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#include <asm/ptrace.h>
* In a sigcontext structure we need to store the active state of the
* user process so that it does not get trashed when we call the signal
* handler. That not really the same as a user context that we are
* going to store on syscall etc.
struct sigcontext {
struct user_gp_regs regs; /* needs to be first */
* Catch registers describing a memory fault.
* If USER_GP_REGS_STATUS_CATCH_BIT is set in regs.status then catch
* buffers have been saved and will be replayed on sigreturn.
* Clear that bit to discard the catch state instead of replaying it.
struct user_cb_regs cb;
* Read pipeline state. This will get restored on sigreturn.
struct user_rp_state rp;
unsigned long oldmask;