i.MX clocks changes for 6.2

- Fix parent for FlexSPI clock for i.MX93
- Add USB suspend clock on i.MX8MP
- Unmap anatop base on error for i.MX93 driver
- Change enet clock parent to wakeup_axi_root for i.MX93
- Drop LPIT1, LPIT2, TPM1 and TPM3 clocks for i.MX93
- Mark HSIO bus clock and SYS_CNT clock as critical on i.MX93
- Add 320MHz and 640MHz entries to PLL146x
- Add audio shared gate and SAI clocks for i.MX8MP
clk: imx: rename imx_obtain_fixed_clk_hw() to imx_get_clk_hw_by_name()

The imx_obtain_fixed_clk_hw name was wrong and misleading. Renaming it
to imx_get_clk_hw_by_name clarifies the purpose of the function, and
will allow it to be used not only for fixed rate clocks but also in
wider contexts.

No functional changes intended.

The replacements were made with the following command:

grep -rl 'imx_obtain_fixed_clk_hw' ./ | \
     xargs sed -i 's/imx_obtain_fixed_clk_hw/imx_get_clk_hw_by_name/g'

Tested on a BSH SystemMaster (SMM) S2 board.

Signed-off-by: Dario Binacchi <dario.binacchi@amarulasolutions.com>
Reviewed-by: Abel Vesa <abel.vesa@linaro.org>
Signed-off-by: Abel Vesa <abel.vesa@linaro.org>
Link: https://lore.kernel.org/r/20221113180839.1625832-1-dario.binacchi@amarulasolutions.com
13 files changed