Merge tag 'loongarch-fixes-6.3-1' of git://

Pull LoongArch fixes from Huacai Chen:
 "Some bug fixes, some build fixes, a comment fix and a trivial cleanup"

* tag 'loongarch-fixes-6.3-1' of git://
  tools/loongarch: Use __SIZEOF_LONG__ to define __BITS_PER_LONG
  LoongArch: Replace hard-coded values in comments with VALEN
  LoongArch: Clean up plat_swiotlb_setup() related code
  LoongArch: Check unwind_error() in arch_stack_walk()
  LoongArch: Adjust user_regset_copyin parameter to the correct offset
  LoongArch: Adjust user_watch_state for explicit alignment
  LoongArch: module: set section addresses to 0x0
  LoongArch: Mark 3 symbol exports as non-GPL
  LoongArch: Enable PG when wakeup from suspend
  LoongArch: Fix _CONST64_(x) as unsigned
  LoongArch: Fix build error if CONFIG_SUSPEND is not set
  LoongArch: Fix probing of the CRC32 feature
  LoongArch: Make WriteCombine configurable for ioremap()