Actions Semi Arm SoC for v4.15

This cleans up the S500 SMP code.
ARM: owl: smp: Drop owl_secondary_boot()

Commit 18cfd9429d8a82c49add8f3ca9d366599bfcac45 simplified the S500 SMP
code by removing a loop for pen_release in owl_secondary_boot().

Since then it is only calling owl_v7_invalidate_l1() before branching to

The owl_v7_invalidate_l1() assembler function is superfluous, too.
Therefore drop owl_secondary_boot() and use secondary_boot() directly.

Fixes: 18cfd9429d8a ("ARM: owl: smp: Drop bogus holding pen")
Cc: David Liu <>
Signed-off-by: Andreas Färber <>
3 files changed