Merge tag 'kbuild-fixes-v4.18-2' of git://

Pull Kbuild fixes from Masahiro Yamada:

 - update Kbuild and Kconfig documents

 - sanitize -I compiler option handling

 - update extract-vmlinux script to recognize LZ4 and ZSTD

 - fix tools Makefiles

 - update to handle __ro_after_init

 - suppress warnings in case getconf does not recognize LFS_* parameters

* tag 'kbuild-fixes-v4.18-2' of git://
  kbuild: suppress warnings from 'getconf LFS_*'
  scripts/ add __ro_after_init
  tools: build: Use HOSTLDFLAGS with fixdep
  tools: build: Fixup host c flags
  tools build: fix # escaping in .cmd files for future Make
  scripts: teach extract-vmlinux about LZ4 and ZSTD
  kbuild: remove duplicated comments about PHONY
  kbuild: .PHONY is not a variable, but PHONY is
  kbuild: do not drop -I without parameter
  kbuild: document the KBUILD_KCONFIG env. variable
  kconfig: update user kconfig tools doc.
  kbuild: delete INSTALL_FW_PATH from kbuild documentation
  kbuild: update ARCH alias info for sparc
  kbuild: update ARCH alias info for sh