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* This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
* License. See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
* for more details.
* Copyright (C) 2012 MIPS Technologies, Inc.
#ifndef __ASM_FW_H_
#define __ASM_FW_H_
#include <asm/bootinfo.h> /* For cleaner code... */
enum fw_memtypes {
typedef struct {
unsigned long base; /* Within KSEG0 */
unsigned int size; /* bytes */
enum fw_memtypes type; /* fw_memtypes */
} fw_memblock_t;
/* Maximum number of memory block descriptors. */
extern int fw_argc;
extern int *_fw_argv;
extern int *_fw_envp;
* Most firmware like YAMON, PMON, etc. pass arguments and environment
* variables as 32-bit pointers. These take care of sign extension.
#define fw_argv(index) ((char *)(long)_fw_argv[(index)])
#define fw_envp(index) ((char *)(long)_fw_envp[(index)])
extern void fw_init_cmdline(void);
extern char *fw_getcmdline(void);
extern fw_memblock_t *fw_getmdesc(int);
extern void fw_meminit(void);
extern char *fw_getenv(char *name);
extern unsigned long fw_getenvl(char *name);
extern void fw_init_early_console(char port);
#endif /* __ASM_FW_H_ */