "ignore_device"
print warning for BUS=, SYSFS{}=, ID=
test-udev: remove "ignore_device" code catch-up with recent changes
rules: remove support for IDE (hd*) devices
ata_id: skip ATA commands if we find an optical drive
Revert "Fix out-of-tree builds"
Martin Pitt (5):
README.keymap.txt: small clarification
extras: Add input_id
70-acl.rules: Use new-style input properties
input: Deprecate ENV{ID_CLASS}
input_id: code cleanup
Scott James Remnant (1):
Fix out-of-tree builds
Summary of changes from v146 to v147
Alan Jenkins (1):
udevd: queue-export - remove retry loop
Andrew Church (1):
fix wrong parameter size on ioctl FIONREAD
Daniel Mierswa (2):
don't compare a non-existing function with NULL
use nanosleep() instead of usleep()
David Zeuthen (4):
gudev: remove G_UDEV_API_IS_SUBJECT_TO_CHANGE since API is now stable
ata_id: export more advanced ATA features
gudev: Fix up GUdevDeviceNumber
gudev: Remove LIBUDEV_I_KNOW_THE_API_IS_SUBJECT_TO_CHANGE from priv header
Florian Zumbiehl (10):
util_delete_path(): use util_strscpy()
util_lookup_group(): fix memory leak if realloc() fails
util_delete_path(): handle multiple leading slashes
util_create_path(): fix possible out of bounds array access
ude_rules.c: fix possible NULL pointer dereference in get_key()
util_resolve_sys_link(): fix possible buffer overflow
udev_util_encode_string(): fix possible buffer overflow
udev-rules.c: parse_file() - fix possible buffer overflow
udev_queue_get_seqnum_sequence_is_finished(): fix possible file handle leak
util_run_program(): fix possible buffer overflow #2
Harald Hoyer (2):
scsi_id: prevent buffer overflow in check_fill_0x83_prespc3()
rename interfaces to <iface>_rename if rename fails
Jeremy Kerr (1):
util_run_program: restore signal mask before executing event RUN commands
Kay Sievers (45):
make: sort per target/extra version bump
udev-acl: allow to skip ACL handling
rules: rfkill has no group, so use 0644
rule_generator: net - fix MATCHDEVID
make: add comment
update NEWS
print warning for NAME="%k" - it breaks the kernel supplied DEVNAME
warn about non-readable or empty rules file
change database file names
assign errno for getgrnam_r()/getpwnam_r()
doc: udevadm test *does* create nodes and links these days
util_unlink_secure(): chmod() before chown()
util_create_path(): fix errno usage
inotify_add_watch(): do not store watch, if it failed
update TODO
update README
rules: suse - use NAME for mapper/control
libudev-util.c: get_sys_link() - return error for empty link target
udev-rules.c: remove 'first_token' variable
Revert "udev-rules.c: remove 'first_token' variable"
test: catch possible bug in GOTO resolving
udevadm: remove symlink support for old commands
util_run_program(): skip multiple spaces in argv creation
fix whitespace
require 2.6.27 for proper signalfd handling
fix randonm findings from llvm-clang-analyzer
simplify "symlink name stack"
reorder create_path() and node/link creation to be called in a direct sequence
put util_create_path() and file creastion in a retry loop
udevadm: control - remove compat code
scsi_id: delete copy of bsg.h
fix SYMLINK{} option parsing
rules: remove remaining NAME="%k"
rules: drop almost all NAME= keys
update TODO, NEWS
udevd: serialize events for with the same major/minor
break loops if util_create_path() returns error
remove "last_rule" option
use CLOEXEC flags instead of fcntl()
unblock signals we might want to handle
udevd: create /dev/.udev/rules.d/ before watching it wit inotify
gudev: fix pkg-config call to work with "make distcheck"
update NEWS
Revert "gudev: fix out-of-tree build"
Lennart Poettering (5):
pci-db: make sure we actually read the pci.ids file instead of usb.ids
sound: recognize saa7134 TV card sound devices as TV cards
sound: include ALSA sound card id in ID_ID property
sound: include ALSA sound card id in /dev/snd/by-id/ links
Revert "sound: include ALSA sound card id in /dev/snd/by-id/ links"
Marco d'Itri (6):
doc: writing_udev_rules updated for the new command names
rules: sound - do not use /usr/bin/env
udevadm: print all messages to stderr with priority higher or equal than LOG_ERR
udevadmi: control = exit with rc=2 if there is some system error
gudev: gir-scanner workaround for out of tree builds
gudev: fix out-of-tree build
Mario Limonciello (1):
hid2hci: remove superfluous bmAttributes match
Martin Pitt (24):
extras/keymap: Add Acer Aspire 6920
extras/modem-modeswitch: eject ZTE MF6xx fake CD-ROMs
extras/keymap: Fix hold key on Acer Aspire 6920
extras/keymap: Fix case matching for Micro-Star
Revert "extras/keymap: Fix case matching for Micro-Star"
make raw USB printer devices accessible for lp
modem-modeswitch rules: Match more devices
extras/keymap: fix hash table collisions
extras/keymap: Rename KEY_COFFEE to KEY_SCREENLOCK
fix single-session CD detection
fix previous commit for CD detection
make raw USB printer devices world-readable again
50-udev-default.rules: fix printer MODE
keymap: Add Logitech Wave USB
keymap: add missing map file
keymap: fix usb_id invocation
keymap: make USB keyboards really work
keymap: Add Logitech Wave cordless
keymap: add HP Pavillion dv6315ea
keymap: add HP 2230s fix build with mawk
extras/keymap/README.keymap.txt: Fix bug report link
fix major fd leak in link handling
modem-modeswitch: fix ZTE MF6xx rule
Matthias Schwarzott (2):
rules: Gentoo update
rules: Gentoo update
Maxim Levitsky (1):
keymap for Acer Aspire 5720
Peter Rajnoha (1):
libudev: allow to store negative values in the udev database
Scott James Remnant (1):
util_run_program: *really* restore signal mask before executing event RUN commands
William Jon McCann (1):
udev-acl: catch up with ConsoleKit 0.4.1
Summary of changes from v145 to v146
Alan Jenkins (3):
man: fix unused, inaccurate metadata
man: SYMLINK can be matched as well as assigned
fix spelling
Anssi Hannula (2):
rules: exclude digitizers from joystick class
udev-acl: add joystick devices
Diego Elio 'Flameeyes' Pettenò (21):
Merge libudev, udev, and the unconditional extras in a single
Replace the custom test-run target with the standard make check.
Also merge into the top-level the simpler extras.
Change hook handling to be more portable.
Merge keymap building in the top-level
Make keymap generation rules be silent (backward-compatible).
Move pkg-config docs and man pages before conditionals.
Finally, also merge gudev into the top-level
Make sure to clean up all the built sources.
Make sure to use dependency/target variables.
Add silent-rule support for the gudev rules.
Fix building of introspection library on top-level
Fix another relative path for the new working directory.
Include the correct directory for out-of-source builds.
Add tests to the distribution; this fixes "make distcheck".
Ask gperf to use ANSI-C for generation.
Merge in into
Use the keymap check during “make distcheck” rather than “check”.
Fix building of documentation when doing out-of-source builds.
Fix “make distcheck” run outside of the source directory.
Use LT_INIT to explicit that udev needs libtool series 2.
Eric W. Biederman (1):
fix util_lookup_group to handle large groups
Erik Forsberg (1):
extras/modem-modeswitch: Add Huawei E1550 GSM modem
Kay Sievers (18):
udevd: add timestamp to --debug output
v4l_id: exit with 0 when --help is given version bump
hid2hci: remove hid structures and include kernel header
path_id: make global variable static
udevadm: trigger - add --sysname-match=
rules: serial - fix path_id call
path_id: fix typo in comment
format names are not case insensitive
hid2hci: rewrite (and break) rules and device handling
make: build internal tools against
update a few years of copyright
libudev: silent gcc warning: may be used uninitialized in this function
make: suppress enter/leaving directory messages
re-enable failed event tracking
"record_failed" -> "fail_event_on_error"
udevd: block for 15 seconds after error when too old kernel is detected
make: fix issues from non-recursive conversion
Lennart Poettering (1):
enumeration: move ALSA control devices to the end of the enumerated devices of each card
Mario Limonciello (2):
hid2hci: support to hid2hci for recovering Dell BT devices after S3
hid2hci: install re-trigger for hid device when recovering from S3
Martin Pitt (17):
add keymap for Clevo D410J laptop
extras/keymap: add Zepto ZNote
extras/keymap: add Everex Stepnote XT5000T
extras/keymap: add Compal Hel80i
keymap tool: improve help
keymap tool: support scancode/keycode pair arguments
keymap: inline one-line key maps
extras/keymap: fix for inline mappings
extras/keymap: add recently added keymap files to
extras/keymap: Add HP Presario 2100
extras/keymap: cover more Compaq Evo models
extras/keymap: Add Fujitsu Amilo M
extras/keymap: teach findkeyboards about USB keyboards
extras/keymap: Add Samsung SX22S
extras/keymap: Fix crash for unknown keys
extras/keymap: Add Samsung NC20
extras/keymap: Fix Bluetooth key on Acer Aspire 6920
Summary of changes from v144 to v145
Ian Campbell (1):
scsi_id: correct error handling in prepend_vendor_model
Kay Sievers (10):
use MIN() MAX() from param.h version bump
libudev: device - free values before updating them
libudev: enumerate - sort with qsort()
udevd: detach event from worker if we kill a worker
udevadm: info - add space after R:, A:, W: on database export
udevd: make sure a worker finishes event handling before exiting
udevd: handle SIGCHLD before the worker event message
udevd: use bool
Summary of changes from v143 to v144
Jon Masters (1):
firmware: search for third party or sysadmin supplied firmware updates
Kay Sievers (19): add AM_SILENT_RULES version bump
TODO: add cleanup of ATA_COMPAT
libudev: queue - add comments for queue format
udev/.gitignore: add udev.pc version bump
do not exports properties starting with a '.'
scsi_id: --reformat_serial - use udev_util_replace_whitespace()
ata_id: sync ID_SERIAL(_SHORT) with other *_id tools
rules: make ata_id properties the default for all ATA block devices
scsi_id: delete no longer needed config file
update NEWS
man: udev - add private properties like ENV{.FOO}="bar"
Merge branch 'firmware' of git://
udevadm: test - print list of properties
build: do not delete .la files
libudev: monitor - handle kernel supplied DEVNAME properly
update NEWS
build: add *exec* to the internal rootlibdir name
Martin Pitt (2):
hid2hci: narrow matches to real HCI devices
extras/udev-acl: add smartcard readers
Stefan Richter (1):
rules: set group ownership of new firewire driver device files
Summary of changes from v142 to v143
Alan Jenkins (5):
udevadm: settle - fix timeout
udevd: remove tiny bit of dead code
udevd: implement a more efficient queue file format
udev-selinux.c: remove libudev header
udevd: queue-export - fix crash
Benjamin Gilbert (1):
test: check string substitutions in OWNER and GROUP
Dan Williams (2):
rules: tty/net - move from udev-extras
extras/modem-modeswitch: move from udev-extras
David Zeuthen (1):
gudev: move from udev-extras
Kay Sievers (95):
version bump
rules: v4l do not mix vbi and video nodes
fix possible endless loop for GOTO to non-existent LABEL
Revert "rules: v4l do not mix vbi and video nodes"
rule-generator: cd - skip by-path links if we create by-id links
remove format char string truncation syntax
use more efficient string copying
edd_id: use openat()
use openat(), unlinkat(), fstatat()
update TODO
remove unused GL_FORMAT from rules parser
require key names in uppercase
keep the ifdef'd udevd testing/profiling hack
fix location of database files
udevadm: settle - make --timeout=0 working
update NEWS
rules: add SUBSYSTEM match to scsi rules
cdrom_id: suppress ID_CDROM_MEDIA_STATE=blank for plain non-writable CDROM media
udevadm: control - add comment to man page about --reload-rules
cdrom_id: add error message if open() fails
udevadm: settle - add --exit-if-exists=<file>
udevd: remove check for dev_t, DEVPATH_OLD takes care of that
str[sp]cpyl: add __attribute__ ((sentinel))
udevd: convert to event worker processes
udevd: close netlink socket in worker and set cloexec
rules: do not call path_id for virtual devices
udevd: use enum instead of char in struct declaration
allow format substitution in path of ATTR{<path>}=="<value>"
cleanup $attr{} substitution
path_id: implement in C using libudev
path_id: update SCSI handling
path_id: add comments
fix signed/unsigned warning
libudev: enumerate - allow multiple keys with the same name
udevadm: trigger - add --property-match=<key>:<value>
udevadm: info - accept --query without a value and print properties
udevadm: control - --env -> --property
udevadm: monitor --environment -> --property
path_id: handle fibre channel
path_id: add iscsi support
path_id: delete old shell script
udevd: print error if worker dies unexpectedly
path_id: rename scsi sub-fuctions
libudev: add comments to libudev.h
libudev: move to top-level directory
fix libudev include in
libudev: device_new() -> udev_device_new()
udevd: log info for created/killed workers
libudev: call log functions conditionally
move syslog wrapper to libudev
move common stuff from udev/ to private parts of libudev/
libudev: rename private files to *-private.c
rules: remove scsi ch module loading rule
update NEWS
udevadm: info -revert "accept --query without argument"
README: add kernel options
libudev: add gtk-doc
libudev: update documentation
libudev: doc - add section headers
libudev: doc - add enumerate
libudev: doc - add queue
update TODO
libudev: doc - add namespace for index
libudev: move .so version to libudev Makefile simplify
TODO: update
libudev: remove prefix from .so version variables
libudev: doc - add empty libudev.types
udev-acl: move from udev-extras
INSTALL: add --enable-extras
udev-acl: handle missing action when called in CK mode
v4l_id: move from udev-extras
libudev: doc - libudev-docs.sgml -> libudev-doc.xml
gudev: fix typo in configure option
v4l_id: 70-v4l.rules -> 60-persistent-v4l.rules
configure: enable all extras by default, provide --disable-extras make "CFLAGS=-O0 ./" working
NEWS: add --disable-extras
cleanup ./configure installation directory options
rules: remove MMC rule, 2.6.30 has the modalias print error if gperf is missing
libudev: install in $libdir and move later to $rootlibdir
extras/keymap: use LIBEXECDIR instead /lib/udev
README: add /lib/udev/ is private
rules: do not install usb-id/pci-id rules when --disable-extras is used
extras: delete man pages for private udev tools
README: update
extras/keymap: install findkeyboards in /lib/udev
INSTALL: use /sbin instead of %{sbindir}
NEWS: update
udev.pc: add
Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
docs: install writing_udev_rules
Lennart Poettering (2):
rules: sound - move from udev-extra
usb-db: move from udev-extras
Marcel Holtmann (1):
rules: make RFKILL control device world readable
Mario Limonciello (1):
hid2hci: move from udev-extras
Martin Pitt (5):
keymap: move from udev-extras
extras/keymap: Fix WLAN button on ThinkPads
keymap: Update findkeyboard path in docs
udev-acl: Manage hplip device permissions
extras/keymap: Update findkeyboards location
Matthias Schwarzott (3):
rules: Gentoo update
rules: Gentoo update
rules: Gentoo update
Scott James Remnant (1):
OWNER/GROUP: fix if logic
Summary of changes from v141 to v142
Andre Przywara (1):
rules: create /dev/cpu/<n>/cpuid world readable
Ian Campbell (1):
path_id: support identification of Xen virtual block devices
John Wright (1):
edd_id: add cciss devices
Kay Sievers (46):
version bump
libudev: path_encode - always return 0 if encoded string does not fit into size
libudev: monitor - clarify socket handling documentation
udevd: log error for too old kernels or CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED
rules: remove DVB shell script
update NEWS
cdrom_id: add Xen cdrom support
test-libudev: update monitor source
TODO: add packet filter
update NEWS
cdrom_id: add and use ID_CDROM_MEDIA to decide if we run vol_id
libudev: monitor - add client socket filter for subsystem value
udevadm: monitor - print error if we can not bind to socket
update TODO
udevadm monitor - add --subsystem-match=
libudev: monitor - use simpler hash
libudev: monitor - switch to filter_add_match_subsystem_devtype()
libudev: monitor - do not filter messages with wrong magic
udevadm: monitor - add <subsytem>:<devtype> support
libudev: monitor - add udev_monitor_filter_remove
libudev: queue - fix get_seqnum_is_finished()
cdrom_id: skip media tests if CDROM_DRIVE_STATUS != CDS_DISC_OK
libudev: queue - clarify comments
libudev: monitor - export filter_update()
update NEWS
drop "extern" keyword from non-static function
rule_generator: net - fix usb comment generation
rules: input - add links for USB/platform non-kbd/mouse devices
rules: input - fix comments
rules: add rfcomm* to group dialout
accept DEVNAME from the kernel as a hint for the node name
update TODO
build: use AC_MSG_RESULT
rules: add "event*" match
udevd: revert initial device node creation
rules: remove initramfs comment
handle devtmpfs nodes
oops, removed ppp entry from rules got committed
remove all PHYSDEVPATH handling and warning about
remove asmlinkage
rules: fix ieee1394 rules
add "static" back to the inline functions
update TODO
delete vol_id and require util-linux-ng's blkid
delete libvolume_id
Lubomir Rintel (1):
rule-generator: net - whitelist NICs that violate MAC local scheme
Summary of changes from v140 to v141
Adam Buchbinder (4):
usb_id: add manpage
cdrom_id: update manpage
create_floppy_devices: expand manpage
vol_id: fix language in manpage
Alan Jenkins (1):
avoid leaking netlink socket fd to external programs
Borislav Petkov (1):
rules: rename ide-floppy to ide-gd
David Brownell (1):
rules: exclude mtd* from persistent disk links
Kay Sievers (15):
rules: fix extra quote in 50-udev-default.rules
version bump
udevadm: test - handling trailing '/' in devpath
udevadm: monitor - clarify printed header
rules: remove ram* from persisten disk links blacklist
rules: serial - support ttyACM devices
rules: replace IDE driver with media match
libudev: GPL -> LGPL
usb_id: remove unused variable
send monitor events back to netlink socket
"UDEV_MONITOR_KERNEL/UDEV" -> "kernel/udev"
IMPORT: 2048 -> 4096 bytes buffer
path_encode: fix max length calculation
libudev: monitor - unify socket message handling
Michal Soltys (1):
rules: md-raid.rules fix
Robby Workman (1):
udevadm: trigger - add "--action" to --help
Scott James Remnant (1):
libudev: monitor - ignore messages from unusual sources
Summary of changes from v139 to v140
Harald Hoyer (1):
libvolume_id: bump age
Kay Sievers (12):
version bump
update TODO
volume_id: ntfs - fix uuid setting
update TODO
rules: Fedora update
libudev: queue - use lstat() to check existence of symlink
udevadm: settle - add --seq-start= --seq-end=
udevd: switch watch symlinks to devpath
udevadm: add text for new options to command and man page
update TODO
libudev: ctrl - return error after sending ctrl message
udevadm: settle - use timeout signal, instead of loop counter
Michael Prokop (1):
fix compile error in debug mode
Scott James Remnant (1):
udevadm: settle - synchronise with the udev daemon
Summary of changes from v138 to v139
Kay Sievers (11):
version bump
remove static local variable
use the event udev_device to disable the watch on "remove"
add "nowatch" to disable a default installed watch with a later rule
add m4/ subdir
usb_id: add ID_USB_INTERFACES=:0e0100:0e0200:010100:010200:
usb_id: return values if called directly for an usb_device
usb_id: fix NULL string usage
usb_id: fix comment
udevadm: info - export all devices with --export-db
Scott James Remnant (10):
Don't add inotify watch until RUN rules processed.
Clear existing inotify watch before processing.
Cleanup a little.
Allow watch handle to be stored in the udevdb.
Store watch handle in db.
Use the udevdb to speed up watch clearing.
Put a log message in a more sensible place.
Output watch handle in udevadm info.
lookup the old watch handle; reload only if has a path
Look at more inotify events in the buffer than just the first.
Summary of changes from v137 to v138
David Zeuthen (1):
*_id: add model/vendor enc strings
Karel Zak (2):
vol_id: fix ddf version string
vol_id: add missing id->type to swap0
Kay Sievers (13):
man: fix grammar
version bump
fix NAME="" logic
rules: dm - add escape for uuid links with whitespace
test: add test for empty and non-existent ATTR
rules: fix md "change"/"remove" handling add more warnings
fix NAME= and OPTION+="string_escape=..." logic
rules: move OPTIONS to separate rule
use global "reload_config" flag
rules: add "watch" option to dm and md rules
rules: include loop block devices in persistent links
release 138
Matthias Schwarzott (1):
rules: Gentoo update
Miklos Vajna (1):
doc: writing udev rules - refer to 'udevadm info' instead of 'udevinfo'
Scott James Remnant (2):
udevd: optionally watch device nodes with inotify
rules: update persistent storage rules to use inotify watches
Summary of changes from v136 to v137
Alan Jenkins (2):
man: typo fixes
remove stray initializer
Kay Sievers (17):
version bump
rules: fix typo in ide cd rule
libudev: use 4096 bytes buffer for attribute reading
rules: add drm devices to group "video"
do not complain about a missing /etc/udev/rules.d/
udevadm: test - remove --force option
update NEWS
remove name from index if the node name has changed
cleanup old names before creating the new names
open-code pollfd setup
increase netif renaming timeout from 30 to 90 seconds
Merge commit '5f03ed8a56d308af72db8a48ab66ed68667af2c6'
Merge commit '9032f119f07ad3b5116b3d4858816d851d4127de'
split up long line
udevd: add back SA_RESTART
usb_id: handle ATAPI devices like SCSI devices
udevadm: settle - fix typo
Lennart Poettering (1):
fix naming for tape nst devices in /dev/tape/by-path/
Olaf Kirch (2):
udevd: use ppoll instead of signal pipes
reap children faster
Scott James Remnant (2):
Allow user and group lookup to be disabled.
Expose delayed name resolution
Sven Jost (1):
volume_id: support via raid version 2
Summary of changes from v135 to v136
Adam Buchbinder (1):
extras: fix mis-spelling of "environment"
Harald Hoyer (1):
rule_generator: fix enumeration for write_cd_rules
Jeremy Higdon (1):
path_id: rework SAS persistent names
Karel Zak (1):
volume_id: HPFS code clean up
Kay Sievers (54):
rules: ATA_COMPAT do not try to match on sr*, it will never have vendor ATA
scsi_id: do not fail if no serial is found like for optical drives
update configure and NEWS
rules: fix isdn rules
rules: add persistent /dev/serial/{by-id,by-path} rules
make: install serial rules file
make: do not delete autotools generated file with distclean
udevadm: settle - allow --timeout=0 and --quiet
rules: move aoe rules to default rules file
volume_id: btrfs - update format
rules: add "do not edit header"
volume_id: support sub-uuid's and plug in btrfs device uuid
libudev: include <sys/types.h>
build: add -lsepol
build: just use autoreconf -i
rules: remove ide-scsi
rules: first simple step merging with Ubuntu rules
"'/sbin/modprobe abnormal' exit" - also print program options
rules: more changes toward Ubuntu rules merge
rules: more changes toward Ubuntu rules merge
rules: remove /dev/raw/raxctl symlink, it's a devfs leftover
rules: rtc - create rtc compat link only for cmos type rtc
rules: remove legacy symlinks
rules: do not put raw1394 in "video" group
rules: second round merging with Ubuntu rules
rules: remove /dev/dsp /dev/audio
rules: put alsa in group "audio"
rules: isdn - remove /dev/isdn/capi20 symlink
rules: provide /dev/raw/rawctl
if needed, store database entries also for devices which do not have a device node
build: use autoreconf --symlink
usb_id: add "image" class
require non-SYSFS_DEPRECATED 2.6.20+ kernel
build: default to --prefix=/usr --exec-prefix=""
libudev: enumerate - add lookup by property
rules: input - make sure needed variables are set
libudev: device - read "uevent" only if info is not already loaded
libudev: subsytem -> subsystem
libudev: bump revision
usb_id: use devtype lookup
require 2.6.22+ kernel
rules: Ubuntu merge - use group "cdrom"
rules: Ubuntu merge - use group "tape"
rules: replace DVB shell script rule
rules: Ubuntu merge - s/uucp/dialout/
update NEWS
update NEWS
enable skipping of "naming-only" rules
usb_id: s/image/media/
udevadm: s/udevinfo/udevadm info/
rules: reorder block rules
rules: zaptel - add "dialout" group
libudev: device - add udev_device_get_property_value()
libudev: test - add udev_device_get_property_value()
Marcel Holtmann (3):
libudev: device - add devtype support
libudev: device - lookup subsystem and devtype together
libudev: device - remove udev_device_get_parent_with_subsystem
Michal Soltys (1):
man: udev - update NAME assignment
Ryan Thomas (1):
rules: add rules for AoE devices
Summary of changes from v134 to v135
Kay Sievers (6):
usb_id: add "break" to currently unused case labels
rules: fix cciss disk/by-id/ links
rules: add infiniband rules
rules: infiniband.rules -> 40-infiniband.rules
fix network interface name swapping
update configure and NEWS
Marcel Holtmann (1):
usb_id: fix switch statement for video type
Piter PUNK (2):
rules: /dev/null -> X0R
rules: add usb device nodes
Summary of changes from v133 to v134
Gabor Z. Papp (1):
include errno.h in sysdeps.h
Harald Hoyer (1):
rules: add persistent rules for memory stick block devices
Kay Sievers (19): fix -print-multi-os-directory usage
volume_id: update btrfs magic
bump version
rules: merge group "video" into default rules
rules: v4l - add by-id/ links for USB devices
libudev: accept NULL whitelist in util_replace_chars()
usb_id: replace chars in returned strings
ata_id: make sure, we do not have slashes in values
scsi_id: make sure, we do not have slashes in values
volume_id: remove unused usage types
vol_id: if regular files are probed, use stat() for the size value
volume_id: update btrfs
volume_id: clear probing result before probing and do not probe a second time, if not needed
path_id: fix fibre channel handling
update NEWS TODO
floppy: use ARRAY_SIZE()
fix handling of swapping node name with symlink name
silence PHYSDEV* warning for WAIT_FOR* rules
rules: exclude "btibm" devices from vol_id calls
Matthias Schwarzott (1):
rules: Gentoo update
Peter Breitenlohner (2):
man: fix typos
floppy: fix array bounds check and minor calculation
Summary of changes from v132 to v133
Alan Jenkins (2):
udevd: de-duplicate strings in rules
scsi_id: we don't use DEVPATH env var anymore, update man page
Karel Zak (1):
volume_id: fat - move check for msdos signature (0x55 0xaa)
Kay Sievers (22):
silence "comparison between signed and unsigned"
string index - split nodes and childs to allow and unlimited number of childs
reserve child slot 0
merge trie nodes, childs and root into a single array
set errno = ENOSYS in inotify stub
udevadm: info - unify -V and --version
rules: remove DEVTYPE disk/partition
rules: remove pnp shell script, acpi loads these modules properly
update NEWS
configure: add linux-hotplug mail address
remove len == 0 check, the index root is always '\0'
volume_id: bump revision
volume_id: always check for all filesystem types and skip conflicting results
volume_id: fat - accept empty FAT32 fsinfo signature
fix spelling in comment
volume_id: ntfs - mark as no other fs must match
vol_id: clarify error message
libudev: device - handle disk "device" link for partitions in deprecated sysfs layout
limit $attr(<symlink>) magic to well-known links only
udevd: fix cleanup of /dev/.udev/uevent_seqnum
fix $links substitution for devices without any link
update NEWS
Sergey Vlasov (1):
udevadm: fix option parsing breakage with klibc
Summary of changes from v131 to v132
Kay Sievers (2):
fix size_t compiler warning on 32 bit platforms
convert debug string arrays to functions
Summary of changes from v130 to v131
Alan Jenkins (17):
libudev: fix sysnum logic for digit-only device names
udevd: avoid overhead of calling rmdir on non-empty directories
use more appropriate alternatives to malloc()
libudev: util - optimize path_encode()
libudev: allocate udev_device->envp[] dynamically
replace strncpy() with strlcpy()
use re-entrant variants of getpwnam and getgrnam
udevd: fix memory leak
udevd: fix WAIT_FOR_SYSFS execution order
fix handling of string_escape option
udevd: use a tighter loop for compare_devpath()
udevd: avoid implicit memset in match_attr()
kerneldoc comment fixes
udevd: simplify rules execution loop
udevd: fix termination of rule execution
udevd: be more careful when matching against parents
udevd: shrink struct token to 12 bytes
Kay Sievers (113):
remove outdated docs/README-gcov_for_udev
libudev: device - add device lookup by subsystem:sysname
libudev: also prefix non-exported functions with udev_*
libudev: add udev_monitor_send_device()
libudev: list - add flag
libudev: device - generate DEVNAME and DEVLINKS properties
vol_id: update README
libudev: handle ! in sysname, add sysnum, return allocated list_entry on add
test: move global ENV{ENV_KEY_TEST}="test" to local rule
libudev: monitor - fix send_device() property copying
libudev: device - add get_envp() to construct envp from property list
libudev: do not include ctrl in
libudev: monitor - do not mangle DEVLINKS property
libudev: update DEVLINKS property when properties are read
libudev: device - lookup "subsystem" and "driver" only once
libudev: device - export properties when values are set
libudev: list - handle update of key with NULL value
libudev: ctrl - fix typo in set_env()
libudev: add global property list
libudev: device - copy global properties, unset empty properties
volume_id: btrfs - update magic to latest disk format
udevd: use libudev
move udev_device_db to libudev
rename udev source files
libudev: always add UDEV_LOG
libudev: monitor - export MAJOR/MINOR only if available
udev-node: name_list -> udev_list
udev-rules-parse: name_list -> udev_list
delete name_list, move common file functions
fix sorting of rules files
run_program: prevent empty last argv entry
update IMPORT= file/stdout property parsing
update rules file parsing
delete udev-util-file.c
libudev: list - prepend udev_* to all functions
libudev: add sysnum to test program
test: fix a few unintentially wrongly written rules which cause parse errors
libudev: monitor - add set_receive_buffer_size()
libudev: ctrl - change magic to integer
libudev: make list_node functions available
udevd: use udev_list_node
collect: use udev_list
delete list.h
merge udev-rules.c and udev-rules-parse.c
make struct udev_rules opaque
move run_program to util
udev_event_run() -> udev_event_execute_rules()
udev_rules_run() -> udev_event_execute_run();
move udev_rules_apply_format() to udev-event.c
udev_list_cleanup() -> udev_list_cleanup_entries()
selinux_init(udev) -> udev_selinux_init(udev)
prefix udev-util.c functions with util_*
pass make distcheck
libudev: device - get_attr_value() -> get_sysattr_value()
cdrom_id: remove ARRAY_SIZE() declaration
replace missing get_attr_value() -> get_sysattr_value()
add "root" == 0 shortcuts to lookup_user/group()
do not use the new work-in-progress parser rule matcher
libudev: device - 128 -> ENVP_SIZE
add util_resolve_subsys_kernel()
handle numerical owner/group string in lookup_user/group()
replace in-memory rules array with match/action token list
do not create temporary node ($tempnode) if node already exists
shrink struct udev_event
shrink struct udev_event
rule_generator: fix netif NAME= value extraction regex
skip SYMLINK rules for devices without a device node
rules: let empty strings added to buffer always return offset 0
fix uninitialized variable warnings
cache uid/gid during rule parsing
distinguish "match" from "assign" by (op < OP_MATCH_MAX)
determine at rule parse time if we need to call fnmatch()
special-case "?*" match to skip fnmatch()
libudev: monitor - replace far too expensive snprintf() with strlcpy()
libudev: monitor - cache result of monitor send buffer
fix "unused" warnings
remove debug printf
match KEY="A|B" without temporary string copy
match_attr() - copy attr value only when needed
do not init string arrays, just clear first byte
fix $attr{[<subsystem>/<sysname>]<attribute>} substitution
libudev: device - fill envp array while composing monitor buffer
test: add RUN+="socket: ..." to a test to run monitor code
libudev: device - allocate envp array only once
update NEWS
udevd: merge exec and run queue to minimize devpath string compares
ATTR{}== always fails if the attribute does not exist
rules: remove SCSI timeouts
rules: remove "add" match from usb device node rule
edd_id: add "change" event match
fstab_import: add "change" event match
write trace log to stderr
log rules file and line number when NAME, SYMLINK, OWNER, GROUP, MODE, RUN is applied
skip entire rule containing device naming keys, if no device can be named
fix udev_node_update_old_links() logic
move some info() to dbg()
add "devel" and "install" switches to
move debugging strings inside #ifdef DEBUG record missing files in /dev/.udev/firmware-missing/
fix list handling in enumerate and rules file sorting
volume_id: btrfs update
info() PROGRAM and IMPORT execution
fix $links substitution
fix cleanup of possible left-over symlinks
do not import the "uevent" file when we only read the db to get old symlinks
usb_id: MassStorage SubClass 6 is "scsi" not "disk"
unify string replacement
$links should be relative
fix indentation
rules: md - add mdadm 3 device naming
cleanup /dev/.udev/queue on startup and exit
udevadm: settle - exit if udevd exits
Matthias Koenig (1):
volume_id: swap - larger PAGE_SIZE support
Steven Whitehouse (1):
volume_id: support for GFS2 UUIDs
Summary of changes from v129 to v130
Kay Sievers (26):
fix compile error with --disable-logging
libudev: enumerate - add_device() -> add_syspath()
volume_id: hpfs - read label and uuid
use no_argument, required_argument, optional_argument in longopts
libudev: get rid of selinux
libudev: device - add get_parent_with_subsystem()
usb_id: use libudev
udevadm: info - fix --query=all for devices without a device node
vol_id: add size= option
move selinux noops to udev.h
volume_id: add dbg() as noop to check for compile errors
vol_id: fix logging glue
vol_id: always use the safe string versions for unencoded label and uuid
volume_id: better DDF raid detection
volume_id: add btrfs
volume_id: use PRIu64i, PRIx64 macros
udevd: clarify deprecated sysfs layout warning
libudev: fix --enable-debug
don not print error if GOTO jumps just to next rule
volume_id: add more vfat debugging information
libudev: libudev.pc remove selinux
store node name and symlinks into db symlink target if they are small enough
volume_id: more fat debugging
libudev: fix typo in "multiple entries in symlink" handling
connect /sys and /dev with /sys/dev/{block,char}/<maj>:<min> and /dev/{block,char}/<maj>:<min>
replace spaces in dm and md name symlinks
Summary of changes from v128 to v129
Alan Jenkins (7): set non-zero exitcode if tests fail
scsi_id: compiler warning on 32-bit
trivial cleanup in udev_rules_iter
avoid repeated scans for goto targets (udev_iter_find_label)
replace strerror() usage with threadsafe "%m" format string
fix messages (inc. debug compile failure) introduced when optimizing "goto"
allow compiler to check dbg() arguments on non-debug builds
Kay Sievers (46):
libudev: switch to "udev_device_get_parent"
libudev: udev_device - add attribute cache
libudev: handle "device" link as parent, handle "class" "block" as "subsystem"
udevadm: info - fix lookup-by-name
libudev: switch API from devpath to syspath
libudev: rename ctrl_msg to ctrl_msg_wire
vol_id: fix lib logging glue
fix broken symlink resolving
fix udevadm trigger
libudev: pass udev_device in enumerate
libudev: fix "subsystem" value
always include config.h from Makefile
libudev: udev_device_get_devname -> udev_device_get_devnode
libudev: add udev_device_new_from_devnum()
libudev: also import "uevent" file when reading udev database
libudev: add userdata pointer
libudev: replace awkward callback list interfaces with list iterators
libudev: get devnum from uevent file
libudev: enumerate_get_devices_list -> enumerate_get_list
libudev: initialize selinux only when needed
libudev: device - read database only when needed
libudev: rework list handling
libudev: more list rework
lubudev: accept more sys directories as devices, and parent devices
libudev: enumerate - accept list of subsystems to scan, or skip
libudev: enumerate "subsystem"
libudev: enumerate - scan /sys/block/ if needed
libudev: enumerate - split new() and scan()
test: replace ancient sysfs tree with recent one
test: add missing pci directory because of .gitignore *.7
gitignore: move *.8 to subdirs
test: replace last reference of "/class/*" devpath
fix dbg() callers
libudev: enumerate - scan devices and subsystems, add subsystem and attribute filter
udevadm: trigger: use libudev
fix segfault caused by wrong pointer used in dbg()
libudev: device_init() -> device_new()
udevadm: trigger fix long option --type=
libudev: add queue interface
udevadm: settle - use libudev queue
libudev: device - handle /sys/block/<disk-device-link>/<partition>
libudev: enumerate - ignore regular files while scanning
udevadm: trigger --type=failed - use libudev queue
rules: ieee1394 - create both, by-id/scsi-* and by-id/ieee-* links
build: include in all
udevd: print warning if CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED is used
Summary of changes from v127 to v128
Alan Jenkins (8):
fix uninitialized name_list error::ignore_error
do not needlessly declare some local variables in udev_rules_parse.c as static
remove deprecated envp[] in main()
fix name compare bug name_list_key_add()
remove redundant string copy in udev_rules_apply_format()
remove redundant "remove trailing newlines" in udevadm info
threadsafe rules iteration
fix off-by-one in pass_env_to_socket()
Kay Sievers (53):
libudev: add monitor documentation
libudev: fix --disable-log add --with-selinux
volume_id: hfs - calculate proper uuid
fix dangling pointer returned by attr_get_by_subsys_id() add --valgrind option
libudev: libudev.pc add Libs.private
volume_id: fail on undefined __BYTE_ORDER
remove FAQ
libudev: fix monitor documentation
libudev: add udev_device_get_syspath()
udev_device_init() remove statically allocated device support
udevadm: info - fix broken --device-id-of-file=
udevadm: control - use getopt_long()
udevadm: print warning to stderr if udevadm is called by symlink remove left-over comment from --valgrind option
udevadm: rename source files
udevadm: rename internal functions to udevadm_*
udevadm: split out control functions
udevadm: move init from commands to udevadm add debug
use libudev code, unify logging, pass udev context around everywhere
volume_id: linux_raid - fix logic for volumes with size == 0
vol_id: add --debug option
udevadm: add --version --help options to man page, hide them as commands
move udev_ctrl to libudev-private set udev_log="err"
test-udev: cleanup libudev context and overridden rules file string
test-udev: remove unused var
add a bunch of private device properties to udev_device
udevadm: monitor - use libudev for udev monitor
libudev: monitor - add event properties to udev_device
udevadm: log message if udevadm link is used
udevd: remove max_childs_running logic
libudev: monitor- add netlink uevent support
udevadm: monitor - use libudev code to retrieve device data
libudev: udev_device - read "driver" value
libudev: rename enumerate function
libudev: add selinux
libudev: initialize selinux after logging
volume_id: merge util.h in libvolume_id-private.h
update file headers
libudev: udev_device - add more properties
libudev: do not use udev_db.c
libudev: get rid of udev_sysfs.c
libudev: get rid of udev_utils.c
libudev: rename libudev-utils.c libudev-util.c
libudev: do not use any udev source file
extras: use libudev code
convert to libudev and delete udev_utils_string.c
get rid of udev_sysdeps.c
use size definitions from libudev
udevadm: info - use "udev_device"
Summary of changes from v126 to v127
Karel Zak (2):
build-sys: don't duplicate file names
build-sys: remove non-POSIX variable names
Kay Sievers (26):
add inotify dummy definitions if inotify is not available
build: remove autopoint check
udevadm: trigger - add missing attr filter to synthesized "subsystem" register events
ignore duplicated rules file names
fix .gitignore
rules: delete all distro rules which do not use default rules
rules: add nvram
rules: add isdn rules
rules: Gentoo update
add missing includes
add some warnings
update .gitignore
add missing 'v' for "make changelog"
build: fix "make dist"
vol_id: make the --offset= argument optional
rules: optical drives - probe at last session offset, do not probe for raid
libudev: add library to access udev information
libudev: split source files
update INSTALL
libudev: add udev event monitor API
volume_id: remove deprecated functions and bump major version
volume_id: remove left-over fd close()
split udev_device.c to leave out rules handling from libudev
libudev: link against selinux if needed lookup lookup kernel provided firmware directory
Michal Soltys (1):
rules: fix md rules for partitioned devices
Summary of changes from v125 to v126
Kay Sievers (9):
delete all Makefiles and move udev source to udev/
use autotools
rules: mode 0660 for group "disk"
rules: update Fedora rules
update ChangeLog
INSTALL: --enable-selinux not --with-selinux
volume_id: move static lib to $prefix
volume_id: create relative links
rules: run vol_id on opticals only if media is found
Marco d'Itri (1):
rules: Debian update
Thomas Koeller (1):
use proper directory lib/lib64 for libvolume_id
Summary of changes from v124 to v125
John Huttley (1):
rules: tape rules - add nst to usb and 1394 links
Karl O. Pinc (1):
man: clarify $attr{} parent searching
Kay Sievers (14):
collect: fix size_t printf
path_id: suppress trailing '-' like 'ID_PATH=pci-0000:05:01.0-'
rules: add v4l persistent links
docs: update some docs and delete outdated stuff
scsi_id: fix fallback to sg v3 for sg nodes
rules: fix cciss rules for partition numbers > 9
udev.conf: udevcontrol -> udevadm control
rules: use consistently OPTIONS+=
scsi_id: the fallback fix broke error handling
man: rebuild from xml
do not touch node ownership and permissions, if already correct
rules: tape rules - add nst to by-path/ links
udevadm: info - add --export format to --device-id-of-file=
move default rules from /etc/udev/rules.d/ to /lib/udev/rules.d/
Marco d'Itri (7):
rules_generator: net rules - do not print error if file is missing and ignore commented rules
man: add link_priority default value
scsi_id: man page fix
udevadm: settle - add verbose output when running into timeout
rules: Debian update
rules: Debian update
ignore rule with GOTO to a non-existent label
Thomas Koeller (1):
scsi_id: include sys/stat.h
Tobias Klauser (1):
collect: check realloc return value
Summary of changes from v123 to v124
Kay Sievers (1):
cdrom_id: fix recognition of blank media
Summary of changes from v122 to v123
Erik van Konijnenburg (3):
add substitution in MODE= field
Makefile: use udevdir in "make install"
volume_id: support for oracleasm
Harald Hoyer (1):
scsi_id: retry open() on -EBUSY
Karel Zak (2):
volume_id: remove unnecessary global variable
volume_id: enable GFS probing code, add LABEL support
Kay Sievers (5):
edd_id: call it only for sd* and hd*
rename WAIT_FOR_SYSFS to WAIT_FOR and accept an absolute path
rules: tape rules - use bsg device nodes for SG_IO
rules: persistent net - handle "locally administered" ibmveth MAC addresses
Michal Soltys (1):
man: add NAME== match entry
Xinwei Hu (2):
collect: realloc buffer, if needed
udevd: export .udev/queue/$seqnum before .udev/uevent_seqnum
Summary of changes from v121 to v122
Hannes Reinecke (2):
scsi_id: remove all sysfs dependencies
scsi_id: add SGv4 support
Karel Zak (1):
volume_id: clean up linux_raid code
Kay Sievers (8):
scsi_id: update man page
scsi_id: remove bus_id option
scsi_id: add --sg-version= option
rules: adapt to new scsi_id
rules: adapt tape rules to new scsi_id
scsi_id: add bsg.h
volume_id: bump version
Makefile: do not create udevcontrol, udevtrigger symlinks
MUNEDA Takahiro (2):
man: udevd- fix udev(8) reference
man: scsi_id
Matthias Schwarzott (1):
cdrom_id: fix segfault
Summary of changes from v120 to v121
Damjan Georgievski (1):
libvolume_id: recognize swap partitions with a tuxonice hibernate image
Daniel Drake (1):
writing udev rules: fix rule typos
David Woodhouse (1):
rules_generator: net rules - add "dev_id" value to generated rules
Harald Hoyer (1):
selinux: more context settings
Kay Sievers (21):
udevinfo: do not replace chars when printing ATTR== matches
vol_id: add --offset option
cdrom_id: replace with version which also exports media properties
udevd: at startup write message including version number to kernel log
rules_generator: net rules - always add KERNEL== match to generated rules
selinux: fix missing includes
allow setting of MODE="0000"
path_id: remove subsystem whitelist
logging: add trailing newline to all strings
scsi_id: initialize serial strings
persistent device naming: also read unpartitioned media
cdrom_id: add more help text
add $links substitution
fstab_import: add program to IMPORT matching fstab entry
add OPTIONS+="event_timeout=<seconds>"
write "event_timeout" to db
udevadm: trigger - add --env= option
udevadm: control - fix --env key to accept --env=<KEY>=<value>
udevadm: info - do not print ATTR{dev}==
persistent device naming: update tape rules
rules: update md rules
Summary of changes from v119 to v120
Kay Sievers (9):
test: remove duplicated EXTRA entry
rules: remove last WAIT_FOR_SYSFS, load ppdev, switch scsi_device
udevadm: trigger - option to synthesize events and pass them to a socket
udevadm: info - resolve devpath if symlink is given
udevadm: remove old man page links and compat links for debugging tools
udevadm: trigger - fix broken socket option check
udevadm: trigger - fix --socket== + --verbose
also accept real socket files for RUN+="socket:<path>"
persistent device naming: cleanup storage rules
Michael Kralka (1):
udevd: serialize events if they refer to the same major:minor number
Summary of changes from v118 to v119
Anthony L. Awtrey (1):
do not skip RUN execution if device node removal fails
Harald Hoyer (2):
rules: Fedora update
rules: do not set GROUP="disk" for scanners
Jiri Slaby (1):
rules_generator: add missing write_net_rules unlock
Karel Zak (2):
volume_id: fix UUID raw buffer usage
volume_id: fix typo in function documentation
Kay Sievers (10):
switch mailing lists to
rules: remove tty rule which can never run because of an earlier "last_rule"
volume_id: update ext detection
selinux: set context for real file name not the temp name
hack to allow ATTR{block/*/uevent}="change"
rules_generator: add KERNEL=="<netifname>*" to generated rules
persistent device naming: also run on "change" event
test: add "subsystem" links to all devices
sysfs: depend on "subsystem" link
extend hack to allow TEST=="*/start"
Matthias Schwarzott (1):
volume_id: respect LDFLAGS
Neil Williams (1):
volume_id: add prefix=, exec_prefix=
Roy Marples (1):
Makefile: do not require GNU install
Summary of changes from v117 to v118
Daniel Drake (1):
doc: update "writing udev rules"
Hannes Reinecke (1):
volume_id: LVM - add uuid
Kay Sievers (9):
remove udevstart
rules_generator: do not create rules with insufficient matches
man: udevadm settle - mention 180 seconds default timeout
libvolume_id: squashfs - add endianess support for LZMA compression
rules: add AOE rule
volume_id: md - add metadata minor version
volume_id: run only once into a timeout for unreadable devices
create_floppy_devices: fix logic for more than one floppy device
volume_id: also add readable check to probe_all()
Matthias Schwarzott (1):
rules: Gentoo update
Michael Prokop (1):
libvolume_id: squashfs+LZMA compression detection
Summary of changes from v116 to v117
Dan Nicholson (2):
extras: ignore built and generated files
volume_id: create relative symlink when $(libdir) = $(usrlibdir)
Kay Sievers (15):
usb_id: fail if vendor/product can not be retrieved
rules: SUSE update
firmware: do not print error if logger is missing
volume_id: vfat - allow all possible sector sizes
volume_id: LUKS - export version
volume_id: ntfs - rely on valid master file table
volume_id: bump version
udevinfo: exclude "uevent" file from --attribute-walk
udevadm: merge all udev tools into a single binary
udevadm: accept command as option, like --help, --version
udevadm: add info option --device-id-of-file=<file>
Makefile: fix bogus version number than got committed
udevadm: also return major==0 results for --device-id-of-file
man: udevd.8 - remove udevcontrol section
udevadm: control - allow command to be passed as option
MUNEDA Takahiro (1):
man: fix udevadm.8 typo
Matthias Schwarzott (2):
firmware: remove hardcoded path to logger
rules: Gentoo update
VMiklos (1):
rules: Frugalware update
Summary of changes from v115 to v116
Bryan Kadzban (1):
rules: fix typos
Harald Hoyer (3):
check line length after comment check and whitespace strip
only install *.rules
remove extra space from udevinfo symlink output
Kay Sievers (29):
rules: fix two trivial typos
rules: random and urandom are 0666
rules: add REMOVE_CMD rule
track "move" events to rename database and failed files
rules: Gentoo update
rules: add i2o driver rule
man: recreate man pages
volume_id: fix linux_raid metadata version 1.0 detection
add $name substitution
do not delete the device node with ignore_remove, but handle the event
print warning for invalid TEST operations
rules: do not delete /lib/udev/devices/ nodes on "remove"
rules: remove broken nvram group assignment without any permission
add /dev/rtc symlink if new rtc drivers are used
increase WAIT_FOR_SYSFS timeout to 10 seconds
rules: put bsd nodes in /dev/bsd/ directory
path_id: fix for stacked class devices
ignore device node names while restoring symlinks from the stack
use SEQNUM in /dev/.udev/queue/ instead of devpath
rules: add memstick module loading
udevinfo: simplify symlink printing logic
prevent wrong symlink creation if database disagress with current rules
fix wrong variable used in logged string
update README
rule_generator: move all policy from write_net_rules to the rules file
rules: call usb_id only for SUBSYSTEMS=="usb"
rules: split out and fix persistent tape rules
fix debug output string
rule_generator: always match netif type in generated rule
Matthias Schwarzott (3):
rules: Gentoo update
rules: Gentoo update
rules: Gentoo update
Michael Morony (1):
set buffer size if strlcpy/strlcat indicate truncation
maximilian attems (1):
correct includes in udev_selinux.c
Summary of changes from v114 to v115
Harald Hoyer (1):
rules: fix typo in 80-drivers.rules
Kay Sievers (15):
rules: add default rules
rules: update SUSE rules
rules: add packages rules
rules: add ia64 rules
rules: move md-raid rules to packages dir
rules: run vol_id only for partitions
rules: update Fedora rules
edd_id: move persistent rules to its own file
accept relative path for TEST
rules: add iowarrior rule
volume_id: fix sqashfs detection
do not ignore dynamic rule if it is the last one in the list
rule_generator: fix wrong DRIVERS!= logic
rules: update Fedora
Makefile: install default rules
Marco d'Itri (3):
rules_generator: remove policy from write_cd_rules
rules_generator: fix write_cd_rules when similar names exist in the root directory
rules: Debian update
Summary of changes from v113 to v114
Hannes Reinecke (3):
collect: extra to synchronize actions across events
add $driver subtitution
rules_generator: add S/390 persistent network support
Kay Sievers (24):
rules_generator: remove executable flag from include file
always unlink temporary file before creating new one
rules: SUSE update
volume_id: ext4 detection
udevtrigger: allow to specify action string
add option to RUN key to ignore the return value of the program
use global udev_log variable instead of parameter in run_program
add udev_rules_run() to handle RUN list
move udev_utils_run.c into udev_rules.c
rules: SUSE update
name_list: rename loop_name -> name_loop
handle dynamic rules created in /dev/.udev/rules.d/
allow SYMLINK== match
libvolume_id: use /usr/$libdir in pc file
Makefile: add --as-needed flag to ld
restore behavior of NAME==
rules_generator: remove "installation" function
udevtrigger: trigger "driver" events
rules: update SUSE
rules: Fedora update
rules: add "do not edit" comment
rules: Fedora update
rules_generator: skip random MAC addresses
write changed network interface names to the kernel log
Matthias Schwarzott (3):
rules: Gentoo update
fix inotify to work not only once
rules: Gentoo update
Richard Hughes (1):
Makefile: add "make dist" for nightly snapshots
Summary of changes from v112 to v113
David Zeuthen (1):
vol_id: do not fail if unable to drop privileges
Kay Sievers (12):
add missing ChangeLog
make ATTR{[$SUBSYSTEM/$KERNEL]<attr>}="<value>" working
rules: recognize partitions and disk devices properly
rules: SUSE update
atomically replace existing nodes and symlinks
do not try to create existing file
info() for ignore_remove
rules: SUSE update
Makefile: check for missing ChangeLog or RELEASE-NOTES at release
allow to disable the replacement of unusual characters
no newline in log messages
udevd: do not use syslog if --verbose (debugging) is used
Tobias Klauser (1):
fix typo in udev_utils_run.c
Summary of changes from v111 to v112
Fabio Massimo Di Nitto (1):
rules: ignore partitons that span the entire disk
Hannes Reinecke (1):
cciss device support
Kay Sievers (34):
udevd: close /proc/meminfo after reading
create_floppy_devices: remove dead "unlink" code
volume_id: add function documentation
udev_db: escape path names with \x00 instead of %00
udevsettle: use long options
replace_chars: replace spaces in node name
volume_id: add and export string encoding function
vol_id: export encoded strings
rules: use encoded strings instead of skipping characters
udevtest: print message before log output
volume_id: escape % character
replace_chars: replace % character
IMPORT: do not mangle whitespace
scsi_id: do not install symlink in /sbin
rules: SUSE update
volume_id: terminate overlong label strings
scsi_id: add long options
rules: use long options for scsi_id
path_id: skip subsystem directory
rules: fix cciss rule
rules: SUSE update
scsi_id: fix typo in help text
fix "do not access parent" warning for ATTR{}
sysfs: add device lookup by $SUBSYSYTEM:$KERNEL
events for "bus" and "class" registration must be matched as "subsystem"
udevtest: add --subsystem option
sysfs: change order of subsystem lookup
add $sys substitution
add TEST=="<file>" key
add "[$SUBSYSTEM/$KERNEL]<attribute>" lookup
sysfs: handle bus/class top-level directories
sysfs: skip unknown sysfs directories
rules: SUSE update
release 112
Miklos Vajna (2):
create_floppy_devices: add man page
path_id: remove on make uninstall
Ryan Lortie (1):
volume_id: support for long-filename based labels
Scott James Remnant (2):
replace_untrusted_chars: replace all whitespace with space
run_program: log "info" not "error" if program is missing
Summary of changes from v110 to v111
Kay Sievers (19):
rules: SUSE update
rules: Fedora update
volume_id: use md native uuid format
vol_id: use long options
volume_id: add volume_id_get_* functions
vol_id: use volume_id_get_*
udevd: use fgets() to read /proc files
volume_id: add internal UUID_STRING
volume_id: add DDF support
vol_id: README update
volume_id: rename UUID_64BIT_LE/BE
vol_id: add ID_FS_UUID_SAFE
rules: use ID_FS_UUID_SAFE
rules: SUSE update
volume_id: give access to list of all available probers
vol_id: use libvolume_id prober list for --probe-all
volume_id: add remaining names for prober lookup by type
rules: SUSE update
volume_id: vol_id depends on libvolume_id
Matthias Schwarzott (2):
volume_id: fix Makefile for parallel make
rules: Gentoo update
Summary of changes from v109 to v110
Harald Hoyer (1):
udevcontrol: allow to set global variables in udevd
Kay Sievers (13):
update SUSE rules
volume_id: add md metadata 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 support
unset variable with ENV{VAR}=""
delete copies of default rules in SUSE rules
volume_id: ext - fix endianess in version number
rules: Fedora update
volume_id: old md metadata has only 32 bit for the uuid
volume_id: minix version 3 support
don't create $tempnode for devices without major
usb_id: add <devpath> to help text
ata_id: use getopt_long()
rules: SUSE update
Matthias Schwarzott (3):
Makefile: respect CFLAGS/LDFLAGS
rules: Gentoo update
ata_id: don't log error for libata devices on older kernels
Summary of changes from v108 to v109
Harald Hoyer (1):
create_floppy_devices: create nodes with correct selinux context
Kay Sievers (11):
udevtest: export ACTION string if given as option
update SUSE rules
make ACTION!="add|change" working
udevtest: import uevent variables if possible
udevinfo: export all information stored in database
default rules: add libata compat links
create_path: don't fail if something else created the directory
udevd: fix serialization of events
path_id: remove broken example
libvolume_id: do not install static library
update SUSE rules
Matthias Schwarzott (2):
update Gentoo rules
persistent device naming: add joystick links
VMiklos (1):
path_id: add man page
Summary of changes from v107 to v108
Kay Sievers (3):
udevinfo: relax check for the correct device if looked up by name
don't write to sysfs files during test run
finally remove the directory event-multiplexer crap
Matthias Schwarzott (2):
write_cd_rules: set default link type to "by-id" for usb and ieee1394 devices
update Gentoo rules
Pozsar Balazs (1):
udevsettle: read udev not kernel seqnum first
Summary of changes from v106 to v107
Jean Tourrilhes (1):
udevtest: export UDEV_LOG if we changed it
Kay Sievers (33):
man: add missing options to various man pages
man: fix typo
create_floppy_devices: apply specified mode without umask
man: spelling fixes
udevmonitor: add switch for kernel and udev events
default rules: wait for 0:0:0:0 scsi devices only
update Fedora rules
delete dasd_id, it moved to s390-tools
update Gentoo rules
encode db-file names, instead of just replacing '/'
update internal variables if we see $DEVPATH during IMPORT
increase /proc/stat buffer
maintain index over device-names to devpath relation
restore overwritten symlinks when the device goes away
store devpath with the usual leading slash
add link_priority to rule options, and store it in database
pick actual valid device in udev_db_lookup_name
cleanup already existing db-entries and db-index on device update
selinux: move selinux_exit() to the main programs
remove old error message
read list of devices from index, make index private to database
priority based symlink handling
volume_id: get rid of compiler warning
udevinfo: remove -d option
update %n on netif name change
if a node goes away, possibly restore a waiting symlink
update TODO
man: add "link_priority" option
update SUSE rules
udevtest: add --force mode
udevinfo: print link priority
usb_id: append target:lun to storage device serial
run_directory: add final warning before removal
Marco d'Itri (1):
update Debian rules
Matthias Schwarzott (2):
udevd: cleanup std{in,our,err} on startup
udevmonitor: fix swapped event switch descriptions
Summary of changes from v105 to v106
A. Costa (1):
man: fix typos in scsi_id and udevd
Andrey Borzenkov (2):
vol_id: add -L to print raw partition label
vol_id: document -L
Jamie Wellnitz (1):
persistent device naming: tape devices and medium changers
Kay Sievers (15):
exclude parent devices from DRIVER== match
volume_id: really fix endianess bug in linux_raid detection
release 105
man: correct udevinfo --export-db
path_id: append LUN to iSCSI path
create_floppy_devices: add option for owner/group
update example rules
apply format chars to ATTR before writing to sysfs
add (subsystem) to udevmonitor output
update DRIVER== changes
remove --version from the udevinfo man page
add test for an attribute which contains an operator char
man: add note about parent matching behavior
scsi_id: accept tabs in /etc/scsi_id.conf
remove dead rule in persistent tape rules
Matthias Schwarzott (4):
correct typo in extras/scsi_id/scsi_id.conf
fix retry-loop in netif-rename code
add option --version to udevd
rule_generator: fix for creating rules on read-only filesystem
Peter Breitenlohner (1):
Sergey Vlasov (3):
udevd: init signal pipe before daemonizing
unlink old database file before creating a new one
fix %c $string substitution
Theodoros V. Kalamatianos (1):
fix udev attribute names with a colon
Summary of changes from v104 to v105
A. Costa (1):
man: fix typos in scsi_id and udevd
Andrey Borzenkov (2):
vol_id: add -L to print raw partition label
vol_id: document -L
Kay Sievers (2):
exclude parent devices from DRIVER== match
volume_id: really fix endianess bug in linux_raid detection
Matthias Schwarzott (2):
correct typo in extras/scsi_id/scsi_id.conf
fix retry-loop in netif-rename code
Peter Breitenlohner (1):
Sergey Vlasov (3):
udevd: init signal pipe before daemonizing
unlink old database file before creating a new one
fix %c $string substitution
Summary of changes from v103 to v104
Kay Sievers (12):
update Fedora rules
update example rules
update SUSE rules
update SUSE rules
volume_id: fix endianess bug in linux_raid detection
man: fix udevmonitor text
man: recreate from xml
rename config "filename" to "dir"
remove outdated documentation
rename "udev.c" to "test-udev.c" - it is only for testing
update Fedora rules
use git-archive instead of git-tar-tree
Kazuhiro Inaoka (1):
inotify syscall definitions for M32R
Marco d'Itri (2):
write_cd_rules: identity-based persistence
scsi_id: remove trailing garbage from ID_SERIAL_SHORT
Russell Coker (1):
SELinux: label created symlink instead of node
Summary of changes from v102 to v103
Kay Sievers:
persistent storage rules: skip gnbd devices
volume_id: add checksum check to via_raid
volume_id: add comment about hfs uuid conversion
update SUSE rules
update Fedora rules
Summary of changes from v101 to v102
Daniel Drake:
writing_udev_rules: fix typo in example rule
Kay Sievers:
create missing ChangeLog for version 101
update SUSE rules
update default rules
first try "subsystem" link at a parent device, before guessing
if /sys/subsystem exists, skip class, bus, block scanning
scsi_id: export ID_SERIAL_SHORT without vendor/product
update SUSE rules
MUNEDA Takahiro:
path_id: fix SAS disk handling
Summary of changes from v100 to v101
Arjan Opmeer:
fix udevinfo help text typo
Bryan Kadzban:
cleanup default rules
add IMPORT operations to the udev man page
Kay Sievers:
remove Makefile magic for leading '0' in version
udevd: use getopt_long()
udevd: add --verbose option to log also to stdout
udevd: add --debug-trace option
rule_generator: improve net rule comment generation
volume_id: correct iso9660 high sierra header
warn if a PHYSEDV* key, the "device" link, or a parent attribute is used
don't print PHYSDEV* warnings for old WAIT_FOR_SYSFS rules
udevinfo: print error in --attribute-walk
udev_sysfs: unify symlink resolving
udevtrigger: trigger devices sorted by their dependency
fix spelling in deprecation warning
release 101
Michał Bartoszkiewicz:
udevtrigger: fix typo that prevents partition events
Miles Lane:
clarify "specified user/group unknown" error
Piter PUNK:
update slackware rules
update Frugalware rules
Summary of changes from v099 to v100
Kay Sievers:
update SUSE rules
fix messed up ChangeLog from release 099
man: add $attr{} section about symlinks
revert persistent-storage ata-serial '_' '-' replacement
Summary of changes from v098 to v099
Greg KH:
update Gentoo rules
Kay Sievers:
udev_db.c: include <sys/stat.h>
use fnmatch() instead of our own pattern match code
rename major/minor variable to maj/min to avoid warning
update source file headers
udevtest: print header that ENV{} can't work
update TODO
udevtrigger: options to filter by subsystem and sysfs attribute
udevtrigger: remove unused longindex
udevinfo: use long options
udevd: use files instead of symlinks for /dev/.udev/queue,failed
udevtrigger: fix pattern match
reorder options in udevinfo man page
udevinfo: fix SUBSYTEMS spelling error
fix ENV{TEST}="Test: $env{TEST}"
let $attr{symlink} return the last element of the path
cdrom_id: add rules file to call cdrom_id
udevinfo: do not show symlinks as attributes in --attribute-walk
remove broken
Marco d'Itri:
update Debian rules
run_program: close pipe fd's which are connected to child process
add persistent rules generator for net devices and optical drives
MUNEDA Takahiro:
changes rules for ata disk from '_' to '-'
Sergey Vlasov:
make struct option arrays static const
fix "subsytem" typo
Summary of changes from v097 to v098
Alex Merry:
udevtest: allow /sys in the devpath paramter
Harald Hoyer:
selinux: init once in the daemon, not in every event process
Kay Sievers:
udevd: remove huge socket buffer on the control socket
man page: fix typo
rename udev_libc_wrapper -> udev_sysdeps
db: store devpath - node relationship for all devices
udevinfo: allow -a -n <node>
udevinfo, udevtest: simplify '/sys' stripping from devpath argument
lookup_user, lookup_group: report "unknown user" and "lookup failed"
consistent key naming to match only the event device or include all parent devices
skip rule, if too may keys of the same type are used
introduce ATTR{file}="value" to set sysfs attributes
update SUSE rules
update default rules
export DRIVER for older kernels as a replacement for PHYSDEVDRIVER
fix typo in SUBSYSTEMS key parsing
udevtrigger: add --retry-failed
volume_id: add suspend partition detection
vol_id: use primary group of 'nobody' instead of 'nogroup'
remove built-in /etc/passwd /etc/group parser
always expect KEY{value} on ATTR, ATTRS, ENV keys
use new key names in test programs
cleanup commandline argument handling
db: don't create a db file for only a node name to store
man: add ATTR{file}="value" assignment
Lennart Poettering:
volume_id: fix fat32 cluster chain traversal
Marco d'Itri:
fix 'unknow user' error from getpwnam/getgrnam
fix rc when using udev --daemon
update Debian rules
Michał Bartoszkiewicz:
man pages: fix typos
Summary of changes from v096 to v097
Anssi Hannula:
add joystick support to persistent input rules
Kay Sievers: remove needless '/'
vol_id: add --skip-raid and --probe-all option
switch uevent netlink socket to group 1 only
increase /proc/stat read buffer
use "change" instead of "online" events
remove 'static' from local variable
libvolume_id: add parameter 'size' to all probe functions
man pages: replace 'device-path' by 'devpath'
man pages: work around xmlto which tries to be smart
refresh vol_id man page
udevinfo: add DRIVER==
Makefile: fix dependency
libvolume_id: read ufs2 label
switch ifdef __KLIBC__ to ifndef __GLIBC__
report failing getpwnam/getgrnam as error
rename udevcontrol message types and variables
initialize unused sockets to -1
udevd: remove useless udevinitsend parameter
update README
udevd: autotune max_childs/max_childs_running
update frugalware rules
update SUSE rules
move default rules to etc/udev/rules.d/
add 'crypto' devices to persistent storage rules
add late.rules to default rules
update Fedora rules
don't report an error on overlong comment lines
update SUSE rules
udevd: read DRIVER from the environment
Marco d'Itri:
make rename_netif() error messages useful
path_id: fix an harmless syntax error
Piter PUNK:
update slackware rules
Richard Purdie:
Fix inotify syscalls on ARM
Summary of changes from v095 to v096
Kay Sievers:
Makefiles: fix .PHONY for man page target
allow longer devpath values
path_id: prepare for new sysfs layout
Summary of changes from v094 to v095
Kay Sievers:
update SUSE rules
don't remove symlinks if they are already there
allow "online" events to create/update symlinks
udevinfo: clarify parent device attribute use
update SUSE rules
netif rename: optimistic loop for the name to become free
remove broken %e enumeration
Tobias Klauser:
print usage of udevcontrol when no or invalid command is given
Summary of changes from v093 to v094
Daniel Drake:
update "writing udev rules"
Kay Sievers:
libvolume_id: gfs + gfs2 support
remove MODALIAS key and substitution
add persistent-input.rules
Marco d'Itri:
update Debian rules
Summary of changes from v092 to v093
Hannes Reinecke:
path_id: add support for iSCSI devices
Kay Sievers:
libvolume_id: fat - check for signature at end of sector
libvolume_id: add more software raid signatures
update Fedora rules
path_id: prevent endless loop for SAS devices on older kernels
remove udevsend
replace binary firmware helper with shell script
skip device mapper devices for persistent links
Summary of changes from v091 to v092
Kay Sievers:
don't include stropts.h, some libc's don't like it
udevd: create leading directories for /dev/.udev/uevent_seqnum
vol_id: fix logging from libvolume_id's log function
update SUSE rules
update SUSE rules
add more warnings for invalid key operations
fix offsetof() build issue with recent glibc
selinux: fix typo in block device node selection
vol_id: add NetWare volume detection
edd_id: fix "(null)" output if "mbr_signature" does not exist
update Fedora rules
libvolume_id: nss - use different uuid
Libor Klepac:
path_id: add platform and serio support
Marco d'Itri:
update Debian rules
path_id: fix bashism
Summary of changes from v090 to v091
Hannes Reinecke:
path_id: fix SAS device path generation
Kay Sievers:
udevtest: don't try to delete symlinks
persistent rules: fix typo in dm rule
allow NAME=="value" to check for already assigned value
udevd: export initial sequence number on startup
Summary of changes from v089 to v090
Kay Sievers:
udevd: export current seqnum and add udevsettle
volume_id: fix endianess conversion typo for FAT32
merge device event handling and make database content available on "remove"
set default udevsettle timeout to 3 minutes
export INTERFACE_OLD if we renamed a netif
let udevmonitor show the possibly renamed devpath
volume_id: move some debug to info level
udevtrigger: fix event order
usb_id: remove uneeded code
remove old symlinks before creating current ones
path_id: fix loop for SAS devices
apply format char to variables exported by ENV
Marco d'Itri:
add inotify support for hppa and MIPS and log if inotify is not available
Matt Kraai:
fix typo in error message
Summary of changes from v088 to v089
Hannes Reinecke:
path_id: add bus to USB path
Kay Sievers:
change rule to skip removable IDE devices
don't create uuid/label links for raid members
volume_id: provide library
fix rule order for persistent tape links
update man page
volume_id: provide a custom debug function
volume_id: rename subdirectory
volume_id: use shared library by default
because is better than cause
volume_id: remove some global symbols
volume_id: define exported symbols
remove all stripping code
man pages: mention udev(7) not udev(8)
update Debian rules
move all *_id programs to /lib/udev/
update Red Hat rules
update SUSE rules
pass CROSS_COMPILE to AR and RANLIB down to extras/
volume_id: update README
volume_id: generate man page from xml source
update README
fix symlink targets in Makefiles
Summary of changes from v087 to v088
Hannes Reinecke:
persistent links: add scsi tape links and usb path support
Kay Sievers:
volume_id: add squashfs detection
reset signal handler in event process
correct use of fcntl()
add udevtrigger to request events for coldplug
add ',' to trusted chars
volume_id: remove partition table parsing code
volume_id: remove all partition table support
fix spelling error in debug string
rename "persistent disk" to "persistent storage"
fix output for USB path
Summary of changes from v086 to v087
Hannes Reinecke:
path_id: support SAS devices
Kay Sievers:
fix persistent disk rules to exclude removable IDE drives
warn about %e, MODALIAS, $modalias
remove devfs rules and scripts
Masatake YAMATO:
typo in debug text in udev_run_hotplugd.c
Summary of changes from v085 to v086
Kay Sievers:
volume_id: replace __packed__ by PACKED macro
volume_id: split raid and filesystem detection
volume_id: add missing return
udevd: fix queue export for multiple events for the same device
Kyle McMartin:
workaround missing kernel headers for some architectures
update to udev-084/doc/writing_udev_rules
Summary of changes from v084 to v085
Andrey Borzenkov:
Fix trivial spelling errors in RELEASE-NOTES
Jeroen Roovers:
fix typo in parisc support to path_id
Kay Sievers:
make WAIT_FOR_SYSFS usable in non "wait-only" rules
fix typo in man page
include sys/socket.h for klibc build
cramfs detection for bigendian
exit WAIT_FOR_SYSFS if the whole device goes away
update SUSE rules
update Red Hat rules
update Gentoo rules
include errno.h in udev_libc_wrapper.c
Summary of changes from v083 to v084
Kay Sievers:
update SUSE rules
replace fancy silent build program by simple kernel build like logic
move manpages to top level
whitespace fixes
scsi_id: remove dead files
optimize sysfs device and attribute cache
let SYSFS{} look at the device, not only the parent device
add debug output to sysfs operations
Summary of changes from v082 to v083
Andrey Borzenkov:
man page: document when substitutions are applied for RUN and other keys
check for ignore_device in loop looks redundant
Kay Sievers:
udevstart: fix NAME="" which prevents RUN from being executed
find programs in /lib/udev for IMPORT if {program} is not given
don't add $SUBSYSTEM automatically as $1 to programs
remove redundant substitution of RUN key
Summary of changes from v081 to v082
Andrey Borzenkov:
substitute format chars in RUN after rule matching
Kay Sievers:
scsi_id, usb_id: request device parent by subsystem
path_id: work with "all devices in /sys/devices"
ignore all messages with missing devpath or action
Makefile: remove dynamic config file generation
path_id: handle fiber channel (Hannes Reinecke <>)
usb_id: don't fail on other subsytems than "scsi"
don't do RUN if "ignore_device" is given
increase kernel uevent buffer size
move udev(8) manpage to udev(7)
recreate man pages from xml source
remove udev, udevstart, udevsend from the default installation
update SUSE rules
rename apply_format() cause it is public now
udevtest: add udev_rules_apply_format() to RUN keys
let "ignore_device" always return the event successfully
Olivier Blin:
fixes udev build with -fpie
Summary of changes from v080 to v081
Kay Sievers:
add DEVLINKS to "remove" event
better log text and comments
vol_id: probe volume as user nobody
fix BUS, ID, $id usage
prepare moving of /sys/class devices to /sys/devices
Summary of changes from v079 to v080
Brent Cook:
fix dependency for make -j2
fix man page typos
Kay Sievers:
fix typo in man page
update TODO
update SUSE rules
path_id: fix invalid character class
replace libsysfs
Marco d'Itri:
udev_selinux.c: include udev.h
Summary of changes from v078 to v079
Kay Sievers:
don't log error if database does not exist
use udev_root instead of "/dev"in selinux matchpathcon_init_prefix()
scsi_id: read page 0x80 with libata drives
update SUSE rules
remove %e from man page
Summary of changes from v077 to v078
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
Update Gentoo udev main rule file.
add parisc support to path_id
Hannes Reinecke:
scsi_id: -u fold multiple consecutive whitespace chars into single '_'
Harald Hoyer:
optimize SELinux path match
Kay Sievers:
update README
allow C99 statements
fix segfaulting create_floppy_devices
update SUSE rules
remove unused variables
remove default settings in udev.conf
clearenv() is now part of klibc
add DEVLINKS to the event environment
Kurt Garloff:
scsi_id: support pre-SPC3 page 83 format
Summary of changes from v076 to v077
Kay Sievers:
merge two consecutive static strlcat's
don't return an error, if "ignore_device" is used
remove outdated and misleading stuff
move SEQNUM event skipping to udevsend
update SUSE rules
allow programs in /lib/udev called without the path
update SUSE rules
add target to to generate ChangeLog section
update Red Hat rules
Marco d'Itri:
allow to overwrite the configured udev_root by exporting UDEV_ROOT
let udevsend ignore events with SEQNUM set
update Debian rules
Summary of changes from v75 to v076
Kay Sievers:
fix typo in eventrecorder
volume_id: include stddef.h header
remove misleading install instructions
remove all built-in wait_for_sysfs logic
add linux/types.h back, old glibc-kernel-headers want it
volume_id: use glibc's byteswap
udevd: ignore all messages without DEVPATH
udevd: track exit status of event process
udevd: export event queue and event state
remove "udev_db" option from config file
Makefile: remove exec_prefix and srcdir
udevd: track killed event processes as failed
update README
don't start udevd from udevsend
udevd: add a missing return
libvolume_id: fix weird fat volume recognition
move some helpers from extras to /lib/udev
Scott James Remnant:
move delete_path() to utils
clean-up empty queue directories
Makefile: fail, if submake fails
Summary of changes from v74 to v075
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
Make run_directory.c stat the place it is going to try to run.
Kay Sievers:
forgot the ChangeLog for 074
volume_id: provide libvolume_id.a file
remove our own copy of klibc
remove outdated HOWTO
update TODO
update SUSE rules
remove completely useless start script
fix tests and remove no longer useful stuff
replace udeveventrecorder by a shell script
Summary of changes from v73 to v074
Kay Sievers:
never queue events with TIMEOUT set
let NAME="" supress node creation, but do RUN keys
remove udevinitsend
update .gitignore
Marco d'Itri:
add strerror() to error logs
move some logging from dbg() to info()
Summary of changes from v72 to v073
Kay Sievers:
udevd: depend on netlink and remove all sequence reorder logic
print useconds in udevmonitor
Summary of changes from v71 to v072
Ananth N Mavinakayanahalli:
libsysfs: translate devpath of the symlinked class devices to its real path
Jan Luebbe:
add man pages for *_id programs
Kay Sievers:
volume_id: add OCFS Version 1
volume_id: add Veritas fs
volume_id: check ext fs for valid blocksize, cause magic is only 2 bytes
volume_id: move blocksize validation to fix jbd recognition
volume_id: fix typo in ocfs
volume_id: add vxfs include
volume_id: make FAT32 recognition more robust
volume_id: Version 051
volume_id: fix typo in ext blocksize check
volume_id: Version 052
FAQ: remove confusing statement about module loading
cleanup compiler/linker flags
use DESTDIR on uninstall, no need to pass prefix to submake
allow to pass STRIPCMD, to skip stripping of binaries
cleanup make release
fix the new warnings I asked for
move rules parsing into daemon
"make STRIPCMD=" will disable the stripping of binaries
remove no longer working udevd-test program
add dummy inotify syscalls on unsupported architecture
remove no longer needed waiting for "dev" file
revert the "read symlink as device patch"
use libsysfs to translate the class linke to the device path
libsysfs: remove brute-force "bus", "driver" searching for old kernels
test: add "driver" and "bus" links to test sysfs tree
udevd: don't daemonize before initialization
log to console if syslog is not available
udevd: disable OOM
remove precompiled rules option
export DEVNAME on "remove" only if we really got a node to remove
fix typo in umask()
Summary of changes from v70 to v071
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
Remove the udev.spec file as no one uses it anymore
John Hull:
edd_id: check that EDD id is unique
Kay Sievers:
ata_id: open volume O_NONBLOCK
add "Persistent Device Naming" rules file for disks
scsi_id: switch temporary node creation to /dev
volume_id: set reiser instead of reiserfs for filesystem type
update devfs rules header
update Debian rules
update Fedora rules
update Debian rules
remove no longer needed includes
switch tools and volume_id from LGPL to GPLv2
add edd-*-part%n to the persistent.rules
update Debian persistent rules
clarify README
udevd: fix initial timeout handling
force event socket buffer size to 16MB
udevd: move logging from err to info for non-hotplug uevent
fix selinux compilation
libsysfs: accept sysmlinks to directories instead of real directories
Marco d'Itri:
run_directory: fix typo in "make install"
Summary of changes from v069 to v070
Amir Shalem:
udevd: fix udevd read() calls to leave room for null byte
Edward Goggin:
scsi_id: derive a UID for a SCSI-2 not compliant with the page 83
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
fix nbd error messages with a gentoo rule hack
fix scsi_id rule in gentoo config file
Jürg Billeter:
EXTRAS/Makefile: fix install targets to match main Makefile
Kay Sievers:
volume_id: fix error handling with failing read()
EXTRAS: cleanup and sync all Makefiles
add install test to 'make buildtest'
Olivier Blin:
fix a debug text typo in udev_rules.c
Summary of changes from v068 to v069
Amir Shalem:
fix typo in firmware_helper
Duncan Sands:
firmware_helper: fix write count
Kay Sievers:
*_id: fix zero length in set_str()
add program name to logged error
fix exit code of udevinitsend and udevmonitor
udevd: keep the right order for messages without SEQNUM
volume_id: don't probe for mac_partition_maps
udevmonitor: cleanup on exit
path_id: remove SUSE specific PATH
update SUSE rules
add pci_express to bus list
update SUSE rules
store ENV{key}="value" exported keys in the database
fix lookup for name in the udevdb, it should return the devpath
prepare for new HAL udevdb dump
print persistent data with "udevinfo -q all"
change parameter order of udev_db_search_name()
add and use name_list_cleanup() for cleaning up the string lists
don't store devpath in udevdb, we don't need it
add uft8 validation for safe volume label exporting
start to enforce plain ascii or valid utf8
use WRITE_END/READ_END for the pipe index
remove not needed sig_flag for state of signal_pipe
don't reenter get_udevd_msg() if message is ignored
rename ...trailing_char() to ...trailing_chars()
vol_id: ID_LABEL_SAFE will no longer contain fancy characters
udevd: move some logging to "info" and "err"
remove special TIMEOUT handling from incoming queue we replace untrusted chars with '_'
check the udevdb before assigning a new %e
udevinfo: add database export
write man page masters in DocBook XML
udevinfo: rename dump() to export()
test the automatic man page rebuild and checkin
Makefile: remove all the duplicated rules
all man pages rewritten to use DocBook XML
add missing udevsend man page
also forgot udevmonitor.8
udevinfo: restore -d option
scsi_id: rename SYSFS to LIBSYSFS
add edd_id tool to match BIOS EDD disk information
move and update libsysfs.txt
klibc: update to version 1.1.1
delete cdromsymlinks* - obsoleted by cdrom_id and IMPORT rules
delete docs/persistent_naming - obsoleted by persistent disk names
delete old Fedora html page
add "totally outdated" header to docs/overview :)
update SUSE rules
fix useless but funny script to work again
update TODO
Makefile: fix prerequisits for $(PROGRAMS)
Makefile: cleanup install targets
remove chassis_id program
fic gcov use and move it into the Makefile
FAQ: update things that have changed
Thierry Vignaud:
switch to '==' in
Summary of changes from v067 to v068
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
add EXTRAS documentation to the README file.
Always open the cdrom drive in non-blocking mode in cdrom_id
cdrom_id: change err() to info() to help with debugging problems
Kay Sievers:
cleanup some debug output and move to info level + unify select() loops
move udevmonitor to /usr/sbin
ENV{TEST}=="1" compares and ENV{TEST}="1" sets the environment
vol_id: fix sloppy error handling
fix typo in cdrom_id syslog
bring std(in|out|err) fd's in a sane state
fix printed udevmonitor header
Summary of changes from v066 to v067
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
added the cdrom.h #defines directly into the cdrom_id.c file
Kay Sievers:
update SUSE rules
fix make install, as we don't provide a default rule set anymore
fix more compiler warnings ...
fix udevstart event ordering, we want /dev/null very early
don't fail too bad, if /dev/null does not exist
Summary of changes from v065 to v066
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
update gentoo rule file.
Created cdrom_id program to make it easier to determine cdrom types
added cdrom_id to the build check
updated gentoo rule file to handle removable ide devices.
changed cdrom_id exports to be easier to understand and consistant with other _id programs.
fix klibc build issue in cdrom_id.c
Change the gentoo rules to use cdrom_id instead of
changed location of gentoo helper apps to be /sbin instead of in scripts dir
tweak the gentoo rules some more.
Kay Sievers:
add NETLINK define for the lazy distros
read sysfs attribute also from parent class device
switch some strlcpy's to memcpy
allow clean shutdown of udevd
add flag for reading of precompiled rules
update distro rules files
add SUSE rules
update SUSE rules
add firmware_helper to load firmware
more distro rules updates
update README
remove example rules and put the dev.d stuff into the run_directory folder
trivial text cleanups
update SUSE rules
split udev_util in several files
update SUSE rules
allow logging of all output from executed tools
add Usage: to udevmonitor and udevcontrol
move some logging to the info level
Thierry Vignaud:
fix udevinfo output
Summary of changes from v064 to v065
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
Added persistent name rules for block devices to gentoo rule file.
Added horrible (but fun) path_id script to extras.
Update gentoo rules file.
Kay Sievers:
update release notes for next version
add udevmonitor, to debug netlink+udev events at the same time
allow RUN to send the environment to a local socket
fix GGC signed pointer warnings and switch volume_id to stdint
Summary of changes from v063 to v064
Andre Masella:
volume_id: add OCFS (Oracle Cluster File System) support
Hannes Reinecke:
usb_id: fix typo
add ID_BUS to *_id programs
create_floppy_devices: add tool to create floppy nodes based on sysfs info
Kay Sievers:
move code to its own files
make SYSFS{} usable for all devices
add padding to rules structure
allow rules to have labels and skip to next label
thread unknown ENV{key} match as empty value
Summary of changes from v062 to v063
Anton Farygin:
fix typo in GROUP value application
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
add 'make tests' as I'm always typing that one wrong...
Really commit the udev_run_devd changes...
Fixed udev_run_devd to run the /etc/dev.d/DEVNAME/ files too
fix position of raw rules in gentoo config file
Hannes Reinecke:
dasd_id: add s390 disk-label prober
fix usb_id and let scsi_id ignore "illegal request"
Kay Sievers:
volume_id: remove s390 dasd handling, it is dasd_id now
trivial fixes for *_id programs
IMPORT: add {parent} to import the persistent data of the parent device
allow multiple values to be matched with KEY=="value1|value2"
udevd: set incoming socket buffer SO_RCVBUF to maximum
remember mapped rules state
ata_id: check for empty serial number
compile dasd only on s390
Ville Skyttä:
correct default mode documentation in udev
Summary of changes from v061 to v062
Kay Sievers:
fix symlink values separated by multiple spaces
fix typo in group assignment
fix default-name handling and NAME="" rules
add WAIT_FOR_SYSFS key to loop until a file in sysfs arrives
fix unquoted strings in udevinitsend
Summary of changes from v060 to v061
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
Sync up the Debian rules files
fix cdrom symlink problem in gentoo rules
Fix ChangeLog titles
Kay Sievers:
we want to provide OPTFLAGS
udevd: optimize env-key parsing
don't resolve OWNER, GROUP on precompile if string contains %, $
set default device node to /dev
create udevdb files only if somehting interesting happened
pack parsed rules list
replace useless defines by inline text
move rule matches to function
add usb_id program to generate usb-storage device identifiers
add IEEE1394 rules to the gentoo rule file
fake also kernel-name if we renamed a netif
allow OPTIONS to be recognized for /sys/modules /sys/devices events
switch gentoo rules to new operators
Summary of changes from v059 to v060
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
Fix the gentoo udev rules to allow the box to boot properly
Gustavo Zacarias:
Udev doesn't properly build with $CROSS
Kay Sievers:
Keep udevstart from skipping devices without a 'dev' file
Marco d'Itri:
Summary of changes from v058 to v059
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
Update the gentoo rule file
Fix udevinfo for empty sysfs directories
Fix makefile to allow 'make release' to work with git
Hannes Reinecke:
udev: fix netdev RUN handling
udevcontrol: fix exit code
Kay Sievers:
add ID_TYPE to the id probers
add -x to scsi_id to export the queried values in env format
store the imported device information in the udevdb
rename udev_volume_id to vol_id and add --export option
add ata_id to read serial numbers from ATA drives
IMPORT allow to import program returned keys into the env
unify execute_command() and execute_program()
IMPORT=<file> allow to import a shell-var style config-file
allow rules to be compiled to one binary file
fix the fix and change the file to wait for to the "bus" link
fix udevstart and let all events trvel trough udev
prepare for module loading rules and add MODALIAS key
remove device node, when type block/char has changed
Makefile: remove dev.d/ hotplug.d/ from install target
udevcontrol: add max_childs command
udevd: control log-priority of the running daemon with udevcontrol
udeveventrecorder: add small program that writes an event to disk
klibc: add missing files
udevinitsend: handle replay messages correctly
udev man page: add operators
udevd: allow starting of udevd with stopped exec-queue
klibc: version 1.0.14
udev: handle all events - not only class and block devices
volume_id: use udev-provided log-level
udev: clear lists if a new value is assigned
udev: move dev.d/ handling to external helper
udev: allow final assignments :=
udevd: improve timeout handling
Makefile: fix DESTDIR
udevd: add initsend
udevd: add udevcontrol
udevd: listen for netlink events
Stefan Schweizer:
Dialout group fix for capi devices in the gentoo rules file
Summary of changes from v057 to v058
Daniel Drake:
o Writing udev rules docs update
Darren Salt:
o update cdsymlinks to latest version
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
o remove detach_state files from the sysfs test tree
o Update permissions on test scripts so they will run properly now
o hopefully fix up the symlinks in the test directory
o Removed klibc/klibc.spec as it is autogenerated
o Added symlinks thanks to Kay's script and git hacking
o add Red Hat/Fedora html documenation
o Update Red Hat default udev rules
Kay Sievers:
o selinux: fix handling during creation of symlinks
o Fedora udev.rules update
o libsysfs: version 2.0
o klibc: version 1.0.7
Masanao Igarashi:
o Fix libsysfs issue with relying on the detach_state file to be
Summary of changes from v056 to v057
o fix stupid all_partitions bug
Kay Sievers:
o add test for make -j4 to build-check
o klibc: version 1.0.6
o update Debian rules
o apply default permissions only for devices that will need it
o udev_volume_id: fix endianess macros
o add test for DEVNAME export to RUN environment
o update the man page to reflect the recent changes
o export DEVNAME to RUN-key executed programs
o fix make -j4 and the local klibc-install
o add RUN key to be able to run rule based notification
o fix udevtest to print the error if logging is disabled
o move execute_program to utils + add action to init_device
o correct correction for error path for PROGRAM execution
o correct error path for PROGRAM execution
o klibc: version 1.0.5
o check for strlen()==0 before accessing strlen()-1
o allow to match against empty key values
o read %s{}-sysfs values at any device in the chain
o udev_rules.c: don't change sysfs_device while walking up the device chain
o klibc: strlcpy/strlcat - don't alter destination if size == 0
o fix klibc's broken strlcpy/strlcat
o udevinfo: print SYSFS attribute the same way we match it
o remove untrusted chars read from sysfs-values or returned by PROGRAM
o udevinfo: print errors to stderr instead of stdout
o klibc: version 1.0.4
o support log-priority levels in udev.conf
o test-suite: remove UDEV_TEST, it's not needed anymore
o libsysfs: remove trailing slash on SYSFS_PATH override
Summary of changes from v055 to v056
o fix header paths in udev_libc_wrapper.c
Kay Sievers:
o use more common user/group names
o klibc: remove SCCS directories from the temporary klibc install
o add a test where the group cannot be found in /etc/passwd
o add check for textual uid/gid
o fix bad typo that prevents the GROUP to be applied
o udevd: don't delay events with TIMEOUT in the environment
o klibc: use klcc wrapper instead of our own Makefile
o change call_foreach_file to return a list
Summary of changes from v054 to v055
o This patch causes the remove handler to check that each symlink actually points to the correct devnode and skip it if it does not.
o udev selinux fix
o The following patch fixes some warnings when compiling volume_id from udev with the -Wall compiler flag. Define _GNU_SOURCE for strnlen() and correct the path to logging.h
o The following patch fixes a warning when compiling chassis_id from udev with the -Wall compiler flag. There are too much conversions in the format string of sscanf(). One %d can be dropped.
Greg Kroah-Hartman:
o fix raid rules
o added frugalware udev ruleset
o merge selinux and Kay's symlink fixes together
Hannes Reinecke:
o volume_id: Fix label/uuid reading for reiserfs
Kay Sievers:
o add udevstart to the RELEASE-NOTES
o volume_id: version 43
o clarify the shortcomings of %e
o correct rule match for devices without a physical device
o remove unneeded code, libsysfs does this for us
o add final release note
o add ENV{} key to match agains environment variables
o simplify sysfs_pair handling
o add a test and simplify debug statement
o support =, ==, !=, += for the key match and assignment
o add OPTION="last_rule" to skip any later rule
o rename namedev_dev to udev_rule
o correct enum device_type
o remove udevstart on make clean
o volume_id: version 42
o volume_id: version 41
o remove unneeded include
o The path to dlist.h is not correct
o udevinfo -d: use '=' as separator, cause ':' may be a part of the devpath
o klibc: version 1.0.3
o add RELEASE-NOTES file
o test suite: move "driver" link to physical device
o remove PLACE key match
o don't lookup "root" in the userdb
o fix ia64 compile
o fix segfaulting udev while DRIVER matching
o cleanup list.h
o klibc: version 0.214
o rename device_list->list to device_list->node
o replace strncpy()/strncat() by strlcpy()/strlcat()
o split udev and udevstart
o udev_volume_id: