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#error "Please don't include <linux/compiler-clang.h> directly, include <linux/compiler.h> instead."
/* Some compiler specific definitions are overwritten here
* for Clang compiler
#ifdef uninitialized_var
#undef uninitialized_var
#define uninitialized_var(x) x = *(&(x))
/* same as gcc, this was present in clang-2.6 so we can assume it works
* with any version that can compile the kernel
#define __UNIQUE_ID(prefix) __PASTE(__PASTE(__UNIQUE_ID_, prefix), __COUNTER__)
* GCC does not warn about unused static inline functions for
* -Wunused-function. This turns out to avoid the need for complex #ifdef
* directives. Suppress the warning in clang as well.
#define inline inline __attribute__((unused))