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- bluetooth input
- have a $attrs{} ?
- test (now fixed) /dev/tape/ links
- /run/udev/control socket
(add ConditionVirtualization=!pidns)
- move udevd -> --libexecdir
- allow path_id, usb_id, usb_db, pci_db as built-in?
- kill rules_generator:
- no longer rename netifs in kernel namespace
- drop persistent optical names
- do not create rules on-the-fly, require explicit configuration
for netifs and optical drives
- properly document what system management needs to put
into rules files
- move udevadm -> --bindir
- remove deprecated trigger --type=failed logic
- remove deprecated BUS=, SYSFS{}=, ID= keys
- remove RUN+="socket:"
- kill tabs?
- libudev: return proper errno or set errno